Comments For Acts of Contrition
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MiseEnPlace commented on One-Shot on May 15, 2020 02:27am Liked

Beautiful writing.

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Fraggleshrew commented on One-Shot on June 21, 2018 05:58pm Liked

Beautiful. Stunning language. Lots of phrases that jump out at me as utterly gorgeous, but I love this image

Her clit twitches, too, a dormant animal stirring from a winter’s sleep.

And as for the later section ending with this line... tearjerking... in a good way!

She knows he feels it when he breaks their kiss on a gasp. As it soars down into him, her palm presses itself to his chest, waiting for it to descend and fold its wings against his heart.

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Chapstick commented on One-Shot on June 16, 2018 04:52pm Liked

Beautiful. I loved it. Thanks so much for sharing your talent. 

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Toften commented on One-Shot on February 20, 2018 10:16pm Liked

<3 <3 <3 Love this so much.

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Aislenn commented on One-Shot on March 23, 2017 11:30am Liked

This was a beautiful moment in time, loved the poetry of the words.

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thenewbuzwuzz commented on One-Shot on May 21, 2016 07:38pm Liked

It's a good bedtime story. :))

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djellibabe commented on One-Shot on April 23, 2016 03:05pm Liked

A re-read for me and still amazing, poignant and beautiful!

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jhiz commented on One-Shot on December 03, 2015 07:48pm

You use outstanding descriptive images to create the bedroom scene of this tale.  For all that Buffy is just patching him up and putting him to bed, you go beyond the simple action to give it all the complexity that their relationship really holds.

I love the gentleness Buffy shows Spike in private.  The moment is sweet yet natural feeling.  Thank you for sharing it.  Oh, and the little skip in with Dawn having great timing was cute and very appropriate.  She really did pop up often at points when not really wanted.

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nowinlivingcolor commented on One-Shot on October 19, 2015 09:44pm Liked

This was beautiful!

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jhiz commented on One-Shot on January 23, 2015 08:37am Liked

despite the pain and injuries, this is beautiful... or perhaps, the pain makes it even better because it is a moment of calm connection despite the agony on all sides.  Thank you for sharing this little scene of reconnection.


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PeaceHeather commented on One-Shot on March 22, 2012 08:21pm Liked

Wow. This was beautiful. So intimate.

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lisaboston commented on One-Shot on June 12, 2011 08:19pm Liked

Wow. mind blowing,powerful. great work.

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Amasirol commented on One-Shot on October 08, 2010 02:34pm Liked

I stumbled upon your fic through Knife edge's rec journal. This is breath-taking. It's the moments in between canon where fanfic writers can truly shine. As much as my imagination simply querried: what happened after Buffy rescued Spike? My brain never came up with this...

I'm going to read your companion fic now. Skips away.

Author's Response:

Thanks very much for your kind words. I've been out of the fic writing groove for a little over a year, so it's always lovely to see that my work is still being read and enjoyed. 

A large majority of my work was in canon based one shots, usually episode stealers. I'm not sure that all my work is archived on Elysian Fields, so you might want to check out my journal at I did a lot of Spuffy, plus many other pairings. You can also find a recs list on my sidebar. 

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athena606 commented on One-Shot on April 29, 2008 02:47pm Liked

beautiful i wish Joss would give us all some closure. even in comic book form.

Author's Response: Closure is such an important part of satisfying storytelling. I like to think that I look to tie up those loose ends in a lot of my work. Thanks for the review!

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Irina commented on One-Shot on April 28, 2008 10:37am Liked

What a wonderful look at what might have happened when Buffy got Spike home. This line was perfect... "He thinks an apology born through her hands is better than any words she could muster." I think it sums up Buffy's personality wonderfully. The bit about their dreams was great too. :D Fantastic story!

Author's Response: Wow. This is a sorely belated response to your comment, but thanks so much for it! This fic is one of my favorites. It actually just won several awards, which made me come back to have a look again.

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