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rogueshadow commented on Andrew on September 24, 2017 10:00am Liked

I just started reading this story, and I had to stop to comment on the Andrew chapter. It's fantastic and I loved all the nerdy references. Loved that his payment was a mint in package Han Solo that whole scene was fantastic.

But what really made me stop to comment was Andrew imagining Buffy returning all "Winter Soldier style" and then questioning who would be her Captain America to pull her out of it. I did not know I needed or wanted that plot/story in my life, but I do now. I haven't finished this story yet, so I'm kind of hoping that's where it's going. However I'm kind of assuming thats not where this is going since those words may not have been meant to be taken as foreshadowing since it was just Andrew's inner rambly, nerdy tinted thoughts. But maybe it is! I'll just have to see what happens as I keep reading!

Regardless of how it turns out. I'm looking forward to finishing this story, and you've done an awesome job.  I'm really enjoying it.

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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Andrew on December 06, 2015 06:49am Liked

Andrew's POV was so much fun! :))

But yikes, now I'm really worried about Buffy. She's magically hidden, RIGHT? That must be it. *worries*

Author's Response on December 10, 2015 03:49am

Andrew's headspace was... a unique experience.  Glad you enjoyed.  And my lips are zipped (but since you've read on, you already know the answer!)  Thanks!

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nmcil commented on Andrew on November 07, 2015 10:15pm

what a mystery - Buffy can't be totally absolutely no question about it gone - I keep thinking the Senior Partners of Angel organized another Connor New Family deal but there still has to be a body unless her essence was placed in a new body - 

Author's Response on November 20, 2015 01:22am

It's a mystery indeed.  :)  Thank you!

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Susan commented on Andrew on October 07, 2015 01:10am Liked

There is nothing left of Buffy Summers? Hmmm... Is that due to her amnesia? Is the Argus Panoptes just a liar? Is Andrew just too gullible?

Andrew's POV was the best. From the constant pop culture references, to the frequently derailed trains of thought, to the celebratory Zima (Zima!), I loved it all.

Also, 300!!Squee

Author's Response on October 06, 2015 10:41pm

Woo!  You did it!  :D 

Andrew was fun, but *so* hard to write.  Pop/nerd culture references?  Ay yay yay.  But luckily teenage daughters know how to be more than just surly.  They can also help with comic references.

Poor Andrew.  Two mint Han Solos, and no answers for it. 

Thank you!

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annamatte commented on Andrew on October 05, 2015 11:29am Liked

This is a funny chapter ! Andrew in his geekiness and his naivety is tender and always makes me smile.

Author's Response on October 05, 2015 03:43pm

I kind of love Andrew.  :)  But this was the first time I've actually written him.  Thank you!

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Blue Eyes2 commented on Andrew on July 29, 2015 01:57am Liked

Well that was a total waste. But at least Andrew tried. But for being so called seeing he obviously was mistaken.

Author's Response on July 29, 2015 02:27pm

Poor Andrew.  The sacrifices he had to make were nearly unbearable for him, and then to get no information on top of it...  Thanks!

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CupcakeCute commented on Andrew on June 20, 2015 08:55pm

Great chapter, I loved seeing things through Andrew's perspective. I'd say that giving up those action figures was a big sacrifice for him :) Nice to see how much he cares. All of his references to various geekery were wonderful btw. So Buffy doesn't exist. Hmmm. I'm gonna guess that the demon is referencing how she's been wiped clean, memory-wise, as the cause of that, but I'm unsure. Can't wait to see what's going on with her!

Author's Response on June 21, 2015 03:15pm

Finding the references was probably the hardest part of getting into Andrew's head.  I spent a lot of time with my fangirl daughter.  "Okay, give me a comic reference for..."

It's fun watching everybody try to put the pieces together.  Hopefully the finished puzzle will be satisfying.  Thanks!

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magnus374 commented on Andrew on June 20, 2015 09:30am

It's such a joy to read this Andrew chapter. The things he say and think is so perfectly him. We can also see that he can plan and do things well. It must have been horrible to see the figurine destroyed. The answer he got makes "Lindsey is hiding Buffy" an even stronger possibility. 

Author's Response on June 21, 2015 03:13pm

Aw, thank you!  Heh, yes, Andrew couldn't even find a comparison to describe the horror, that's how bad it was. 

Lindsey does come up with some elaborate plans.  Maybe, maybe... :)  Thanks!

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Rebcake commented on Andrew on June 20, 2015 06:41am

I bow to your grasp of Andrew. His run in with perfect!

After that, facing down Angelus and his crew of evil minions masquerading as really nice people was easy.

Hee! Of course, now there is another honking CLUE in the hands of somebody else, and I am very hopeful something will come of it. Andrew has many flaws, but I'm betting his obsessive qualities work well for getting to the bottom of this conundrum!

Author's Response on June 21, 2015 03:10pm

Andrew's voice was hard to find at first, but once I did... I'm glad you liked it!  

I suspect the story's going to go a different direction from what people are now expecting...  maybe.  We'll see.  :)   Thanks!

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RedSatinDoll commented on Andrew on June 20, 2015 02:24am

Yesterday I was thinking to myself, I wonder who's POV the next chapter will be in? Not Andrew's....*lol*

This chapter reminds me why I hate Andrew as a character - but also find him so amusing in hands of the right authors. Every time I begin to think that he has "layers" as Cordy would say, or that he's actually useful, he proves again how shallow and immature he is with obsessions and fantasies. Ironic since he is living amoung real heros and villians and he still has to "super-size" his experience further.

I have no idea who some of his references are but I know enough of them to "get the drift" (and the fact that some of them are obscure to me adds to the humor.) this is an incredibly funny chapter, but I'm also glad to see someone (and Andrew of all people!) get back to the original plot - ie, searching for Buffy.  

(in hindsight it's surprising how Spike in the last chapter took everyone's workd that Buffy was dead when he of all people should know how impermanent a thing that is in his world.)

Speaking of Spike, I  sort of wonder what Spike's reaction to Andrew would have been, being hugged and all that?  That's my only quibble, that it seemed odd not to have even a single line of dialogue from the man.  Otherwise, this chapter is aces and please please please post chapter 6!  (I'd love to see what you do with a chapter in Willow, Faith, Xander or Angel's POV. maybe even Wesley's?)

ETA: I love pfeifferpack's observation: Sacrifice pigs?  People?  Best friends?  Can do eventually and even live with the regret.  Mint Han Solo  OH he humanity!!!

So true.



Author's Response on June 21, 2015 03:08pm

Heh, I had a lot of questions for my daughter (who's into comics).  "Okay, give a comic book reference for somebody who..."  Now that I'm sort of caught up on the Avengers universe, thanks to all the movies, I get a lot more of the references in the acutal Buffy show. 

Spike doesn't know the details (that they never found a body), so I suppose he's got no reason to assume she's other than dead.  And, as he said, he doesn't want her dead, but he doesn't want her ripped from Heaven again even more.  Maybe it's even a little bit easier for him this way, too.  He'd given her up by choosing to stay and die, and so her being gone means he doesn't have to agonize over whether or not to go back to her. 

As for the hug, sorry.  That's how it played out in canon, with Spike silently enduring.  :)

Another point of view?  Sure.  I can do that!  :)  Thanks!

RedSatinDoll Replied on June 22, 2015 02:23am

Now that I'm sort of caught up on the Avengers universe, thanks to all the movies, I get a lot more of the references in the acutal Buffy show. 

Which makes me really curious...I know that Dark Willow was a nod to Jean grey/Dark phoenix from the Xmen comics and that's about all I know in terms of comics references on the show. Does canon make more sense in light of what you've learned?

her being gone means he doesn't have to agonize over whether or not to go back to her. 

Oh that makes a lot of sense!

That's how it played out in canon, with Spike silently enduring. 

Ah, another example of me being a bit out of the loop because I didn't watch AtSd. I'll deal though - just reviewed chapter 6 so I'll continue to pester you when I'm totally bumfuzzled.



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pfeifferpack commented on Andrew on June 19, 2015 11:33pm Liked

Rofl  What a perfect, meaningful sacrifice for Andrew and what a true horror for him to witness!  Sacrifice pigs?  People?  Best friends?  Can do eventually and even live with the regret.  Mint Han Solo  OH he humanity!!!

Love the chapter.  I wonder if Lindsey has those markings all over Buffy that would make her not tracable?  I can so see him use Buffy this way.  I loved Lindsey and wanted him saved in the end (but he must have been truly unredeemable for Lorne to have followed orders) but I can easily see him taking this opportunity.  After all he didn't cause her injuries, just took advantage.


Author's Response on June 21, 2015 02:55pm

Ahaha, yes.  You've got to have your priorities, y'know?

I, too, have to keep reminding myself that Lindsey must've been unredeemable - Angel's mission was all about saving people.  But he gave up on Lindsey?  And Lorne was willing (sort of) to kill him?  It's hard to wrap my mind around it.  Thanks!

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