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swonderful commented on Prologue: The Blind and the Dead on March 20, 2021 11:47pm

Seeing the other comments is like watching a favorite YouTube video and seeing comments, "Who else is here in 2021?" There are several other recent messages, and like those readers, I am back yet again after another multi-day read-through of this phenomenal work.  I don't know if you still come back to read the comments, so I will also send this by message. This really is one of the master classics.  Thank you so much for writing and sharing it.  I can't imagine the amount of time, thought effort and love you put into this.

   It endures.


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To_the_end_of_the_world commented on Epilogue: Compass on March 01, 2021 09:31am Liked

Loved, loved, loved this story. I didn’t comment every chapter because I read this over 3 days while minimally paying attention to real life, but it was so worth it. Thank you for sharing this story with us all!! d84;a039;

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Stesii commented on Epilogue: Compass on February 24, 2021 03:13pm

This isone of the few storries I like to come back to, great character arcs and story building 🙂

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 73: Breathe on February 20, 2021 11:08am Liked

Oh man. I loved that. All the symbolism of the silver and gold, sun and moon, matching and opposite strengths coming to a head. Beautiful. I'm so sorry to see this coming to a close, but it's been profoundly satisfying and such a joy to read throughout. I know it's been over ten years now, but from those of us still discovering this: thank you. 

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 60: Cold As Hell on February 19, 2021 05:54pm Liked

AHHHH!!! We're finally here!!!

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 44: I Don't Want To Fight Tonight on February 18, 2021 06:18pm Liked

Like everyone else here, I have read A LOT of Spike's POV and have LOVED a fair amount of it. But this might seriously take the cake. You are a sodding amazing writer.

Some gems from recent chapters:

"Did Buffy ask you to bring this here?" Now he was looking suspicious. Balls. Can't a vamp bring a corpse over in the middle of the night for identification without getting the bloody third degree?

Don't know how much of listening to that wanker grunting over her I could have taken without slipping up there and ripping his bloody head off.

First part of the night was a repeat of last. Could have set a watch by how long it takes him to get his rocks off. Git has no concept of how to please a woman. It's all pant and groan and grunt. As exciting as a sodding instruction manual: insert tab A into slot B, remove, repeat ad nauseum until tab A needs a nap. Which takes about five bloody minutes. Six, if you count foreplay.

She didn't deserve that, not from an idiot who can't tell the bleedin' difference between hunger and passion. 

Bit ironic, innit, that she can only see me as I am when she's blind and I can only tell her how I feel when I'm mute? Laugh it up, Louhi. You've no concept of what you were condemning me to with your stupid little challenge.

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 40: Mama's Boy on February 18, 2021 03:32pm Liked

I think this is the chapter you said was such fun to write...there is so much gold throughout EVERY chapter, but these Riley lines made me guffaw.


Clearly, Finn was having the same thought. He had that ponderous look, like a gorilla trying to learn Braille.

Finn without his superpowers was about as dangerous as a two legged poodle.

"You don't know anything about Buffy, you never did. I'm the one who knows what she needs," he said. Oh, that was rich. He wouldn't know what she needed if she came with a sodding instruction manual tattooed on her tits.

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 37: Liar on February 18, 2021 02:31pm Liked

I've sort of been forgetting to comment, as I've been gobbling this up at such a high speed. 


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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 31: Get a Clue on February 18, 2021 10:47am Liked

OH MY GOD OHMYGOD OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD. You promise that this chapter would elicit squeals and proclamations and dammit, you delivered. I was practically screaming. I can't stop reading this damn story. SO GOOD!

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 30: Defrost on February 18, 2021 10:19am Liked

YESSSS you did indeed get me in all the feels. 

I don't ever tire of reading Spuffy scenes, but this one definitely gave me high-school level butterflies, which at this point is rare. BIG applause.

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 26: I Was Made To Love You on February 17, 2021 07:08pm Liked

Ok, first of all, I am befuddled by your author's note from last chapter. I'm not sure about dates and definitely haven't gone in to look at comments, but the fact that you had people COMMENTING that they were SKIPPING your chapters when it suited them seriously boggles my mind. It takes SO MUCH time and effort and thought and rewriting and all the other things to bring this world forth, and to have people skip stuff that isn't 100% Spuffy related AND THEN SHARE THAT WITH YOU is seriously unbelievable. Wow. 

ANYWAY. I'm hormonal, so excuse the rant on your behalf. I am so, so into your story. I love the diversions you're taking, and I love when you dip back into canon. It's all so smooth and seamless. So happy I found you/this story!

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 22: Forget About It on February 17, 2021 08:04am Liked

I am dying with this dance scene. Masterful.

Some brilliance from the last few chapters:

"Lookin' a bit off tonight, Slayer," Spike says with a smirk. "Bitey there almost had you."

"I was regrouping," I tell him.

"You were about to be regrouped into separate piles," he tells me. "Why so sloppy?"


I jerk back at about the same time as he hisses, flicking his cigarette away and sucking on his burnt fingers.

"I so don't understand why you smoke. Aren't you a little...combustible?" I say, trying to break the tension. It doesn't work.

"Thrill of danger, luv," he says, straightening and stepping into my space. I hold my ground, but he comes closer still. His voice drops to a throaty purr. "Being so close to something that could kill you. Holding it in your hands, feeling it burn. Breathing it in. Tasting it on the tip of your tongue..." His finger brushes the fur of my coat collar. "I'm addicted."


"Dinner," Spike mutters, to answer my question.

"Great," I can't help but groan. "Why am I always on the menu?"

He flashes me a grin, still in demon face. "Cause you're bloody gourmet, pet."

"Way to be gross, Spike," I say. He just shrugs, unrepentant.


I bite my lip, considering. On the one hand, it's Spike, on the other... maybe he'll answer my question. Besides, I do kind of want to dance, and this is a good song to dance to.  "Fine," I tell him. "But you get handsy and you lose body parts."

"Fair enough," he says and tugs me out onto the floor.


"Go on back to your chums, Slayer," he says, his voice pitched low, but still audible over the noise and the music. "They'll be pissing themselves right about now."

"This isn't over, Spike," I tell him, only I'm not sure what I'm referring to.

"No," he agrees. "It's not."

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 19: Trust Me on February 16, 2021 10:12pm Liked

Well hot damn. You are GOOD. It is the middle of winter and I need a FAN!

I honestly have too many favorite passages to list them. You are crushing it with the mystery and the various kinds of UST our dear Buffy is experiencing. 

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 16: Cold Snap on February 16, 2021 06:24pm Liked

Again, with the excellent pacing. I really love the slow burn, friendship building thing she's got going with Spike, the mysterious but honest and authentic thing she's got going with Mr. G, and the all-too-realistic stages following a breakup, even if it wasn't the right person for you--very honestly told.

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 15: Silent Night on February 16, 2021 05:23pm Liked


Also, the present from Joyce...totes adorbes.

This is so fun! Just what I needed! Also, I am dying to know what the deal is with Mr. much anticipation!!

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 14: Changing Season on February 16, 2021 05:03pm Liked

This whole mall business was a pure delight. Some stunning lines that cracked me up:

"Let me think... the mall, a week before Christmas, hundreds of crazy people beating each other up over gifts, and four women who can literally shop ‘til they drop? Ah... no. You ladies can have fun. Me and my testosterone will enjoy a quiet day hanging out together. We might invite Beer over, and Football."


"Oh, but-but you have to come," Willow teases. "We'll need someone to carry all the bags."


"C'mon, you bleedin' coward! You fuckin' piss chugger! What was your mother? A three-legged goat? Gonna sit up there and chew your cud you turd-licking, pox-faced, manky son of a-now, Slayer!"


"Remind me to have a talk with you later about your battle tactics," I tell him as we run for the store.

"Oi. Worked, didn't it?"

"Yes, but you've just taught about seventy kids a few words even their parents don't know," I say.

"'M expanding their vocabularies," he says, utterly unrepentant, tearing past me once we're in the clear again.

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 12: Too Blind To See on February 16, 2021 01:30pm Liked


Beautiful dream action/dance sequence.

Also, strangely enough (in all of my thinking and reading and writing fan fic), I've never thought of this simple question of Buffy's:

What... god, what is so wrong with me that I turn good guys into... ?

That seems like a MAJOR oversight, so...thanks for that one halting question that was a lightbulb moment for me!

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 11: Passing Time on February 16, 2021 01:06pm Liked

This continues to be fabulous.

A few VERY random lines (from several chapters) that stood out as particularly genius/funny/wonderful:

"Oh, dear," he says, smug as a canary-stuffed cat. "Is the enormous hall-monitor sick? Tell me, is he going to die?"


"Yeah, not exactly the sort of thing we can go door to door on. 'Excuse me, have you woken up recently to find a hairy hobbit sitting on your chest, feeding you nightmares? If so, would you mind if we watched you sleep so we can kill it? We'll just sit in the corner with our knives and other stabby weapons.' That would go over well," Xander jokes.


Xander's stomach is growling loud enough to be audible over his fingernail biting.


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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 5: No Place Like Home on February 15, 2021 11:43pm Liked

I am really digging your writing style. Even the canon scenes seem fresh with you writing them out, narrative style. Your voices are perfection, and the pacing is excellent. You give me exactly enough and never any more, and I can't seem to stop reading. 

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 4: Out Of My Mind on February 15, 2021 11:22pm Liked

Really loving this. Your Buffy voice is so spot-on.

Thanks for being my mental escape from a weird day.

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Brooke724 commented on Prologue: The Blind and the Dead on February 14, 2021 10:54pm Liked

Such a strong beginning! I'm hooked!

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Ukrainian_Cat commented on Epilogue: Compass on February 14, 2021 05:18pm

This story is amazing. Reminds me of the Cupid and Psych myth and of the movie The Polar Bear King. Which was a fav of mine growing up. Were you influenced by either of those stories?

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PRationality commented on Epilogue: Compass on January 25, 2021 10:51am Liked

This took me longer to read then I liked...bc well real world issues (and with no Spike to advocate on my behalf for a living salary sigh). I loved how you wove in the fairy tale(s) and you're right - the removal of Dawn doesn't muck much up for the canon parts. I liked Dru in here too (have a soft spot for the barmy chick) and man oh man I live for Angel being dragged through the mud. Thank you!!

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PRationality commented on Chapter 15: Silent Night on January 20, 2021 03:29pm Liked

Thank you for Joyce-Spike moments :) I always enjoy those (in canon or fics) since well much like Tara she didn't ever really have the same baggage the other Scoobies did with him. Always wanted more moments.

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TempestRider commented on Chapter 68: Vanity on January 18, 2021 10:05am Liked


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TempestRider commented on Chapter 61: Burdens on January 17, 2021 01:33pm Liked

The dynamics between Spike and Buffy. 😍😆

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TempestRider commented on Chapter 58: The North Wind on January 17, 2021 01:56am Liked

Love this chapter. 💕

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Lilapolly commented on Chapter 11: Passing Time on January 13, 2021 11:12am Liked

One of my favorite thing about your fics is how you don't unnecessarily bash any of the characters, even Riley who a lot of fic writers turn from a not great bf for buffy, who takes a lot of his frustrations out on the demon population of sunnydale to an actual big bad.

The way that he tenses when buffy tells him he cried a lot but not around him says so much without reveling to buffy or the audience what's really going on. And her being completely oblivious that there's anything going wrong in the relationship is very much where I imagine her mind to be in canon as well. 

He smells like old leather, cigarettes and graveyards, too.

This line is a beautiful way to end the chapter 

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claudia1375 commented on Epilogue: Compass on January 10, 2021 06:03pm Liked

l'ho letta quasi tutta d'un fiato questa fan fiction è stata coinvolgente dall'inizio alla fine ! Spike e Buffy un lieto fine che i due personaggi meritavano anche nella serie ! avevo iniziato a leggere la storia tradotta da nitlhady ma poi l'ho trovata in questo sito e l'ho letta con il traslate ! è stato un viaggio fantastico ho immaginato gli scenari con i miei due personaggi preferiti, amo questa coppia ! Buffy Spike for ever!

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frecklestheowl commented on Prologue: The Blind and the Dead on January 10, 2021 04:18pm Liked

this is my first time posting a comment here, or anywhere, but this story merited one. and a long one.

I began reading this [edit: meaning the entire work, not just the prologue] yesterday afternoon, and ended up pulling an all-nighter to finish it because I could not read it fast enough. you managed to create not just a plausible story with perfect characterizations of each of our beloved scoobies (and scooby-adjacents) but new villains and new heroes. this honestly feels like a season that never got written, instead of a "fanfic" piece. I'm awed. 

I laughed, cried, cackled, gasped out loud, and I read with my jaw hanging open for much of this work. 

and I'm about to read it again. I can't wait to see the easter eggs you snuck in; all those clues that I'm sure I rushed past the first time around. 

I can't say thank you enough for writing this and putting it out into the world. I don't know how it took me so long to find it. 2020 was a hell of a year for so many of us, and 2021 isn't off to the races either. but for 2 days, you managed to blot out that entire world and keep me firmly within the one you built with your story (just not in a scary, "normal again" kind of way). 

I'm more grateful than I can ever say. 

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