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davidf89 commented on All I Ask Sequel Reminder on February 07, 2020 05:31am

brilliant idea and thanks for writing as I enjoyed reading this story. I hope that Buffy and Spike can defeat illyria 


Author's Response on February 07, 2020 06:23am

Thank you so much for your kind words! There are two more sequel stories to All I Ask if you look on my "Series" section :D xx

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nmcil commented on The Welcoming on July 07, 2015 08:04pm

Good Chapter - can't figure out why Spike chose not to tell Buffy the truth about events - what a lousy way for him to try and establish a new relationship with her.

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nmcil commented on Past on July 07, 2015 03:01am

Wonderful that you had him actually be able to visit his home  - 

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nmcil commented on Farewells on July 07, 2015 02:16am

Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading some of your other works - It's nice to have this start out with Spike heading out to reunite with Buffy as the starting point - it's a nice change from a lot of the other stories. 

Author's Response on July 06, 2015 11:20pm

Thank you! I'd actually never thought about it like that before. I hope you enjoy the rest of the trilogy. I have mixed feelings about it. I love it but I always find things I would've done differently. I guess it's like that with your first attempts since this was my first proper full length story I published. 

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jjj commented on All I Ask Sequel... on December 16, 2014 04:19am

Terrific story, I'll be reading the sequel next.  Great characterizations and a stunner of a cliffhanger. Awesome writing!

Author's Response on December 16, 2014 02:38am

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I've had so much fun writing it and I think you'll enjoy the sequel :)

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EllieRose101 commented on All I Ask Sequel Reminder on December 15, 2014 04:27am

I've noticed that sequels never seem to get the same amount of readers as the first in a series, no matter what they are. Have no idea why. 

Author's Response on December 15, 2014 03:57am

Neither do I. Maybe they haven't been notified? :

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EllieRose101 commented on All I Ask Sequel... on December 15, 2014 04:25am Liked

Genuinely gripping cliffhanger ending you've got there! I wonder what it could be! 

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EllieRose101 commented on First Look on December 15, 2014 04:20am Liked

Bloody hell that was intense! wtf is up with Illyria. To try and hurt them is one thing, but to do it knowing Buffy is pregnant is another. I really didn't think she was that cruel! 

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EllieRose101 commented on Hard Goodbyes on December 15, 2014 04:09am Liked

Hope your migraines have stopped? :-/ 

Not sure how wise Spike's decision is, but I guess we'll see. 

Author's Response on December 15, 2014 02:20am

All your reviews have had me smiling silly! Big GrinThank you so much for all your lovely feedback!

Unfortunately not. Painkillers don't seem to be stopping them either so doctors feel that it may be something else. They're not nas frequent though :)

EllieRose101 Replied on December 15, 2014 02:30am

Glad they've brightened your day :) No problem at all. 

Know how you feel. I'm in pain all the freaking time and the doctors can't seem to figure out why. Then again, they don't seem to be trying too hard *sigh* 

Author's Response on December 15, 2014 03:41am

I'm so lucky to have a kind and hard working GP. I know some people that don't and have to press and press them to do something about the problem :(

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EllieRose101 commented on Confession on December 15, 2014 03:47am Liked

I do hope Dawn wakes up soon, for real. And I wonder if it really will be only six weeks Buffy and Spike stay in Greece. 

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EllieRose101 commented on Delirious on December 15, 2014 02:34am Liked

Gotta say you had me properly shocked about Dawn not really being better. Didn't see that coming at all. 

The tenderness at the end is really nice. 

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EllieRose101 commented on Recovery? on December 15, 2014 02:24am Liked

This chapter has a good mix of light and heavier moments. Spike's line about Xander had me laughing out loud again. 

Typo alert: Think you meant "Willow was NOW frantically waving." And "began to WALK towards the witch." 

Oh. OH! Yay, Dawn! :D 

Author's Response on December 15, 2014 02:17am

Thank you for letting me know ;)

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EllieRose101 commented on The Impossible Miracle (Part 2) on December 15, 2014 02:13am Liked

Still gripped? I'm gripped more now than ever! 

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EllieRose101 commented on The Impossible Miracle (Part 1) on December 15, 2014 02:01am

I knew it! *grins* 

What an awkward way for Giles to find out Buffy's been boinking Spike again lol

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EllieRose101 commented on Deteriorating on December 15, 2014 01:46am Liked

If I was to guess I'd say somehow the demon that bit Spike made him able to impregnate Buffy... but I'm not gonna guess :P 

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EllieRose101 commented on What Have You Done Now? on December 15, 2014 12:54am

I think you captured Illyria's voice just fine. But Spike not liking tea? Sacrilege! 

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EllieRose101 commented on Unwanted Visitor on December 15, 2014 12:37am Liked

I laughed out loud when they were given the key for room 19 and told it opened 20. Nice touch. 

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EllieRose101 commented on Find. Hunt. Kill on December 09, 2014 07:43pm Liked

I have a soft spot for Illyria. I do. But even I want to hit her right now. 

Sincerely hope they don't kill her, and that she wises up. 

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EllieRose101 commented on Contemplating The Future on December 08, 2014 06:34am Liked

It's nice that Spike and Buffy could get some much-needed rest. 

I think you meant Willow stood in the corridor and 'pouted' a little. Not 'poured' lol 

Author's Response on December 08, 2014 04:39am

*looks on shamefully* I should've got a beta sooner. Its amazing what you miss that a proof reader picks up on.

EllieRose101 Replied on December 08, 2014 04:46am

Don't be ashamed of mistakes. They happen, to all of us. 

I'm really fussy, and read through my chapters about ten times before posting, but even then there's always like one or two typos. 

It's always easier for someone who hasn't written the piece to point them out. 

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EllieRose101 commented on Together Again on December 08, 2014 12:50am Liked

Hang on a sec. Didn't you put a warning about a character death in the last chapter? Nobody has died, unless I'm missing something... Please tell me Dawn doesn't die! That would definitely be a major thing, if it's true. *shakes head* You said it could be major or minor. I must be missing something. *clicks next chapter* (see what I mean, about you having me hooked?) 

Author's Response on December 08, 2014 02:18am

At the time I thought a coma could be considered as a character death for some people.

Regarding Dawn's fate..well you'll just have to read on I'm afraid :') 

EllieRose101 Replied on December 08, 2014 04:11am

Ahhh, I see! 

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EllieRose101 commented on Old Friends on December 07, 2014 11:29pm Liked

Good. Willow can fix things. Right? 

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EllieRose101 commented on The Incident on December 07, 2014 11:21pm Liked

What? Dawn? What?! 

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EllieRose101 commented on Lying Too Much on December 07, 2014 11:14pm Liked

*shakes head* 

Silly Spike, thinking he could/should run away from Buffy. Doesn't he know that counts as leaving? 

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EllieRose101 commented on The Welcoming on December 07, 2014 11:03pm Liked


Oh dear. 

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EllieRose101 commented on Nowhere I'd Rather Be on December 07, 2014 09:42pm Liked

You are loving these cliffhanger chapter endings! lol Good job! 

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EllieRose101 commented on Past on December 07, 2014 07:58pm Liked

Aww, this was sweet. Nice chapter :) 

I hope you don't mind me saying, but some of your punctuation is a little off. Commas should be inside quotation marks, not after them. And if a quote ends with an exclamation or question mark then a full stop or comma's not necessary. Not a big deal, but maybe something to watch out for in future. (Let me know if you don't find these comments helpful, and I'll shut up. I'm just trying to help you get better. But you're already very good.) 

Author's Response on December 08, 2014 02:15am

No I don't mind at all! :) as far as I know, I get my grammar sorted out in the later chapters since I didn't have a beta at this point. Thank you for pointing out :)

EllieRose101 Replied on December 08, 2014 04:10am

Fair enough :) 

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EllieRose101 commented on Reunited on December 07, 2014 03:03pm Liked

I'm so glad the rest of this is online and I don't have to wait for more. 

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EllieRose101 commented on Hit Me. Kiss Me on December 07, 2014 02:56pm Liked

All good so far. 

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EllieRose101 commented on Feelings on December 07, 2014 02:14pm Liked

Okay, you've got me hooked.

Author's Response on December 07, 2014 12:23pm

Haha! Already? The story hasn't even got going yet ;) thank you.

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EllieRose101 commented on Like Old Times on December 07, 2014 02:10pm Liked

So many cigarettes? Somebody's nervous! Haha

Oh, and sparkling blue eyes? Don't tell me Illyria followed him to England?! 

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