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moonbeams commented on Chapter 27 Spies on August 05, 2021 01:53pm Liked

This is the best chapter ending hahaha!

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swonderful commented on Chapter 1 on July 31, 2021 08:22am

Such typical nasty Watchers in so many ways, and so cheap, hoarding all the wealth while the Slayers scrimp and suffer. How amazing that by dumping Joy's baby off to America for adoption, Sir Phillip set in motion Hank's birth and Buffy's life. Nice use of the locket. Love that the Council witch post was foolishly and so short-sightedly eliminated as a cost-savings measure, just in time to save the witch from destruction by the First. And so glad the charm was diluted, leaving Buffy and Spike with a mutual attraction.  Just wish Spike had been more willing to tell Buffy about the good he did during the war. Hate that the Walshes survived, aided by the council, but minus some critical papers, thanks to an "amphibian assault." How fortunate that he hopped in to make his escape.

Great story that really holds up over time.

Author's Response on July 31, 2021 09:41am

Thank you so much for reading this old story of mine. Glad you enjoyed it.  I always call it the story that ruined my brain

as it was so difficult to keep all the threads woven together!

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swonderful commented on Chapter 1 on July 31, 2021 07:55am

Great set-up. I read this years ago, loved it, and came back due to the shoutout from Girlytek in Monky Business.

Author's Response on July 31, 2021 09:42am

Thank you so much.  I will have to search out Monky Business!

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Pfunk123 commented on Chapter 18 To bite or not to bite on May 28, 2021 08:09pm

“Why don’t slayers have a neat identification device like a tattoo of a stake like right above their ankle...” lol 😂 


not a quote really but it’s close enough for passing the meaning of what I find funny in a message;) ciao Giovanni martino!!! 

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Iaiabarbie commented on Chapter 35 Consequences on December 04, 2019 11:19am

First of all, really compliments, one of the few fics on time travel that ends as it should end: no one remembers anything and the future has not changed. But then if I understood correctly, had Buffy's father been adopted? I don't always understand translating.

Author's Response on December 04, 2019 12:39pm

Hi, thank you for nice comments. Glad you enjoyed the story.   Yes, Aurora was sent to America, grew up,  had a little boy while still a teenager that she gave up for adoption, he became Hank Summers, Buffy's father.  So if she hadn't saved the baby from France, then she would never have been born and the time line would have changed!

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Meavepagan commented on Chapter 35 Consequences on September 03, 2019 12:34am Liked

Oh Ioved tbis one. I saw the blurb about a sequel. My thought is. A resounding yes please!  I would love to read more..


Author's Response on September 05, 2019 11:15am

Thank you so much for reading an older story!  Glad you enjoyed it.  I've often toyed with the idea of a sequel - perhaps when I finish some of my wips!!!

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Fraggleshrew commented on Chapter 35 Consequences on December 10, 2017 01:05pm

Been quietly working my way through your back catalogue. Really like this one. Well I like them all actually but have gone back to poor lurking habits recently. Lost my reviewing muse and finding it hard to express my thought so apologies in advance! Spike is still so Spike but confused by his slight Williamness. At least we know he fights on the right side after she's gone even if he won't tell about his leftfield vamp!resistance. Buffy can't help always trying to do the right thing but somehow still learns what Spike means to her then loses that insight through the recall charm. The fact that Travers makes Giles pay for the charm and can't work out how she saves the world (by ultimately saving herself) is so typical - he is such a puffed up little man. A really meaty thinky read.


Author's Response on December 11, 2017 06:45am

Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to tell me your thoughts.  I am thrilled that you enjoyed the story - I always say it is the one that ruined my brain as I had to keep so many time lines going at the same moment!   Delighted you are working your way through my work.  Do you like Business as Usual, I wonder?   Strip Snap is another of my favourites (if an author is allowed favourites!), likewise Cousin Arabella.  Anyway, good to hear from you.

Fraggleshrew Replied on December 14, 2017 05:00am

I've just started the BAU verse stories. I love how you've slotted the interactions into those weird canon gaps. As I'm on sick leave due to fractured wrist right now I've got plenty of time to read/review so apologies in advance for any random reviews you get while I'm off my face on cocodamol! ♡

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Ubikoctober commented on Chapter 35 Consequences on October 18, 2016 06:24pm

Ok, so I reread this story and I have to say that it's perfect, I love time travel but hate William (Ok, I don't hate him I just like Spike better) so it's hard to find a Timetravel story that I like.

And this story has everything, unrepentant Spike, season 6 themes (sort of) and a great plot.

The onlything that I don't like it's that at the end they change nothing, at least Buffy could've remember it wouldn't affect anything in the future seeing as she's from there already.

Author's Response on October 19, 2016 09:19am

Thank you, glad to hear you caught up with story again.  I think the ending has to be - if Buffy doesn't go back to save her grandmother and thus her father, then she wouldn't exist and the world might well have never been saved.  This was one of the few stories I've written where I started out with the banner - Kazzy-Cee's wonderful pic, wrote the first chapter and immediately knew the end.  The countless words in the middle were made up of the too many of my brain cells!

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 35 Consequences on August 22, 2016 03:14pm

Oh yeah and I've just written in the shoutbox about this story and how much I loved it, rave reviews' from me!

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 35 Consequences on August 22, 2016 02:52pm Liked

OMG! What an ending! Loved the fact Spuffy didn't remember why they thought Buffy had lost the locket and Buffy's dad was Auroras' child, yes?

Loved the fact Spike built the vampire army against the Nazi's, and loved Henry and how he got back.

Travers was a complete arsehole and don't even get me started on Giles!

I adored this story and I'm telling you now, its probably one of the best and gripping stories on here!

Very well done!

Author's Response on August 22, 2016 05:37pm

Thank you so much. Delighted you liked the story and that you "got" the ending.  I did have to explain it to a few readers who didn't understand how Buffy saved the world by saving her grandmother from being killed!  I really didn't want to spell it out word for word!   And thank you for having a word on the Shoutbox.   I see that Slaymesoftly has recommended my Agnes stories!   There are only 2 so far.  Well, one really, Business as Usual.   The sequel, A Nice Little Business is in the process of being written and so far is only 3 (soon to be 4) chapters long.  Will you like Agnes?   Well, I will wait and see. She's not everyone's cup of tea.  You might prefer Cousin Arabella and the sequel Three for a Secret.   Strip Snap is my sexiest  -  although I think I went back and toned it down because family members found the site and were reading it!    Anyway, thank you again.

Cazmo Replied on September 01, 2016 02:21am

Congratulations on being Septembers author of the month! Well deserved x

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 34 Sweet Sorrow on August 22, 2016 07:48am Liked

I'm sad its coming to an end, its been a wild ride!

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 30 Blame the Slayer! on August 22, 2016 05:23am Liked

Lol! These two just cant fight it! Glad they've escaped.

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 27 Spies on August 22, 2016 03:47am Liked

Oh no! Bloody initiative! Great ideas btw, love the connection with the Nazis.

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 25 Lies on August 21, 2016 06:52pm Liked

Love the twist, watch out Professor Walsh!

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 23 Enough for Two? on August 21, 2016 06:33pm Liked

Lol! And what a hardship that will be!

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 21 Promises, Promises on August 21, 2016 06:16pm Liked

Well that's what they think eh?

Author's Response on August 21, 2016 06:39pm

So glad you are enjoying the story so far.  It's lovely having a comment on each chapter to see how you react to it.

Cazmo Replied on August 22, 2016 03:03pm

I haven't commented on all chapters but I liked. I got so engrossed and I just had to know what happened next!

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 19 Just you wait and see on August 21, 2016 05:57pm Liked

Eeek! Spike cant turn into Mr Pile of dust!

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 17 Trapped! on August 21, 2016 05:44pm Liked

Aww Spike saved the nibblet, so sad about the others!

It's getting exciting, will they get away or wont they? I'm on the edge of my seat here!

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 15 Counting the Cost on August 21, 2016 05:18pm Liked

Travers is such a twat! rant

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 14 In the Dark on August 21, 2016 05:12pm Liked

Mr I wish I was Michael Collins! Lol!

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 5 Double Trouble on August 21, 2016 04:07pm Liked

Oh dear, the extremely flammable vamp is out under a blanket. Loving this!

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 3 Over-paid, over-sexed and over here! on August 21, 2016 06:33am Liked

Lol! The thought of Angel turning up.

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 2 Friends and Enemies? on August 21, 2016 06:27am Liked

Ha ha! Oh dear, I didn't expect them to meet so soon!

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 1 on August 21, 2016 06:16am Liked

Oh oh! A very intriguing start, love the concept!

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anatas commented on Chapter 35 Consequences on December 22, 2015 07:22am Liked

I really enjoyed your story. Buffy and Spike are great together no matter where and when as you showed beautifully. Wink

I like the temporal paradox which is the locket, and Buffy's ancestry.

It's sad that they don't remember anything. I was hoping for something more admittedly. 

Author's Response on December 22, 2015 06:58am

Thank you so much for commenting. Yes, several readers have wanted them to remember, but I needed to keep it in canon, but did give a big hint that their reluctance to kill each other was based on a sub-conscious memory!

Happy Christmas!

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kimothyschma commented on Chapter 35 Consequences on September 09, 2015 02:20pm Liked

I loved this story. Such an engaging and creative plot and characters! I liked the ending too.

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brovic commented on Chapter 1 on August 05, 2015 11:38pm

This was a really wonderful original story all the way through.  Part of me really wanted the memory charm not to work for closure on my need for spuffy lol..and the other part of me loves how you left it!  Was sorry to see it end

Author's Response on August 06, 2015 06:35am

Thank you so much for reading and commenting on one of my older stories. So glad you liked it.  Must admit it is one of my favourites, mainly because it fried my brain trying to keep all the strings from getting tangled up until the end!.   Do hope you have a chance to look at other works I have written and let me know your opinion.

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annamatte commented on Chapter 35 Consequences on April 08, 2015 11:51pm Liked

Beautiful story! I like it from beginning to end! It's original!

Author's Response on April 09, 2015 12:38pm

Delighted you enjoyed the story.  I think it broke my brain keeping all the threads woven together, but I've always been secretly proud of it!

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juggler commented on Chapter 35 Consequences on February 25, 2015 01:09pm Liked

I finished reading this late last night and realized I haven't given you proper thanks. It is a lovely story, and so nicely written and I'm glad I read it. Much appreciated . Thank you!

Author's Response on April 09, 2015 12:38pm

Very late in getting back  with my thank yous for review, but - thank you!  So glad you enjoyed the story.  Must admit one of my favourites - but don't tell the other stories!

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juggler commented on Chapter 23 Enough for Two? on February 24, 2015 10:09pm Liked

Of course she wants them to have sex! We all want them to have sex. (that's why we're here, well that and we love the banter and their friendship and..... ) Thanks!

Author's Response on February 25, 2015 09:22am

Glad you enjoyed it!

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