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temporarytitle commented on Chapter 10 on November 17, 2022 05:48am Liked

Well fuck. I read all of this in about three hours because it grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let go. Terrifying indeed! I loved it. The monster is fantastic, but the lead up to it was just as good. Really strong from start to finish!

I don't see a sequel posted here, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that I can read it some day!

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maggiethecat commented on Chapter 10 on September 26, 2022 07:06pm Liked

I want to live in the world of this story. What a wonderful creation. Thank you so much for sharing it with us… also I hope this isn’t terribly uncouth but oh please come back come back come back

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Twinkles commented on Chapter 10 on September 19, 2022 11:50am Liked

Ohh this was so good 😍 The hurt/comfort, the smooth and awesome plotting, and realistic progression of their feelings, I love it all.

And that experience of coming back to civilisation after time spent away from it, so well rendered. 

Thank you! ’ 

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Twinkles commented on Chapter 9 on September 19, 2022 11:33am Liked


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Twinkles commented on Chapter 8 on September 19, 2022 11:17am Liked

Where I live, there are billions of ye-olde-england-style feral goats in the forest and wow am I going to eye them a little differently next time I bump into one unexpectedly …

Yours is SUCH a good opponent and the creep factor is brilliant 😍

And the spuffy! It's too absorbing, I can hardly pause to comment. So much deliciousness going on ’

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Twinkles commented on Chapter 1 on September 19, 2022 09:48am Liked

 Omg I love it already 😍

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feedingthefire commented on Chapter 10 on August 30, 2022 04:22pm Liked

I really liked this story! Thank you for writing it!

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Anushka commented on Chapter 10 on July 21, 2022 07:47pm Liked

 Wowwww, the descriptions of places and the big bad were incredible!! It was like I was there, I could see it perfectly in my mind. And rhe action sequences were easy to follow and thrilling. You're a great writer! 

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Sysien commented on Chapter 10 on July 21, 2022 06:44am Liked

Wow!  This was amazing!  I read that book years ago and it is absolutely, terrifyingly unsettling.  Great read!  Thank you!

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PaganRose commented on Chapter 10 on June 14, 2022 07:32am Liked

OOOH!!!! This was SO GOOD!!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Angelus smackdown. Really looking forward to the sequel. I think my favorite part of the whole thing was her fever-dream calling him Rufus and petting him. Hehe. Big kitty purrs. Just fan-bloody-tastic. And best of all, NO RILEY! I like to tell mmyself the beast ate him and he was one of the juniper stuffed calling cards from beast to Spike.

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Xena9362 commented on Chapter 10 on January 24, 2022 05:06pm Liked


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mcb1180 commented on Chapter 10 on January 16, 2022 05:07pm Liked

As many times as I've read this story I've never written a review. Even now I'm not sure what to write except I still hold out hope for the sequel and I'll continue to re-read this two or three times a year as I have since it was originally completed.

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dianaelettra commented on Chapter 10 on November 29, 2021 09:30pm Liked

I justfinished reading and I simply loved it!!! Thank you so much! I liked very much the Pan reference about the beast, psychologically is pretty meaningful. And I simply adored the entire plot, the meaning of it and the methaphorical meaning it has, based on my view. I can't wait to read the sequel Becoming!!! Please tell me one day you are gonna post it on EF.  I like very much your writing style, you are very talented!

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lisin commented on Chapter 10 on November 13, 2021 05:33pm

I just read this less than a week ago, and I already have re-read it. I love this concept and your execution of it SO much. Very much looking forward to the sequel, if it ever works out that way. Thanks so much for sharing! 

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TrickyTreason commented on Chapter 10 on August 23, 2021 07:21am Liked

You said there would be a there? I didn't see it on this site, but maybe you posted it somewhere else?

Anyway, I loved this! I want to know more about the Uber-Bitch and the vassal and what that means in this AU. The connection between them is very intriguing and feels more authentic than some other representations I've read. They're not in love, and their destiny seems more meaningful. I'm so curious what will happen from here!

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infinitecrisis commented on Chapter 10 on June 13, 2021 05:47pm Liked

 Waiting for a sequel for a long time. I wish there is one more action adventure. Again, like I said, you captured the fighting and action perfectly. Love them.

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acekoomboom commented on Chapter 10 on April 30, 2021 03:31pm

Yay, a sequel! I'm so excited for it. I was worried you were gonna full-stop end it here. Eeep, this was so freaking fantastic. I like that they aren't just automatically a couple now bc they're bonded. He's her warrior but that doesn't mean he has to be her lover. He's going to want to be. And I'm so excited to see it. So excited!! I think this was so well written and I am so freaking glad I read it.

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acekoomboom commented on Chapter 9 on April 30, 2021 03:17pm

Oh my goodness! So much cool magic so just happened. A holding ritual with fire and nakedness and emanating light. So flipping cool bro. Eeeeep!!! THE WAY HE KILLED THAT BEAST WAS DO COOL. That fight was perfectly written. Man all the manly violence was so hot. Spike is sick bro! He for real just kept twisting and twisting until it finally gave way. Using every muscle in his body. I staaaaaan. Gah! This was SO GOOD. Maaaaan. I don't even have WORDS.

" Her eyes had reverted to their normal color, but banded around the beautiful spring green was a white ring.  A reminder of what lurked just beneath her skin." That is so flippin cool bro. And it's white so it probably blends in w the natural white of her eye if you're not paying attention. I hope we get to see everyone's reactions before the story's over!!

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acekoomboom commented on Chapter 8 on April 30, 2021 02:57pm

That's so flipping cool! I enjoy how crazy Spike got there for a minute. Lack of food and sleep, constant fear and stress, but that talk with Buffy did him a lot of good. I liked their back and fourth about the creature a lot, all the things that they thought at the beginning and all the things that Spike has realized since Buffy was unconscious and out of it all the time. I really enjoyed her fever talk, like it was so freaking fun to read, but I think I enjoy this even more. Her lucid and Confused conversations. Heard not having been consciously there for all the things that have happened the past few days so she doesn't understand the giant chain that has happened in Spike. The way he deflected, acting like he was only taking out this Beast to get back to civilization and get back to eating people, and she gently called him on it. Is admitted that he's trying to be there for her, that he's protecting her, that he's trying to be her Champion. He had to sit there and listen to all the people who would ever hurt or disappointed or cut Buffy to the Bone. So many people. Time After Time After Time, all the people in her life doing the same thing. And it throws something in him. Made him want to be the one that doesn't disappoint her, the one that fights for her and that keeps his promises to her. Oh my goodness I love it!

"When he didn’t answer, she blurted out, a little smugly, “Maybe I’m your spot of good in all that evil.”... He looked her over from head to toe before finally saying, “If that’s so, then that make me your spot of evil.” he he he he he. Very good. Very good laughter throw in there and all the heaviness. I'm glad Buffy's mind went there, that she was a spot of good and his evil. Maybe that spot will spread. And maybe she'll allow a few dark spots into herself from him. Very interesting. Very fun. Very good.

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acekoomboom commented on Chapter 7 on April 30, 2021 02:41pm

That was so freaking Wicked. Every single sentence, every single line, every single word felt so purposeful. I'm flipping out man! My heart's racing, I'm gushing, I'm feeling all of the things, you're just doing this thing. I adored Buffy's fever Rants and how much Spike got to know about her, about her and her deepest darkest recesses. She spilled all the beans but I can just feel it pulling on his compassion. He's so in love, and probably the PTSD too. Everything is adding up to create The Perfect Storm of an irrevocable Bond. The thing in the end we're Buffy and Slayer what kind of was talking to him at the same time, saying is if they're waiting for him, I'm so interested to see what that turns out to be and where you're going with that. What a nice and intriguing little tidbit.

" He hadn’t pulled Buffy off that rebar, patched her wounds, and removed her to the relative safety of the cave only to have her freeze to death." What's it call, sunk-cost fallacy? Where you can't give up on something because you've already poured time and or money into it? Anyway, it was really funny that he went that route with this thought line haha. He can be loving and jerky. I enjoy the combination, keeps me on my toes. And this line was honestly just so funny to me. Like come on Buffy, he's trying so hard. Just be a little helpful haha. Hopefully after this fever fit and getting all of her toxicness into the air she's worked through a little bit of her trauma has more of a will to live.

I'm still so thoroughly enjoying everything you're doing with this monster. So I couldn't hear the heartbeat but just felt it was there, so creepy and almost otherworldly. I am having so much freaking fun with this. This monster is so cool! Everything you're doing is so cool.

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acekoomboom commented on Chapter 6 on April 30, 2021 02:25pm

Oh this is so cool! Of course Angel thought Spike kidnapped car haha. It's very much not his MO, but I guess if that's the situation you're presented with that is the most logical conclusion to jump to. I really liked seeing what the Scoobies were up to and what they were thinking and feeling while all of this has been going on. I'm so freaking excited! Like I'm giddy while I'm reading this. I feel like I want to do a little happy dance. The story is just so freaking fun!

" It’s pretty jumbled.  Woods, a lake, a cave.  Buffy and the numbers were clearest.  Spike’s never been good at basic vamp stuff.  He can’t even thrall,” Angel sneered." Bahahaha. Spike does have a tendency to both over and under achieve. I can so see that, all the supernatural vampire stuff being of no interest to him and him never even bothering to learn how to do it properly. The urgency and Angels voice when he said in over a hundred years bike has never ever once sent out a sire call, oh that was awesome. You are so good at setting the mood and creating emotions in your reader. Gah! I'm freaking. So curious what it'll be like when they get there!

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acekoomboom commented on Chapter 5 on April 30, 2021 01:54pm

Oh wow that is so interesting! How are you going to make the bloodline thing work here? Is he going to be able to like, send a signal to Angel so the angel will come to save Buffy? Bring them a transport? That's so interesting I cannot wait to see how this all plays out. You keep adding such cool stuff, all the lore r to the story and it never feels overstuffed. You keep doing all the right things at all the right moments haha. I'm super intrigued and I'm enjoying this very much.

" A beast prowled the woods, stalking them, and Spike didn’t know its patterns, how it thought, when it slept, or when it hunted.  The lack of knowledge left him extremely vulnerable.  He didn’t like it one bit." That is so freaking creepy. I know you said at the beginning that you've got this monster from somewhere, I don't remember where like if it was a book or a show or movie, but your translation of that monster from the store you got it from to this fanfiction is phenomenal. He's so creepy and so intelligent and it's just everything. I remember so many discussions about Jaws and how the first movie is so terrifying because you never actually see the shark for the longest time, you just see its actions and the aftermath. That makes it so much freaking scarier, when your imagination is doing the work, and I adore that they haven't seen this monster yet. That Spike just keep seeing all these weird and inconsistent things, that he feels like it's taunting him and baiting him and doing all these fantastically interesting things. I am so freaking into this. This is such an impressive and creepy villain and I am enjoying him so freaking much. These are the kind of Horror things that I really enjoy, things that are genuinely disturbing.

" When the whomp whomp of helicopter blades sliced through the air it took Spike a moment to register the sound, so in tune was he with Buffy’s heartbeat." That was beautiful. I feel like the story is very poetic and this was one of those perfect moments. I love the Ambiance and the seeming that you've created here in this whole fic. I never thought about helicopter blades sounding like a heartbeat before, but they kind of do, and I'm loving you so much the way that you're doing everything in the way that you're writing everything. The plot is fun and interesting, but your writing style is drawing me in like no other. I'm so impressed oh, it's like you've been entranced me and I'm loving every second of it.

" Was the beast capitalizing on a free meal or was did it view Spike and Buffy as part of its larder that it needed to protect?" That's an interesting thought. His actions seem to be much more aggressive and playful in a not nice way towards Spike, but we have no idea what kind of Beast this is or how it could be thinking or how Its Behavior could be interpreted. I was not expecting this line of thought at all, but I'm glad that Spike was. He's got to consider all these options now that he suddenly has so much on his plate and a whole Slayer to take care of. I'm so curious as to why she's not healing. It's got to be because she was supposed to die, Spike himself said that she since like death and only had a couple of hours left in her with her Slayer healing. It's got to be that Slayer Essence coming out that's keeping her alive, but if she won't heal what good will that do? I'm so excited to find out. I'm so excited to see where you go with this.

" The beast knew where they were.  It was playing with Spike.  Baiting him.  One predator teasing another." I will snap. Once again super creepy and super interesting. I really like this one and it really set my teeth on edge. You're for real doing a fantastic job with the horror here.

She was the slayer.  His enemy.  If she were well, she wouldn’t hesitate to stick a stake through his heart.... She was the One.  His only natural-born predator.  His destined killer... The One.... The One... The thought echoed continuously in his head, seemingly taking on other connotations that he stubbornly refused to acknowledge." Spike's mine is always doing the most, always trying to assemble simultaneously tell him things and hide things from him. Come on, Spike. You're already in love with her you just don't know it yet. Figure it out, Homeslice. Speaking about that, I'm glad that he did not kill Buffy just because he loved her. Because in that situation, with that trauma and all that Slayer blood everywhere, I think even Cannon Spike totally would have still killed her and drained all that blood for himself and his own healing and just for how fantastic it tastes. He would realize later how he felt and what he had done. But you found a different way to stop him so that he still have time to realize it and I just love everything you're doing here.

" He didn’t understand why.  Maybe it was his caretaker complex.  He’d always been a sucker for ailing women.  Buffy needed him, and deep down, Spike needed to be needed." Yes! Spike does love to be needed and he does love to take care of his women. I feel like he loves to take care of his woman but also love to see them flourish, which is a big part of why he's so good for Buffy. She has a way that whole world on his shoulders all the time and would seriously appreciate someone to take that burden from her, to take care of her the way that she has to take care of everybody else. But at the same time she's strong and needed and has a hole Destiny and Mission and Duty she needs to accomplish. Spike would never stand in the way of that, he would always encourage her in that. It's a hard balance to find, being a caregiver and also watching the one you care about take on so much. Spike, I believe, does both gleefully. And it makes him so fantastically perfect for Buffy.

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acekoomboom commented on Chapter 4 on April 30, 2021 01:29pm

A soddin’ bear.... Predator silent, Spike backed away from the water’s edge, melding into the shadows at the tree line.  Bloody hell, as soon as he was back amongst civilization, he’d head to the biggest metropolis he could find.  New York or London, it didn’t matter, as long as it was as far away from the wilderness as he could get. Fate has a way of happening anyway. They got ripped put of canon and still a bare is there to mess with Spike 😂 I love how much he is hating this. How much he doesn't want to be in the old times anymore. He loves the modern world, loves living, and he does not want to be back in this foolishness haha. I enjoyed your perspective on vampires and stinks, the way they hear heartbeats in the way they can sense their environments like predators, and the way that Spike has become lazy in his hunting practices because of how much easier it is in modern times then it would have been in his era. So cool.

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acekoomboom commented on Chapter 4 on April 30, 2021 01:25pm

It's so interesting to see how differently spike is interacting with Buffy and with Slayer, and yet it's so similar at the same time. Spike is always His Own Worst Enemy, putting his foot in his mouth and spectacular ways. Of course as soon as Buffy woke up and was able to actually talk to him he was being a complete jerk even though he was wonderful to her while she was unconscious. It is so funny.

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acekoomboom commented on Chapter 3 on April 30, 2021 01:19pm

This is so cool! He went through all that trouble of gathering stuff and sorting stuff and then that Beast just came back and mess it up haha. I wonder why it didn't take Buffy when it took everybody else. Maybe because she wasn't dead yet? He didn't want to deal with the fight? Even super powerful predators in the wild I feel like will always take the easiest prey possible and I guess she just isn't that yet. I'm so curious to see what this thing is and how they're going to go about it. And to see how this internal Slayer versus Buffy thing plays out. And to see how spike is finally going to realize the way he feels for Buffy! So many things left to happen. And they can happen in so many interesting ways.

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acekoomboom commented on Chapter 2 on April 30, 2021 01:11pm

Dude that was so freaking cool. I'm very curious to see how this Buffy and Slayer thing plays out, it's not at all going how I thought it would. Nothing in the story is going how I expected. I got a real kick out of spikes emotions is holding, his intentions changing so quickly and for so many reasons. That's so like Spike, I felt very realistic to his character and very interesting to read. He's so flexible, always changing to fit his surroundings, and I'm so freaking excited to see what else he does. Bet he'll lick that skewers clean too. Gotta get every drop of the already spilled slayer blood for that good good healing.

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acekoomboom commented on Chapter 1 on April 30, 2021 12:59pm

Woah! This was not at all how I expected this story to start! I'm loving it. Does he still have the ring? Would they have been able to knock him out if he were wearing it, or would his brian just heal right away? This is so interesting! Very exciting way to open a story. I already feel hooked.

" Only a year ago they had fought together at the magic shop.  He had danced, parried, and snarked while imparting terrible truths about the reality of love and lust, doing his damndest to point out all the flaws in her relationship with Angel – just for the thrill of it, she was sure.  She had never hated someone as intensely as she hated him in that moment.  The hatred had yet to ease, but it was overridden by fear.  She didn’t even know what she was asking from him in that moment, what she needed.  She was scared – really, really scared." Perfect way to set up exactly what relationship they have right now. Just the perfect amount of exposition thrown in with you showing of Buffy's thoughts on her current situation and the panic rising in her. Dang I forget how phenomenal so many authors on this website can be. And I love the situation you put them in, yet another time they need a truce above fighting each other. Those are always so fun, when Buffy and Spike are still at odds but situations arise where they just automatically form a partnership. I love how does a knee-jerk reaction it is. There's something going on that could be a little dangerous? They're automatically on the same side. They're survivors and Warriors and I dig it so hard. I wonder where the initiative was sending them. I like spikes panic I think the most out of everything here, the way you would freak out at noises in the way that he understood what all these things meant even though puffy didn't. And he told her what they meant! It was so good. I like the way he talked to her, the way he coached her through some things. When he said they would lose their arms if they didn't get free, dude that sound like chill down my spine. It was the perfect mix of realistic and horrifying. And what a brutal image for both Buffy and the audience, the impact of the plane just ripping their torso away from their chained arms. Wicked dude. I'm excited to see if this energy continues throughout the story, if the rest of the chapters have the same tone as the first one or if this was an interesting Bang to get us started.

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ammun commented on Chapter 3 on April 22, 2021 08:23pm Liked

Why didnt the beast take Buffy? Wouldnt it have smelled her powerful blood? Does it prefer dead bodies? It seems to be intelligent, it messed up Spike s stash? Why would it leave Buffy undisturbed?

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ammun commented on Chapter 2 on April 22, 2021 08:04pm Liked

 Who is this entity inside Buffy? It can t be the Slayer demon. Is it the Guardians? What did Spike see shining behind her back? I like how you describe the entity's voice and power. It seems god-like. 

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ammun commented on Chapter 1 on April 22, 2021 07:42pm Liked

Oh wow! I ve been on the edge of my seat. You write so well. I don t think many people can write something as suspenseful as this. I could see it all play out, I was watching in real time. I could feel the pressure, time ticking, everything happening faster and faster. I got up three times and wanted to wring my hands and shout at them to hurry up. Great work and great first chapter!

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