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chaoz commented on Chapter 7 on September 25, 2020 01:31pm

This story is one of my favourites despite or maybe because this chapter always makes me uncomfortable. I don't like imbalance and it's obvious he's lying to her, then not respecting her boundaries by picking the lock to her door and finally having the gall to lay into her just because she wants to know what the only other person she is familiar with in this dimension does to 'help' the problem. They have settled into being a team here and he's suddenly accusing her of trying to order him around?!

Rationally I know he's evil and I've read the story so I know what he's really doing but I still don't like it. She doesn't hide anything from him, she gives him everything and even follows him into the dark after him relentlessly perusing her. It's unfair and argh!

The first time I read the story I aborted here, I just can't deal with this kind of unfairness/betrayal. Since this is the bazillionth time I've read it, I got over it apparently :D Still don't like him here but it lends more credence that he is just not a white hat.

Thank you for sharing a story that is not just easy but also pulls some real reactions out of its readers.

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Brooke724 commented on Chapter 11 on September 18, 2020 01:20pm Liked

This might be my favorite Spuffy story so far. I LOVED IT. I also love how smart the writing is, how smart Spike is in your writing, and--the thing the makes your stories unique--the fact that it's written from Buffy's perspective. Most of what I've read is omniscient with a bias towards Spike's perspective. This was such a welcome change. THANK YOU for making an otherwise insane week fly by. I had this story to keep me occupied at every opportunity. 

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Notte commented on Chapter 10 on August 07, 2020 12:34am Liked

Ft. Vvt


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Snowbells commented on Chapter 11 on July 29, 2020 05:59am Liked

This is wonderful. The other dimension is very well developed and Buffy’s gradual trust in Spike is shown very well. I also like the contrast between spike and angel at the end

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natnorm commented on Chapter 3 on July 23, 2020 08:25am Liked

not gonna lie when she said he was worthy I drew a parallel to when she told him he was 'beneath her' in the show. it hit different and I teared up 

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Ajmilone commented on Chapter 11 on June 04, 2020 12:29pm Liked

What an amazing story! It is so difficult to create a while new world and you did it so beautifully - I could see the other dimension! I loved Buffy and Spike in that other world, so beautiful. Chef kiss *mwuah*

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jagslonewolf commented on Chapter 11 on February 01, 2020 06:12pm Liked

That was so so good ! Thank you so much for giving Buffy a spine! I always hated that ... 

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DarkHeart commented on Chapter 11 on November 30, 2019 07:06pm

Love this story so much.  It's not just the claim that makes this a perfect ending.  What I love most is tbe realisation that Angel and Giles let her face the danger but don't let her make decisions and that Spike is the opposite.

Thank you for sharing it.

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DarkHeart commented on Chapter 1 on November 30, 2019 08:45am

Been thinking about this story a lot recently for some reason, so came back for another reread.

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Lhoridi commented on Chapter 11 on September 08, 2019 11:46am Liked

You! This was Damar, wasn’t it?? I was reading it thinking, this is all so familiar, the world building is so much like Damar, and then she said “dear heart” and I was like YASSSS


if you’re not actually a McKinley fan and this is a very large strange coincidence I’m going to look like spastic, but I hope not.


i never meet fellow McKinley fans! I found one on WoW the other day with the handle ‘Laprun-minta’ and spent like ten minutes sending them hysterical IMs and chasing them around ingame. 


This is was the best and you’re amazing. Thank you for writing it. Eeee! d84;a039;


Oh oh and if it’s not clear - huge compliment. Your writing and worldbuilding reminded me of McKinley, who is legit the best ever and p much peerless when it comes to worldbuilding. You did good. 

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crystaldeath609 commented on Chapter 11 on June 16, 2019 03:47am

I really enjoyed this story. It was a clever way to a somewhat historical themed au without having the characters formed into archetypes of the era it's set. It was an engaging mystery. For some reason my brain couldn't come up with dragon. I was dead set on a giant beetle, which makes no sense at all.

The only thing that bugged me was the claim thing at the end. I hate the 'if one dies they both die' thing. Vampires are super killable,  plus then if one dies the other one can't rescue or resuscitate them. But you solved a lot if that by giving Spike the gem. I feel moderately more accepting of the claim because of that 

The other realm you created was super cool. I liked that there was a separate language and they had to use magic to get around it. Plus you fleshed out the world and had a suitable amount of background characters. No one felt superfluous. Loved that you made use of Spike's Victorian heritage too. Also, I was a big fan of a mind reading dragon,  five millenia old willing to reasonably cease getting revenge to go back home. Plus the king being a pragmatist was great too.

Basically,  this was super clever. Thanks for sharing your hardwork and imagination with us.

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SusanMarieR commented on Chapter 11 on June 04, 2019 03:22am

Reread. It is still awesome.  Thanks ever so. Liked the dragon. 

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Blafasel commented on Chapter 11 on March 30, 2019 11:37am Liked

Excellent story, very enjoyable. Thank you for writing!

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Freakypet commented on Chapter 1 on January 15, 2019 11:08am Liked

Reading this for the 4th? 5th? time and its just as pleasurable now as it was the first time! Thank you!

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JayeMaru commented on Chapter 11 on November 10, 2018 01:07am

I’d forgotten about this story, but it’s a fun little treat. Similar themes, but different setting and type of story than usual for this writer. I enjoyed seeing how time away from her regular life made her see her friends more clearly, and helped her grow in confidence. I also liked the overall story.

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Raina2000 commented on Chapter 1 on June 01, 2018 03:00am Liked


I saw the awards but I didn't really know what to expect. I've only read chapter one and I can already see why you've won them. This is absolutely brilliant and a dozen other amazing complements you've no-doubt heard a thousand times by now, and I've got chapters to read.

- Raina

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emilise commented on Chapter 1 on May 26, 2018 07:22am Liked

I even love your OCs! Let me know if you ever delve into original fiction; I’d be happy to follow your writing anywhere. Thank you!!

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IngridZoe commented on Chapter 11 on May 25, 2018 09:56pm Liked

This was so good! I LOVED the world building in this story! Not only did you write such an AMAZING spuffy fic (my heart flew into my throat when he told her he loved her!) but I felt like I was reading some high fantasy on top of it! heart

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themadkatter13 commented on Chapter 11 on April 25, 2018 02:55am Liked

Omg that was such an amazing AU I absolutely love~!

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amidtheflowers commented on Chapter 11 on March 16, 2018 06:42pm Liked

This is the first story I’ve read so far on this website and what a story to read! Thank you so much for writing this, I loved it very much! xx

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Bekah_Leigh commented on Chapter 11 on March 10, 2018 07:21pm Liked

Woo! This was my third time reading through, and it's still one of my favorite stories! I love love love your characterization of Spike and Buffy. This world you created was rich and so well thought out! You must have spent so much time developing everything within it. :-D I'm quite the giddy Spuffy fan right now, and the ending just had me gushing. <3 Thank you for this amazing read!

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soul of the rose commented on Chapter 1 on February 25, 2018 06:30pm Liked

Lovely first chapter - inventive, compelling premise. Great banter & connection between them. Tantalizing promise of things to come...I'm already hooked & can't wait to read the rest. 

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Nej commented on Chapter 11 on February 17, 2018 02:14am Liked

I loved loved this. All this tension between them was insane. And once they got together it didn't disappear but it only got better. And smut was amazing. Also the angst...Wow. My heart was breaking feeling all that inevitability of separation and how wrong it felt. But Spike "letting her go" but still being there and Buffy realizing a few things along the way on her own and giving in was totally worth it. One of my favorite stories!

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Its all fluffy commented on Chapter 11 on December 31, 2017 07:51pm Liked

This is a really good story, dreamweaver. I liked the whole, taken to another world, aspect. Its always fun to see how a character would react when placed in a situation that they aren't used to. Taking this particular Buffy and Spike made the whole ordeal that much more interesting. I enjoyed that you didn't have them just fall to each other's feet. That the relationship actually blossomed. I even liked the villain of the piece. He wasn't even or wrong, he had just wanted to make sure none of his people would have been taken, and had resigned himself to death to pull it off if need be. The whole ordeal was really just massive misunderstandings and missteps that I could have seen the villain using the final confrontation to strike a major blow to the people he viewed as his attackers. I do have to wonder about the people that had summoned Buffy and Spike. Do you truly believe that they wont continue their experimentations with the "Void"? This takes place in season four, and time moves much quicker, I won't do the math but 3=17or18 days roughly 1day in Sunny dale to 6 in theirs could mean six years for every one of Buffy's so what would that would be like if Buffy and Spike were summoned the day Buffy got kicked out of her house in season seven, that's almost two decades passing for that world, how cool would it be if Buffy had dropped the ring into the void but it was deposited into the real world, and as such Spike's sack was left behind in the other world?  Over twenty years of studying the "spell" and the entire face of that would could change..... god now I'm just fishing for a sequel and I'm sorry about that. This story was just really well put together it was compelling to read and there was just enough descriptive words used that it really painted the scene that the characters were in. The one and only gripe I have with your story is that it's from Buffy's point of view, no that's not the gripe, but rather the vocabulary used to express her point of view. While I'm not saying Buffy id a dumb individual she also doesn't express a lot of book smarts so some of the words used to describe things were jarring. Like the man, or being I don't know if you actually said it was a man, in charge of the Lord's staff. His official title was used as if she had encountered this type of situation before, instead of referring to him as something like "Head butler guy" which sounds more like a Buffy-ism Other then Buffy's inflated vocabulary this story was wonderful....even if I don't like the use of Claims in stories. Thanks for sharing it with us dreamweaver.

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Badwolfjedi commented on Chapter 11 on November 05, 2017 04:15pm Liked

Absolutely bloody perfect end to one of my favorite stories!!hearts

I hated how she had to defend her actions to her friends, watcher and Angel when she got back. It was funny when Angel smelled Spike on her.

i think it’s too funny how Spike tries not to laugh when he hears about Angel smelling them being together.  

I’m so happy they claimed each other and their reconnection and declarations are just absolutely perfect.  I know I will be reading again and again. read

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Badwolfjedi commented on Chapter 10 on November 05, 2017 03:55pm Liked

Ahhh Spike always putting his heart out there. This chapter hemirg my heart in the most touching way. His confession and complaint that they can’t be together in Sunnydale - I wanted to shake Buffy and say look at what you have. I’m glad she didn’t throw the soul issue out there at least. Of course they have to go back - by him trying to get her to look at what they could have, it’s so Spike. 

Their return is as expected and when he walks away I hope that pain she feels will lead her back to him. It’s sucks how hurt he looked when she told him to leave, not because she doesn’t want him around, but that she couldn’t think of hurting him now.  

I hope it doesn’t take too long for them to figure this out. 

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Badwolfjedi commented on Chapter 9 on November 05, 2017 03:41pm Liked

I liked their interaction with the Dragon and how it communicates directly with their mind. 

Spike saying last night was something special to him and how glad he was to have had it almost broke my heart when he tried to sacrifice himself. I’m so glad Buffy figured out a way to handle the situation. 

I love how happy Spike gets when they hear they have more time in this world. Which would give them the time to figure out what is going on between them. 

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Badwolfjedi commented on Chapter 8 on November 05, 2017 03:35pm Liked

I think this is my favorite chapter of the story for so many reasons:

  • Their casual affection at the palace while they are planning. The discussion about it being a dragon. 
  • The way they joked with each other on the ride. 
  • When they are watching the stars, you can see how much Spikes trying to hide his feelings. 
  • That Buffy trusted him when he held back part of his plan and he commended her for not pushing him. 
  • Onice they are alone and he cares for her stiff muscles, then tenderly holds her. I really like how when she woke up she confronted him about why he was acting so off. Her discovery of how much gentle and tender love would touch him was perfect. As was how intense of a connection they had that night. 
  • I loved how adorable and cute they were in the morning talking about how their bones and minds were going to need some time to start working again. 

Overall I just loved this chapter. 

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Badwolfjedi commented on Chapter 7 on October 20, 2017 12:46am Liked

Them waking up together is perfect. Yes he may be evil but he’s still there. 

Their conversation about souls was good for Buffy. I especially liked the line about Angelus just being Angel with the brakes off. One of the most interesting descriptions of him. 

Their fight giving rise to their feelings and leading so some spectacular making up and declarations. I’m glad they both are thinking how hard it would be to give this up. 

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Badwolfjedi commented on Chapter 6 on October 20, 2017 12:25am Liked


Yes they finally get together and of course it will be amazing!  Wonderful chapter !! 


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