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chemeli commented on Homecoming, Housewarming on February 10, 2022 05:07pm Liked

really loved this story. it was so hard to read at times (in a good way?) but everyone went through it ok…..

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chemeli commented on Awkwardness, Sorrow on February 09, 2022 02:47am Liked

this is excellent 

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chemeli commented on Companionship, Solitude on February 08, 2022 03:14am Liked

poor Spike, he doesn’t deserve to suffer like that!

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chemeli commented on Confusion, Conversation on February 08, 2022 12:40am Liked

ok i felt better just reading this chapter, reading and seeing Spike drinking blood and getting better, after all this time….phew!

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chemeli commented on Cutting the Cord, Breaking Free on February 07, 2022 07:22pm Liked

this is so good 

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chemeli commented on Fade to Gray, Cage of Colors on February 07, 2022 06:54pm Liked

finally he’s gonna get free and heal…

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chemeli commented on Dreaming, Drowning on February 07, 2022 03:42am Liked

ok it’s hard to read Spike being tortured like that, it’s agonizing….i hope Buffy gets the mystical message soon and hurry the fuck up

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chemeli commented on Prisoner, Houseguest on February 07, 2022 03:08am Liked

wtf are thé PTB playing at? this is very intriguing!

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chemeli commented on Thunderstorm, Sanctuary on February 07, 2022 02:25am Liked

oh didn’t expect that! Fig seemed so nice! kind of like Clem 

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chemeli commented on Running Away, Walking Out on February 07, 2022 02:02am Liked

nice beginning

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Cathreyn commented on Homecoming, Housewarming on November 28, 2021 03:22pm Liked

Really enjoyable story,  nice to see Xander as a hero. Great characterisation and fantastic dialogue. 

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kerry220 commented on Homecoming, Housewarming on June 01, 2021 12:50am

It's Winter here in the Antipodes and Melbourne is back in Lockdown. Although I fully acknowledge our viral woes are nothing like some places in the World it still sucks the big one!

Anyway I decided to curl up under a doona and disappear into some "comfort" tales. Obviously this wonderful story featured amongst my re-reads. 

I remember being on the original journey with you - tenterhooking every chapter and loving the outcome (even the changes! I got to re-read in the middle of the read-read! LOL)

So this is to say a thank-you to you and how grateful I am that, nearly 10 years down the track, your writing talent is still bringing pleasure (and comfort!!!)

Hope you and yours are well. Miss you lovely xxx 

Author's Response on June 02, 2021 09:08am

You sent me that lovely comment on my actual birthday, I just wanted you to know that! I and mine are well, though of course it's been an interesting year worldwide, and ours was compounded by some other factors as well.

Thank you. It's really an honor to know my stuff is worth rereading. I'm not really writing for Buffy anymore, though I am considering someday coming back to an unfinished WIP or two. No promises, though. But if you're really curious what I've been up to in other fandoms, you can find me on AO3 under the same user name.


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briquet commented on Running Away, Walking Out on March 21, 2021 12:32am

Woah, this was so good. Probably my favourite story on here. Would’ve adored your take on a love scene — especially one where Spike is still recovering and has to take a slightly more passive (for lack of a better word) role. I’m sure you would have made it such a warm and tender scene. It’s okay, I can dream :) Very much enjoyed: the growth of all characters stemming from having to face their faults and fears honestly, the healing of Spike and Dawn’s relationship, the sad crazy gardening Santa, Angel being dead LOL. Thanks for posting, loved it.

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Lilapolly commented on Homecoming, Housewarming on December 25, 2020 07:08pm Liked

I haven't read many reunion fics, this is one of the first i was really able to get into and i read it all in one go. It was such a sweet fic to read! I love seeing fics where the scoobies mistakes are acknowledged but they aren't villainized, they got to learn from their mistakes and grow as people and that warms my heart to see. 

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SeaPea commented on Homecoming, Housewarming on December 21, 2019 04:59am

Just did a reread today.  So good.  Loved having Xander being so smart and kind.

Author's Response on December 23, 2019 10:50am

Thanks so much! It's always nice to see people coming back to a fic after it's been posted for a long time.

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Baynard_Sentinel commented on Airport, Male Bonding on April 03, 2019 06:55am Liked

"Lots o' reasons," offered Spike. "Any of 'em could be true, take your pick. I was older when I was turned, for starters. Stronger personality, maybe. Or Dru was completely barmy and did something different when she made me. Havin' a nest to take care of me, teach me how to do more than follow the bloodlust – fledglings can hardly think of anything but their hunger. Not much room in there for personality when they're still learning how to feed that ravenous hunger. Well – you saw. When you and Buffy brought me home."

This scene is wonderful, I can't help but imagine their voices, low, and quiet, as they discuss hate and nature of man. I really like that you addressed the root of Xander's problems with the supernatural and that Spike has an opportunity to receive an apology for the way he was treated in Sunnydale.

Author's Response on April 03, 2019 06:44pm

Thank you so much! It's awesome having people still interested in reading this story so many years after I wrote it. From what I remember, I really wanted to address Xander's change in personality in this fic, and his having grown up. Buffy really changed at the end of the season (Season 1?) when she killed Angel, but none of the rest of the characters faced the sort of hardship that forces you to grow up until much later, in Season 6. And then Xander faced some post-canon stuff as well that forced him to change his perspective. I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter and this fic!

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ScarlettDuck commented on Homecoming, Housewarming on July 31, 2017 09:08pm

This story is just lovely. Thank you! 

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ScarlettDuck commented on Airport, Male Bonding on July 31, 2017 08:59pm Liked

This is good. Love them connecting.

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ScarlettDuck commented on Regret, Reveal on July 31, 2017 08:49pm Liked

Good girl. She needs boundaries, but she needs not to avoid. 

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ScarlettDuck commented on Call, Courage on July 31, 2017 08:04pm Liked

Oh lovely. Love that Spike would see Dawn as family. Perfect.

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ScarlettDuck commented on Telephone, Argument on July 31, 2017 07:57pm Liked

Good. Good job, Spike. This, incidentally, is perfect Buffy-in-character. Avoiding is tempting, but it doesn't work.

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ScarlettDuck commented on Walking, Cleansing on July 31, 2017 07:48pm Liked

Well, I've thought you'd take off the brace for the shower, but idk. They're still cute.

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ScarlettDuck commented on Peaceful Rest, Loving Couples on July 31, 2017 07:40pm Liked

Xander, you're a good friend. It's nice to see you grown up and reasonable. And you're right. They are cute.

That lottery line is aces. 😊

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ScarlettDuck commented on Pain, Comfort on July 31, 2017 07:30pm Liked

Oh, these two are doing so well. Glad to see a Buffy who will share herself.

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ScarlettDuck commented on Speaking, Silencing on July 31, 2017 07:13pm Liked

 Oh, gosh, that was amazing. Perfect Spike.

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ScarlettDuck commented on History, Demon on July 31, 2017 07:05pm Liked

 Oh, this was good. Difficult conversation, and I love how you handled the Seeing Red scene fallout. Love that Buffy is handling the difficult stuff -- adult and generous.

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ScarlettDuck commented on Basking, Cutting on July 31, 2017 09:01am Liked

Yeah, that sounds like a great time. Poor both of them.

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ScarlettDuck commented on Confession, Reunion on July 31, 2017 08:46am Liked

Oh jeez, this is so lovely. Tears streaming down my face...

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ScarlettDuck commented on Awkwardness, Sorrow on July 31, 2017 08:39am Liked

Oh, these poor, broken, lonely warriors. I'm in tears for them.

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ScarlettDuck commented on Strange dreams, Witchcraft on July 31, 2017 08:28am Liked

 Yep. It's like getting an infection out. You want to do that as quickly as possible.

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