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slaymesoftly commented on Chapter 61 on July 17, 2020 08:31pm Liked

I can't believe how you managed to pull all the threads together in this one!  *bows*. It's prequel is still my favorite, but this was a rip-roaring story, for sure. I love the Spike and Oz friendship. The one big happy family of it all at the end. There were more than a few surprises, and some things I apparently remembered incorrectly, so it was almost like reading a whole new story. Great fun!

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slaymesoftly commented on Chapter 12 on July 12, 2020 08:44pm Liked

Started this one and was immediately sucked in. Turns out (not having read it as many times as I have Legions) it's almost like a new story. I remember that Buffy was pregnant (and had a baby later on), and as other characters pop up, I remember them, but as far as plot goes?  Nothing. Nada. So I'm all set to be surprised and amazed as it develops. I did my reread of Legions in two days; I really can't afford to give this one that much time, so it will be a slower process. But I expect to enjoy every minute of it.


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Angelinasway commented on Chapter 61 on July 11, 2020 12:37am Liked

 Just finished. Wow, what a fantastic ride. I laughed, I cried, I almost had a heart attack a few times. Bravo, just wonderfully done!!!

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slaymesoftly commented on Chapter 4 on July 10, 2020 11:08am Liked

This is not one I remember re-reading back in the day (but maybe?), so, while it's coming back to me in bits and pieces as familiar names pop up, it's almost like reading for the first time. I hadn't remembered Rose's death, for instance; nor that Spike was travelling with Lydia. I remember why Buffy is barfing....  Looking forward to following the adventure later this weekend.

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Sweetpea74 commented on Chapter 34 on September 22, 2019 02:21am

I was wondering how and when Robin was going to figure out that Buffy's babydaddy is, in fact, the vampire who murdered his mother. Damn, that was quick. 

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Sweetpea74 commented on Chapter 5 on September 10, 2019 09:42am

OMG, I laughed out loud at the scene in front of Giles' door when Willow caught Wesley attempting to adjust his pants. Hilarious!

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Sweetpea74 commented on Chapter 1 on September 09, 2019 08:47am Liked

Great start! Not sure how I feel about the Spike/Lydia combo. Honestly, waiting to see if Buffy's pregnant. That'll throw a spanner into the works!

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Joyce commented on Chapter 61 on September 04, 2019 02:19pm Liked

Personally, I would have gones nuts if I hadn’t seen my child for that length of time. When I had my 2nd by C-section, he was in the same room as I was. However D was full term. Parents of preemies must go nuts with the not holding thing.

The TV show was “Spencer” or the standard spelling of the name. Thanks for writing how you chose the unconventional spelling.

And the missing Quentin appears. Groan.

This is a FANTASTIC tale!!!

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Joyce commented on Chapter 60 on September 04, 2019 01:39pm

That counting digits thing seems to be instinctual. It’s the first thing I did with each of mine.

It appears as if Xander were totally ignorant Esme’s physical appearance. Seems he should have been clued in during meetings.

How about give Esme eternal youth and then kill her. I like that much better. No way will she just disappear simply on a request.

In the meantime, where are Quentin and his goons/. Did they leave town?

And why is Xander not freaking out over the slayer essence being demonic?


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Joyce commented on Chapter 59 on September 04, 2019 01:02pm

While I am happy that Willow was able to do that pretty much on her own, WTH does give Esme what she wants entail…

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Joyce commented on Chapter 58 on September 04, 2019 12:46pm

Arrgh. Yet another chance for Spike to be chipped…

Hopefully whatever Willow is doing works.


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Joyce commented on Chapter 57 on September 04, 2019 12:29pm

Oh I love how quick on the uptake Oz was here!

NOOO…. Please say it isn’t so…


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Joyce commented on Chapter 56 on September 04, 2019 12:09pm

Robin is inadvertently making things worse!!

Re Oz’s statement about having a hoe in his van. I carry one in my SUV also in case I come across some wild growing plant that I want.

Ooh this guy is like Dalton! And I’m surprised that he was a recruit considering the Initiative’s mission and all.

“…more goodies lying arund than a morgue after a massacre.” Fantastic line! And LOL re “Maggie wasn’t a monster, after all.”


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Joyce commented on Chapter 55 on September 04, 2019 11:48am

Did Schmoo do this or Buffy unwittingly? At least Spike is safe from Walsh. I can just picture Maggie making multiple calculations in any conversation of hers.

Grr. Why are there not any protective wards around the Well?!


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Joyce commented on Chapter 54 on September 03, 2019 10:50pm

Hopefully it will be explained how Spike was able to get there and why it was done.

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Joyce commented on Chapter 53 on September 03, 2019 10:34pm

Grrr. Maggie knew exactly what buttons to push and Robin is too weak not to resist.

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Joyce commented on Chapter 52 on September 03, 2019 10:07pm

I love how Havi can see right through some people.

Esme must be filled with rage to do all that. Their deaths are on Quentin’s head because she was a known quantity and yet he sent his men in to die.

Hoping Buffy and Willow remain safe.


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Joyce commented on Chapter 51 on September 03, 2019 09:41pm

The mention of Nikki got Spike’s attention. Will he ‘fess up to Buffy?

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Joyce commented on Chapter 50 on September 03, 2019 08:26pm

Wesley was lucky to have survived this chapter.

Curious as to why you chose South Dakota as the size of a fist?

Good grief! Xander was the one there! He knows and Buffy is not willing to accept that it seems..

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Joyce commented on Chapter 49 on September 03, 2019 07:31pm

At least Spike did not have it out with Havi. I suppose they will not learn about Baltozar unless they happen to go to the hospital.

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Joyce commented on Chapter 48 on September 03, 2019 07:02pm

Xander’s an extrovert who feels the need to oput words into any silence. It shows how much of an introvert I am that it annoys the heck out of me. It seems to be more than usual as if he is using speech to make up for the loss of sight.

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Joyce commented on Chapter 47 on September 03, 2019 07:00pm

I for one am satisfied with the solution that the Guardians accepted.

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Joyce commented on Chapter 46 on September 03, 2019 06:59pm

am disappointed in Oz not sussing the gravity of their situation. And Xander is acting like a sissy girly girl. When in danger, MOVE!

Havi’s situation does not look good.

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Joyce commented on Chapter 45 on September 03, 2019 06:57pm

With so many things going down, someone should always be on the look out for a tail.

Oh no! Esme got her wish without a paid assassin!

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Joyce commented on Chapter 44 on September 03, 2019 06:55pm

am fearing Spike getting captured.

Maggie is so thorough. Wouldn’t have the job if she were not but it prickles in this situation. Truth serum, eh?

Why is Quentin interested in controlling Buffy?

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Joyce commented on Chapter 43 on September 03, 2019 06:53pm

Robin is being sort of inscrutable but I figure something is percolating.

Love laconic Oz!

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Joyce commented on Chapter 42 on September 03, 2019 06:51pm

It would have been nice if Xander had used his brain cells and kept his gob shut. I would think his faux military training would have kicked in.

Both Willow and Spike need to come clean with Buffy.

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Joyce commented on Chapter 41 on August 28, 2019 01:36pm

Why would Xander even entertain the idea of fighting a guy in a coma?! The one he needs to listen to is Havi and not the runaway thoughts in his head. It all comes down to communication once again.

I kind of thought Willow knew the deal or maybe Giles did not tell her Havi’s info.

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Joyce commented on Chapter 40 on August 28, 2019 10:53am

Maybe Cordy’s vision has to do with the upcoming convergences of the baddies against Buffy?

I like the way you link back to small details.

Now that Maggie is on Spike’s trail no thanks to Robin, please do not let him get chipped.

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Joyce commented on Chapter 39 on August 28, 2019 10:37am

All of the secrets can be so confusing. I’d nearly forgotten Havi’s reason for pursuit of Willow.

Will Robin be part of the team?

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