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Asokatanos commented on Chapter Forty-Two [Epilogue] on December 01, 2022 05:25pm

This was really sweet! I do like the idea of Buffy having to work a little to win back Spike. He’s always gone for her but it does make sense with who he is that perhaps he would have considered Seeing Red a breaking point. I mean, he eventually had a breaking point with Dru, didn’t he? I haven’t seen it in many fics so it was fun to read! I didn’t expect to like your OCs as much as I did, but they’re so fun! I especially adore Kit. 

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Desicat commented on Chapter Ten on October 17, 2022 12:58am Liked

"And then Buffy stilled—visibly.

And then William stilled as well."


I cracked up so hard at that

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Pet35 commented on Chapter Forty-Two [Epilogue] on July 30, 2022 08:17pm Liked

Amazing story. I just missed a little bit of more smut, the scene in the carriage was damn sexy. Also, I always pictured spike having sisters, so yay Reg! And buffy wooing him, another yay! ‘‘‘

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Pet35 commented on Chapter Thirty-Nine on July 30, 2022 06:32am Liked

I'm so happy for how everything turned out, except for one little thing... You left out the smut! 😢 All that wooing from buffy and we didn't get details of her victory hahahah

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Pet35 commented on Chapter Thirty-Five on July 29, 2022 01:56pm Liked

I'm always looking for fics where spike is the one being hard to get and buffy has to work to get him back. So, what can I say? 

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Pet35 commented on Chapter Thirty-Two on July 28, 2022 11:32pm Liked

Oh! So, in the other reality, spike did kill his mom, but now, as he came back that night, everything has changed? And what's with the fangs nad the heartbeat? Is he still human? Guess I'll have to go on reading to find out!

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Pet35 commented on Chapter Twenty-Six on July 28, 2022 01:22am Liked

I can't believe someone complained about the time of your updates. I mean, I have 0 patience, so I get that when you're into a story you need to go on reading but we all know how this works, if it bothers you so much wait until it's finished and read it all together (like I usually do).

Anyway, I know you didn't know about spike's mother when you wrote this and I think this version of what happened suits the fic, obviously, better than the canon one. 

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Pet35 commented on Chapter Twenty-Four on July 28, 2022 12:47am Liked

I'm just going crazy with kit and lilith because if they get married then spike will be related to giles! And his nephew a council member! Oh man!

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Pet35 commented on Chapter Twenty-Three on July 27, 2022 12:55pm Liked

I like to think spike's love for buffy is so huge that it doesn't matter in what kind of package buffy is into, he just loves her. Ok, so maybe if buffy were inside of angel, riley or xander's body it would be more difficult for spike hahahaha but even so, he just can't help falling in love with her. 

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Pet35 commented on Chapter Seventeen on July 26, 2022 09:30am Liked

I'm liking spuffy interactions, and that buffy is realizing that she wants to be loved no matter her physical appearance. Also, I like halfreks background and that she wants to help william. And tara... Yay!!!!

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Pet35 commented on Chapter Ten on July 25, 2022 12:07am Liked

Ok, now I do understand what happened with spike. Now let's see what sweet william can do about Dare liking men 😜

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Pet35 commented on Chapter Six on July 24, 2022 08:41pm Liked

I like the idea of spike having sisters, it suits him. 

I'm confused as to what has happened to him, like, spike is inside william right now but doesn't know? I'll figure it out as I read I assume. 

So far I think it's a very original idea.

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AllTheSplendidPieces commented on Chapter Forty-Two [Epilogue] on July 06, 2022 03:02pm Liked

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story with us! I love time travel fics and your take on the genre was so original. The adventures of Reg and Dawn in one-shots would be delightful, but you should write what you want to write. I’m just grateful you share your work with us. 

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AllTheSplendidPieces commented on Chapter Forty-One on July 06, 2022 02:26pm Liked

These one on one talks were excellent as a separate chapter. I love that you had Buffy bring up Xander’s AR and the similarities and differences between what he did and what Spike did. I also liked that you had Buffy do an internal check to see if she had the emotional energy for a second difficult conversation in one day. Love seeing her learning to take care of herself. 

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AllTheSplendidPieces commented on Chapter Forty on July 06, 2022 02:12pm Liked

I love that you had everyone together with a mediator — so smart! It seemed to me that everyone reacted in character. I would have loved to see something this healthy (and with the supernatural enhancement of a mediator who could make people quiet when they got abusive) in the show. 

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AllTheSplendidPieces commented on Chapter Thirty-Eight on July 06, 2022 12:37pm Liked

I’m so glad I’m reading this as a completed story because this chapter was lovely! I’m really excited that Isa might be able to visit in the future and really curious about whether there’s a way for Kit to actually write to Buffy. I’m not going to strain my brain with logistics and instead just move on to the next chapter! 

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AllTheSplendidPieces commented on Chapter Thirty-Six on July 06, 2022 12:05pm Liked

I didn’t think it felt sloppy at all. Rather, your writing captured the hesitancy of their date - these people who know each other well and yet not so well, trying to change the way they interact with each other after years of destructive habits. I thought it was great. Buffy’s trying so hard and Spike is interested despite himself. The location is really creative, too, and a good place for their date. Yay, Tara! 

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AllTheSplendidPieces commented on Chapter Thirty-Four on July 06, 2022 02:51am Liked

A wonderful conversation. Painful and honest. A good start but definitely more progress to be made, hopefully while Buffy is fighting for him.

There were a few llines that just broke my heart in the best ways. I’ve cried so much while reading this fic. The way you write them is so powerful. Here are the most extraordinary bits:

“But you... hell, luv... Buffy,” he amended. “You can’t love me without lovin’ yourself first. And I sure as fuck can’t go on trying to love enough for the both of us.”

Got no reason not to think it.”

“I told you I loved you last night. You... you can’t honestly believe that I would...”

Even if you did... S’easy to love William. S’not easy lovin’ me, pet.” 

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AllTheSplendidPieces commented on Chapter Thirty-Three on July 06, 2022 02:32am Liked

Oh my goodness, more amazingness. Toward the end of the chapter I was reading with my heart in my throat, my stomach quivery. Of course Spike thinks they would fall back into destructive habits and he’s fighting to protect both of them. Buffy is in the dark since she hasn’t had the luxury of being in Spike’s head like we have. I love that she’s being vulnerable with him, though, which is probably more meaningful since she doesn’t know what he’s thinking. I can’t wait to see where they go from here. Also, I just have to say that I love the way you write this Spike. 

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AllTheSplendidPieces commented on Chapter Thirty-Two on July 06, 2022 02:18am Liked

I really like your take on Biley (Buffy’s toxic self-sufficiency didn’t help matters in that relationship). All of Spike’s introspection is spot on. It’s good that you include his thoughts from before and also now as he’s trying to make sense of everything, especially Buffy’s declaration of love. I like seeing how it’s all fitting together, maybe all part of the process of getting healthier? Reggie’s reaction was fantastic! I’m glad that she is so accepting and even seems to delight in getting to see Spike. 

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AllTheSplendidPieces commented on Chapter Twenty-Nine on July 05, 2022 07:00pm Liked

Oh my goodness, this line had me in tears. 
“You are a good man, William. You’ve just been dealt a poor hand.” 

I love the Pratt siblings! Each with their own strengths, supporting each other. Buffy was great with Reggie, too. It’s good to see that relationship develop. 

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AllTheSplendidPieces commented on Chapter Twenty-Seven on July 05, 2022 05:57pm Liked

Wow! Reggie’s request literally made my jaw drop. I can’t wait to see what / how / if that happens. Time to read another chapter instead of adulting!

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AllTheSplendidPieces commented on Chapter Twenty-Six on July 05, 2022 05:01pm Liked

An extraordinary chapter, so evocative. I cried the entire way through it. One of the things I loved best was how everyone around William treated him so gently, accepting who he is and making sure he got what he needed rather than forcing him into rigid expectations of the time. You’ve made the Pratt household feel like an island of warmth and love, a sanctuary, a refuge from society.

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AllTheSplendidPieces commented on Chapter Twenty-One on July 05, 2022 03:36pm Liked

Love love love everything about this chapter! I really like how things have evolved from Buffy being on the other side of the S6 Spuffy dynamic to beginning to heal thanks to Williams’s courage  and acceptance. Love how gentle they are with each other in this chapter and how Reggie sorts through her own feelings about Williams’s relationship with Dare. The part where she rethinks Williams’s story about a “friend’s” conundrum is splendid. Yup, gotta have friends to have a friend with a dilemma. 

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AllTheSplendidPieces commented on Chapter Twenty on July 05, 2022 03:12pm Liked

Such a brave, beautiful conversation. I’m in tears because of this gorgeous part:

“That’s why I’m telling you this. Because you need to know that I don’t expect anything from you but your understanding—your belief that what I feel for you is real. Not your reciprocation, your affection, or even your company. You don’t owe me anymore than the acknowledgement that what I feel is real.”

I love it when Buffy takes the time to think through her feelings and applies her bravery to interpersonal stuff. Also, wow with the revelation that Lilith’s husband was a watcher! 

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AllTheSplendidPieces commented on Chapter Nineteen on July 05, 2022 02:54pm Liked

I love the conversation between Spike and Reggie. You set the scene beautifully and I could feel how loving their relationship is. So much trust. 

And oh my goodness, that demon. An apt trial for Buffy. Fascinating complications! 

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AllTheSplendidPieces commented on Chapter Eight on July 04, 2022 02:13pm Liked

I love the shapeshifter story; it’s such a clever way to address the theme of identity.  It’s great that Buffy is getting the opportunity to think things through while she has a break for her regular slayer duties. Kudos to her for deciding to take advantage of the lull. 

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honeygirl51885 commented on Chapter Forty-Two [Epilogue] on June 04, 2022 01:32am Liked

That was a very nice ending, very promising for all parties involved!  I like that Spike and Giles are related.  That’s a hoot!  haha  

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honeygirl51885 commented on Chapter Forty-One on June 04, 2022 01:23am Liked

That was a really good chat between Buffy and Zander, I’m glad they had it and I’m glad they’re in a good place.  It will take time, but maybe one day, like Buffy said. 

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honeygirl51885 commented on Chapter Forty on June 03, 2022 02:42am Liked

This was a good chapter for Buffy to air out of all her grievances with the gang.  I like the forum in which it happened too.  I didn’t need yelling or angry Scoobies either.  

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