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DeamonQueen commented on Chapter 1 on March 24, 2017 06:31am

Please continue. This wasa good read and I really liked it. 

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Ubikoctober commented on Chapter 1 on October 14, 2016 07:40pm Liked

Good choice Buffy! I loved this Oneshot, I was scared for a second thinking it wasn't gonna end well but I shouldn't have worried.

Author's Response on October 15, 2016 04:27am

Glad you were happy!   Also glad you see it as a Oneshot, although must admit have had a few queries for a follow on!

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Rabbit_moon1 commented on Chapter 1 on October 10, 2016 12:54am Liked

Wow!  How the world has changed for Buffy in 10 years.  

This was a very somber tale, but I loved this!   It was very realistic.  I believe Buffy would have become this sad and closed-off person without Spike, the man she loved.  10 years is a long time to wallow in guilt over the way she treated him, and to believe that is the reason why he didn't believe her when she told him she loved him. 

I love the idea of Spike trying to reach her from another dimension. Wow!  But, I had to laugh.   Even though Buffy still loves Spike, he still irritates her enough that she stubbornly refuses to show him how much she has missed him and still loves him.  And, Spike, never at a loss to say the wrong thing, botches the reunion.  Even though this was sad, in some respects it was hilarious.  It was SO them!  And they can be so frustrating!  (But, I love them!)

So happy Buffy finally came to her senses!  (I did my happy dance!)

Thanks for another great story!  I love your writing!

Author's Response on October 10, 2016 04:26am

Thank you so much!  Delighted you enjoyed this short piece.  I think Buffy years hence is always a very interesting concept.  Everything in her life would be changed - no Spike (obviously), Dawn growing up,  Potential Slayers becoming Real Slayers, etc. etc.  Even Giles becoming elderly.  I think finding her way would be incredibly difficult and joining Spike in New Dimension seems a great answer to me!

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Kellydofc commented on Chapter 1 on August 13, 2016 08:30am Liked

I loved this!  I so want to know where it goes.  What's going on with Angel?  What did Spike promise to get the device? What is going on in the new Sunnydale that's so bad? The earlier part of the story was so poignant and bittersweet.  My heart just broke for Buffy. 

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Ashinthe commented on Chapter 1 on January 20, 2016 07:30pm Liked

Aww, this was really sad and bittersweet up until the end, and I really enjoyed all of it. I'm usually not a fan of Buffy being sad and isolated post Chosen and NFA, but I think you did a good job of explaining how she got to that point. I think not being considered useful anymore,  or rather feeling outdated and misunderstood by her friends, family and her sister slayers would be really hard for Buffy to deal with in the long run. Hard in a different way than being the "only" Slayer and being so needed by the world that everyone close to her judges and clings to her for protection and leadership. It's what a Buffy who had lost the few connections she forged around her through the years would look like and act towards the outside world.

However fans, casual and hardcore, want to interpret that last B/S scene,  I think it's clear from the flame hands and the spoken "I love you" that Buffy had finally connected with Spike in a way she had always hoped she would since she was first called, as you had Spike put it they were "close" that last year in Sunnydale. I think it's one of the great themes of the show: isolation vs connection,  and your fic really tied into that in a big way with showing how disconnected Buffy had become again,  especially since she ended up by herself for Xmas :(, from her inner circle and the world,  and how seeing Spike and knowing he had a mission for her after being without one for so long, finally made her feel like she could reconnect. *happy sigh*

I also like how much they were failing to communicate properly on both sides. That happened between them over and over in canon and is very believablely written. I liked that they were both trying to hide their more tender feelings to avoid being rejected again,  very believable too! Spike being upset and a bit shocked that Buffy wasnt going to help,  and then deciding that he would leave her be and let her live her life if that was her choice was a very nice touch. I like that big difference between souled and souless Spike: one can take a "no", and be selfless enough to let go when it's appropriate to do so,  and one really couldn't. Their goodbye scene together made me tear up with how final and poignant it all felt. You are really skilled at writing Buffy as stoic and cold as she could be in the outside,  while still feeling that teeming passion, vulnerability and live that always seemed to be bubbling away underneath her self constructed ( for her own sanity I always felt) hardened exterior. Basically, you didn't just write her as a cold, mean bitch but with all the layers she's always had going on in the show. Brilliant! Love that last scene of Buffy diving in after, " her man and mission". Very nice hopeful way to end a very bittersweet story :). 

Author's Response on January 20, 2016 05:54pm

Thank you so much for such a kind review.  It is always good to know that a reader has "understood" what you are trying to convey without actually saying it - if you see what I mean!  I found writing this Buffy very interesting because the world has moved on in so many ways.  I like to think she found a mission and her man in another world.  

And do let me know if you like Buffy and Spike in Future Imperfect.  Much more together, married couple but with all the old insecurities and problems, especially where the "fat grandchildren" are concerned!

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Sunalso commented on Chapter 1 on January 20, 2016 07:01pm Liked

So lovely and poignant- and yay! Buffy at the end. I'm so glad it was mentioned in the shout box. All the wintery imagary and descriptions of Buffy's life and even her appearance as cold and icy are so well done. I even got a little teary eyed at parts. Excellent job!

Author's Response on January 20, 2016 05:55pm

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. Delighted you enjoyed the story.  Hope you like my older Buffy and Spike in Future Imperfect as well.  So good to hear readers' views.

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acekoomboom commented on Chapter 1 on January 25, 2015 04:24am

Oh, and the stats say that it is not complete but it seems that it is. You want to click that 'complete' button and make it a bit more clear for us readers? Please and thank you.

Author's Response on January 31, 2015 05:18pm

Well, not sure if it is complete at the moment!

acekoomboom Replied on February 14, 2015 09:25pm

Oh, woops! Sorry. Nice to know, though!

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acekoomboom commented on Chapter 1 on January 25, 2015 04:21am

NOOOOOO!!! It can not just end like that! I t was so good and I was literally crying and it was just too amazing. I need more, have to have more! To see what is wrong with Angel and what pure evil is in that weird concept of another Sunnydale and see the amazingness of when Spuffy goes back to the real world. I would love to see the little slayers finally respect her after she comes back. Like, maybe this bad is so bad, way worse than anything they had faced in their world. It transends to the real world a bit because it is so powerfull and truly evil and scares all of the slayers, and when Spike and Buffy kick it's butt way way past Sunday, they totally idolise her again like they must have right after Sunnydale fell. She could be all happy and perky and different that any of the new slayers had ever seen her, but really it is just the true Buffy showing through, the one who hadn't been around since she died the second time. You know, really it was more like when her mom died, and got worse and worse from there.

 I liked how Willow was still seemingly unstable, for some reason. I do not like myself a bit for it, but I enjoyed your killing of Kennedy. Not the fact that you killed her, but how you killed her. That was so something her stupid bratty butt would do. I like that Giles gets to sit back and be Mr. On Call. I love that Dawn has such a happy life and a little boy. I just, I don't like that it took so long for Spuffy to find each other again! And I meant it earlier, you had real tears rolling down my face. If that is not a mark of a great writer, I do not know what is!

 But, yeah, seriously, more. More more more, just more. Way more. Way with the way of way more. Please? Please?! I do not ushally beg, but I loved this so much and it feels like it needs more, you made me so sad about the way Buffy turned out and I need more that just a concluding teaser about her life being back on track or her finding happiness/ herself again, or even that she may take a little ice away from her heart and become a human being again.

 I love this and I beg you for more. Bravo!

Author's Response on January 25, 2015 03:15am

Goodness, how lovely to get such a positive review!  I didn't think many people read my stories.  Delighted you enjoyed this one.  I've always wondered how Buffy would cope with getting older because although you stay the same person inside, life does alter you in lots of little ways.  Would the new Slayers adore Buffy?  Hmmm, not too sure about that myself. Remember they are Slayers, so in lots of ways, just like her. Would Buffy have adored a former Slayer if she'd had the chance to meet her?  Unlikely, I'm afraid. They are too - not self-centred - but too focussed on their own abilities.

Well, is there to be a sequel?  I wrote this in this way because I was not sure.  I have several works in progress and if I don't go back and sort out the twins in Future Imperfect then I will probably be shot by various fans!  But I think this one will be continued at some time.  I do hope you will find the time to read and comment on some of my other works.  You might like Never Alone  and We Will Remember Them, and I'm sure you'll enjoy Cousin Arabella!

Thank you again for such kind comments. Made my day over here in a very chilly England.

acekoomboom Replied on May 18, 2017 02:13am

 So glad that I could help God to brighten someone's day!!

acekoomboom Replied on May 18, 2017 02:42am

 And I live your insight on the slayers having conflict. I never imagine it that way, but I am quite aware if my bias towards things going smoothly with a strong leader. Yours I think is a little more realistic to the situation, and more in character. We all have our different headcanons and that is so wonderful.

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badgervamp commented on Chapter 1 on December 23, 2014 07:10am Liked

Yay! Go Buffy.  What a boring life anyway.  Dawn at least will know that Buffy followed her heart.  Did Spike sacrifice his soul as the price for the portal magic.  If so he doesnt need it.  Lovely Christmas fic Lilac.  Thank you.  Hope you have an awesome Christmas yourself and a sublime new year. 

Blow Kiss

Author's Response on December 24, 2014 05:29am

Thank you so much. Following her heart is exactly right, as long as her pride doesn't get in the way!  Hope you, too, have a wonderful Christmas.

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nojiri23 commented on Chapter 1 on December 19, 2014 02:27pm Liked

Neat - looking forward to where this is going - at first I thought it was a complete story as is, but I'm delighted to see that it is merely chapter one of what is looking to be a very intriguing premise!

Author's Response on December 19, 2014 06:04pm

Thank you.  It was meant to be a one off, but none of my stories ever are!  Which I think is dreadful grammar but very late here and my brain's tired!  But thank you again for commenting. Much appreciated.

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Blue Eyes2 commented on Chapter 1 on December 18, 2014 09:48pm

Thank God!  For a moment there I thought she lost her bloody mind.  I mean she said it herself that she was bored and felt useless.  I couldn't believe she even hesitated.  I mean it was Spike.  The one man she loved and missed.  I thought I might have to go kick her butt.

Author's Response on December 19, 2014 04:20am

I know what you mean, but then in real life, pride always has a nasty way of ruining the best laid plans.  Still, she's on her way now.  Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated.

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 1 on December 18, 2014 04:34pm

I like this. I do feel a bit sorry for all the time they have lost, but things will work out.

Author's Response on December 18, 2014 06:43pm

Glad you enjoyed it, but better late than never!

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fyreburned commented on Chapter 1 on December 18, 2014 04:23pm Liked

Huh...? LH? Is this the ending or a 1st chapter? Now, you know we'really gonna want MORE! So, is Angel no-longer soul-man, or does it matter? Has Spike given up his own soul? Or misjudged his own self-worth in the battle of G. vs E. ? 'K, now, attention is officially piqued. I'm hoping for a juicy new one from you!



Author's Response on December 18, 2014 06:44pm

Hi, well, it started out as a one off for Christmas but the response seems to be that people would like me to continue.

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nic commented on Chapter 1 on December 18, 2014 02:55pm Liked

Just what I needed🎄

Can't wait to read rest. 

Author's Response on December 18, 2014 06:45pm

Thank you.  Will hope to continue after Christmas.

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cindylou commented on Chapter 1 on December 18, 2014 12:53pm Liked

Flowers would love to see a sequel!


Author's Response on December 19, 2014 04:22am

So would I!  So I suppose I'd better write one after Christmas!  But if I don't rescue the wretched twins in Future Imperfect first, I will be hunted down by other readers and chastised!

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