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Touchstoneaf commented on Chapter 1 on April 06, 2020 02:39am

Touch-starved!  Yes, he would be, wouldn't he?  Excellent!  And the names you chose for his hateful bullies!  And why is Anya there, working the scene with 'dear Cecily'?  All so fascinating, I'm excited to see where this goes!

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Angelinasway commented on Chapter 7 on June 03, 2018 05:21pm

 I do hope you continue. This story is lovely.

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Fraggleshrew commented on Chapter 8 on January 01, 2018 11:15am Liked

This fic is so promising - am sorry your muse decided not to cooperate - I'd love to see where you planned to take this. William is adorable - trying to be something but getting spurned. Was good to see Breton take a shine to him.


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MichelleZed commented on Chapter 1 on October 10, 2017 09:03pm

Oh yay! I was wondering just today if there was a fic with Buffy as the Victorian Slayer... so there is!

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Cloongarvin commented on Chapter 8 on June 19, 2017 10:48pm

This is a fun story. I like seeing foppish, shy William trying to keep up with the world that the Slayer and her Watcher live in. Seeing versions of Giles and Buffy/Elizabeth in this milieu is neat. I hope that, someday, your muse decides to continue this tale.

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Spikelover88 commented on Chapter 8 on October 24, 2016 01:26pm

Great chapter:)

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PixelatedPoppy commented on Chapter 8 on July 19, 2016 03:34pm Liked

*nudge duly noted*  

Aha, 'Spike' is his pen name ;) Good to know a little bit of our favourite vamp lurks underneath. Lovely characterisation, by the way. But then, all your characters are spot on - well drawn and complex.  

Poor William. sad2 So much to cope with, trying to adjust to how his life has changed, while still having to put up with people disparaging his poems, and that's before we get to all his worries about Dru. Not to mention the fact that he feels excluded from his new friends plans. He doesn't realise that they're only trying to protect him.  William desperately needs his self-esteem building. 

So, our first meeting with Angelus.  He's spotted that William's been bitten. Wonder if he already knows it was Dru. Hmm, which leads me to think that maybe the bumping into William wasn't merely an accident. Or am I just being paranoid? Eek!

This is a wonderful story, well written, imaginative, subtle, intelligent, and well-researched. It makes you feel all warm inside.

Thanks for the double update.   hugCan't wait to

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 8 on July 19, 2016 12:49pm

William is indeed trying to adjust to this new knowledge but he also has his old problems left. He may move beyond them in the future though. I did like the description of the pub and the street. Nice little inclution of Spike and we also saw Angelus.

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Sunalso commented on Chapter 8 on July 19, 2016 10:04am Liked

Poor William :( I feel so terrible for him. I'm starting to feel like Buffy, like I need to wrap him up in bubble wrap to protect him from Angelus (grrrr) and people being mean to him, and whatever craziness that ended up with him at the same place as Giles. I have exactly one guess who showed up to talk to Ripper...

Author's Response on July 19, 2016 10:27am

I'm curious who your guess is. I'd be shocked if anyone figured it out lol (not that there's been any clues). If you manage to get it right, I'll work your username into the next chapter, Sunalso XD

Aw, bubble wrap William is too precious for this world! Hehe. At this point, he's kind of the fresh faced babe of the story. I see him as a very sheltered individual. I like to think that's why Spike was so childlike in his delight of evil and mayhem--yay new experiences and rebelling. William is now walking through life with his eyes wide open (not averted from the excitement or turned to inward thoughts and fancies)--all while caught up in slaying adventures; it should be hard for him. He's got so much to learn. I can't wait to take him through his trials 😈

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anatas commented on Chapter 8 on July 19, 2016 10:00am Liked

squee Jippie two updates at once. 

 Poor William, he can't even take a little breather to heal his self-esteem which gets hurt again and again. First Giles considers him a burden and his last encounter with Elizabeth was rather awkward and people make fun of his poems again. The pseudonym surprised me. There might be more Spike in William. 

So I guess the Irish brute is Angelus? Good introduction. 

Author's Response on July 19, 2016 10:29am

Glad you liked it!

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Beachtallulah commented on Chapter 8 on July 19, 2016 09:27am

Just caught up and now hoping for updates. Love the world you've created and I do have a massive soft spot for William. Enjoying your writing style too,  I liked poor William finding himself befriended and even agreeing with the man who had just insulted him... Appreciate your research too. 

Author's Response on July 19, 2016 10:31am

Thank you! I've become pretty attached to my William too. I've never found a fic William I really liked so it's fun to write him as I see him. 

Appreciate the feedback, hope you enjoy what's to come!

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nepalichik commented on Chapter 8 on July 18, 2016 10:55pm

squeeYeah!!! So glad for an update!!  I have been wishing and hoping, and me two in one day!!  

Author's Response on July 19, 2016 08:31am

squeeI'm as happy as you are by this state affairs! Thanks for your continued interest and feedback, nepalichik!

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Sunnydalesis commented on Chapter 8 on July 18, 2016 09:08pm Liked

For crying out loud, Giles, cut the gentleman some slack!

Poor William is adorable in his awkwardness. But I'm very certain he ran into Angelus.

Should I brace myself for the oncoming Whirlwind? 

Author's Response on July 18, 2016 10:01pm

Brace away! ;)

I love how protective people have been getting over William. I also like antagonistic relationships. Giles may someday be swayed to be friendly to William but he's not gonna make it easy for him in the meantime. 

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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nowinlivingcolor commented on Chapter 8 on July 18, 2016 08:16pm Liked

Okay, two chapters in one day?  It's like Christmas!

Poor William is having a very rough day, indeed.  Finding out what other people think of one's self is rarely comfortable, but it has to hurt all the more when it's a negative opinion from a place where he felt safe to express himself, even from behind a (very clever) pen name.  And then to have to share a cab and make pleasant conversation, all the while knowing what his companion really thinks of him - talk about uncomfortable!

Is that Angelus?  Please say it is!  I've been hoping he would turn up soon!  You know, now that I think about it, Drusilla's method of stalking William is a lot like Angelus'.  Following his schedule, making contact with friends and family, leaving creepy gifts.  Keeping him scared, keeping him ready to bolt.  Oh, this is exciting!

I loved the peek at the difference in classes, and how ill-equipped William is for navigating them.  Ripper, of course, is an old hand at blending in, and hopefully we will get to see William learning from the experience, instead of trying to forget it ever happened.  Who knows - he may need these sorts of skills in the future.  I'm very curious to read who Ripper's contact is.  I'm personally crossing my fingers for either Jenny Calendar or Ethan Rayne, but honestly, I'll be happy no matter who it is.

This was another great chapter - your research and attention to detail make every line feel so carefully written.  The more I read of this story, the more I love it!

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nowinlivingcolor commented on Chapter 7 on July 18, 2016 07:45pm Liked

I love this story so much - I get so excited every time I see an update!  And they are well worth the wait, let me tell you :).

Buffy/Elizabeth's characterization never ceases to delight me.  She is the perfect blend of 1990's Buffy with a (mostly) proper Victorian woman.  She has that same determination and strength, as well as the kindness that so deeply defines her.  You really captured those echoes of Buffy's longing for a 'normal' life, as well as her ability to push through pain and exhaustion.

You said in your author's note that you were dealing with writer's block in this chapter, and I can kind of tell - there's a sort of stiffness in the chapter.  But honestly, I think that stiffness is a good thing for this one!  It feels the way I imagine William feels, struggling to be helpful in something that he knows nothing about.  He is unsure of his place in Elizabeth's world, and that clearly translates into a sort of stiff politeness and reluctant acceptance of a difficult duty.  I hope that makes sense - I quite enjoyed this chapter, and I'm sorry you aren't fully happy with it.


Author's Response on July 18, 2016 08:24pm

Bless you, nowinlivingcolor heart

its so hard to put something out there I'm not totally happy with, but I was afraid I'd never move forward otherwise. You're so kind to find something good in the stiffness of this chapter. (I feel it too and it drives me crazy!) maybe someday I'll be able to go back and tease it looser, but today is not that day :P

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Sunalso commented on Chapter 7 on July 18, 2016 02:11pm Liked

I squealed when I saw this story had an update!

I feel bad for both Buffy and William. She's trying to spare him the pain she's known from having her life changed radically by being forced into the role of Slayer, and all William can see is her not wanting him around instead of her doing her best to spare him from the horrors of her world. It's all terribly sweet but makes me want to shake a fist at both of them just the same!

Author's Response on July 19, 2016 08:28am

Yes, yes, yes! All the things you say are the things  I hope people see! Thanks for your feedback. Catch the next chapter too, it's up already ;)

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PixelatedPoppy commented on Chapter 7 on July 18, 2016 01:49pm Liked

So happy to see a new chapter waiting :)

So William isn't just involved, he's recruited. A Watcher in the making :)  Sadly, as he doesn't have a social life, he actually does have the time to spare them. Poor William though, thinking Elizabeth doesn't want anything to do with him and that Giles will constantly belittle him. sad2 I just want to hug him.

Again I'm in awe of your writing, especially those little descriptive touches that make me feel like I'm in the room with them.

Thanks for the update.  flowers



Author's Response on July 19, 2016 08:23am

Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

*nudges* and there's another chapter up as well. Enjoy!

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jibrille commented on Chapter 7 on July 18, 2016 01:26pm Liked

I am so very happy to see a new chapter :) !

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 7 on July 18, 2016 12:42pm

It is a lot for William to take in, he must adjust a lot of his thinking. It seems like Giles is doing some recruiting, all Watchers can't be born to it.

Author's Response on July 19, 2016 08:25am

I've thought about that before too. Like, is Watching only a family business? Surely some have to be recruited...

I'd love to have a Watcher's Council history at hand but it's fun filling in the blanks anyway. Thanks for r&r!

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Sunnydalesis commented on Chapter 7 on July 18, 2016 11:23am Liked

William doesn't have much of a social life to begin with. And Buffy isn't seeing the obvious benefits. She has someone she can be open and honest with, someone who wants to be part of her world. Sure, she's missing out on dances and balls, but trust me when I say that she ain't missing out on much cuz the Ton can be as evil as any vampire or demon, with their manipulations and indiscretions.

Giles has a bit of matchmaker in him, me thinks? Or is that just my shipping goggles talking? wink

Glad to see this story updated again! hug

Author's Response on July 19, 2016 08:27am


They are well-suited for one another, aren't they?

I have to ask, what is the Ton? Society?

hope you enjoy what's to come :)

Sunnydalesis Replied on July 19, 2016 08:49am

The "Ton" (pronounced with the short o sound like not) is the catch-all term for the active members of London society, usually of the titled and wealthy kind.

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SB4ever commented on Chapter 6 on June 04, 2016 02:05pm Liked

A very lovely story with a very unique story idea - please udpate soon!

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DeamonQueen commented on Chapter 6 on April 09, 2016 04:16pm Liked

Wait what? that's it? Nooooooo! Major cliffie alert! Man, that was mean!

Anyway, I guess I'll just comment this chapter. Spike-er William showing off his skills are magnificent and I am glad Giles saw fit to put them to good use. Ethan appearing was unexpected and I just hope that things will work out for them, meaning Giles and by some extent Ethan. Dru is obviously stalking Spi-William, and I am guessing she will be more trouble than she is worth. Also wanted to ask if whether Angelus and Darla would be in this fic. Truly I am curious.

Great work and I really hope for a fast update, if not please do not keep us waiting too long. Love this fic very much, and thank you for creating it!

Author's Response on April 10, 2016 09:11pm

Ah, it was exciting to see the big bump in reviews and then your marathon reviewing that caused it! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts for each chapter, I really appreciate hearing feedback hug

As for Angelus and Darla, check the character tags in the summary ;) There are many characters I plan on using in this little story. Thanks again DeamonQueen! Glad you took a chance on my story even though it's not done yet. I've got more in the works already.

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DeamonQueen commented on Chapter 5 on April 09, 2016 04:01pm Liked

Wow, Oz and Willow. They are truly wonerful here. And an Apothecary, not expecting that. But hey, what else could they be in such a time and age? This story is really, really lovely. Your characterizations of both Willow and Oz were so spot on. Willow had that mystic and bubbly vibe of hers and Oz was still the silent and mysterious type. Love it!heart

This is a truly beautiful fic, and I believe I shall be repeating that as many times as I can as I read each and every beautifully written chapter! so please get use to it!

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DeamonQueen commented on Chapter 4 on April 09, 2016 03:46pm Liked

Oooh, I am loving this! This is so beautiful. I love every character in this fic.

I am in love with your William the most. He's taking things really well and as expected of him. Spike has always been a survivor and he did so by adapting to his environment. William is like that in a way and I enjoy how you made him as such.

Your Buffy is equally admirable. She possesses Future Buffy's stubborness and extreme need to defy what other's say and stand tall to her own opinions. A free-thinker, so much like future Buffy, yet I notice the visible Victorian behaviors she possess like being polite and courteous. I love it so much.

Your Giles is in a whole different story. He's as scary as Ripper but he still possesses that naturnal need to protect his Slayer, not to mention acts very fatherly around her. 

Truly this is a magnificent fic. Love everything about it! Thank you, thank you, thak you for sharing this story with us!

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DeamonQueen commented on Chapter 3 on April 09, 2016 03:26pm Liked

Ooh, no! Spike-er I mean William's mum! Nooo!faint

I hope Buffy saves him, really, I do. And if possible I hope she saves his mum!

Man, this story just keeps drawing me in. Wonderfully wrtten and the plot just keeps getting better and better by the minute! Love it!heart

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DeamonQueen commented on Chapter 2 on April 09, 2016 03:19pm

Hehehe.. Loved how you wrote Spike. Really, I do. Giles is--okay, I guess. Not really the attitude I would expect from him but it is understandable considering what century he lives in. This is a very wonderful story and utterly unique I am really enjoying it very much.

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PixelatedPoppy commented on Chapter 6 on April 09, 2016 03:12pm

Ah, late to this.

As usual an excellent chapter.  Very well written and the pacing is perfectly pitched.   

So, William's finally involved, or at least in the research. I'm happy for him, as he's obviously unfulfilled in his position as a law clerk.  Those language skills of his could be the key that allows him to enter a more exciting, dangerous, but ultimately rewarding future. Maybe the Council could pay him a wage, and then he could leave law, where he clearly isn't appreciated anyway.  

Hmm, Eghyon?  More problems to deal with, as if Dru and the water monster aren't enough. I'm interested to see how this is resolved.

I love your William.  You've brought him to life wonderfully (he's already my head canon).  I can see little hints of Spike in him :) which makes me very happy.  

I adore this story. Really adore it.  hearts  You're doing such a great job. I really appreciate the research and attention to detail that you put into each chapter.   

Wonderful chapter, can't wait to read more.

Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response on April 10, 2016 09:05pm

hearts Thanks Pixel! (Headcanon William--that is SO awesome!) I'm glad you found the update. There's more to come soon. Hopefully I can resolve all my plot lines, hee. I have so many ideas for this era, it's hard to pick one or two...

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anatas commented on Chapter 6 on April 09, 2016 01:13pm Liked

So Giles decided to use William's language skills perhaps he realized there was no way to get rid of William easily. 

I am curious how you will resolve the matter with Eghyon. 

Good update.

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DeamonQueen commented on Chapter 1 on April 09, 2016 01:07pm Liked

Oh, wow! I didn't expect this to be this good. The fight scene was so well written and I loved Dru's crazy talk here. This chapter had me hook from start to finish and I cannot believe that I never spent a minute of my time to read this fic. I know I promised to myself that I would read it when it is finished but my curiosity got the better of me.

Anyway this was beautiful and I found how you did the scene of William about to be turned really accurate and totally got me inside his head. Loved what you did and I so will continue to read this fic. Great job on the first chapter and I am off to read the next one!

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Gort commented on Chapter 6 on April 07, 2016 10:42pm Liked

I was trying to hold off on this until it was finished, but I just could not resist (especially after seeing you're going to be working on it this month, hooray!).

I absolutely love fics with William in them, and the fact that you've made him somewhat Spikeish in terms of his stubbornness and cynicism just makes me so, so happy. The research you're doing must be amazing, because the details in here are fantastic. I love William's studious job and the way he worries about his mother's illness and how totally, utterly captivated he is by Buffy's life already. 

I can't wait to read more of this. 

Author's Response on April 10, 2016 09:02pm

Snagged ya! Hee biggrin Thanks for the historical detail compliment! I seriously spend more time researching than writing sometimes (which is why NAno is so good for this!) Hope you enjoy what's to come!

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