A little while back EffulgentEllie and 3hours made a couple of suggestions for the challenge section, so I did a bit of work to hopefully fulfill their requests. When you look at challenges, you'll notice that at the bottom there are 2 new options. If you see a challenge that piques your interest that you might want to respond to at a later date, just click the first option [Save this challenge] and the challenge will be stored on your saved challenges list, which is accessible on your account info page. If you see a challenge that you don't want to take on, but feel like it's a great idea that you'd love to see come to fruition, click [Second this challenge]. You can see how many members have seconded a challenge on the top row next to the number of responses. In the example below, you can see a '+1' because one member decided that Puddinhead's challenge is awesome and should definitely be brought to life. If 2 members seconded the challenge, it would show a '+2' and so on...

On the challenge browse page, there are new sort options. Before, you could only sort alphabetically or by most recent, but now you can sort alphabetically by the challenge author, by most responses (i.e. the number of stories created from each challenge) or most wanted (i.e. the number of members who have seconded a challenge).

Since there are a couple of new challenge options on your account info page, you may notice that the order of the boxes is a little different. I switched things up just to keep things looking even (lack of symmetry makes me twitchy).

Big thanks go to spuffy luvr for looking over all this for me. Her awesomeness never ceases to amaze me Bow.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or issues.

--Susan on May 29, 2014 02:24pm 7 Comments

Can I +1,000,000 Puddin's challenge?

-- Baphrosia on May 29, 2014 02:49pm

Oh my goddess, that challenge made me snort. The new features are awesome! Thanks!

-- SoaringClaws on May 29, 2014 04:21pm

This is awesome, Susan. Thanks so much and it's a great job! :)

-- EffulgentEllie on May 29, 2014 09:34pm

Susan, you are a marvel. 

-- sweetprincipale on May 30, 2014 07:02pm

Brilliant change.  We would be utterly lost and unable to keep the site moving forward without your asistance, Susan.  You have been an unbelievable help and truly appreciated.



-- pfeifferpack on May 30, 2014 07:53pm

I think this is a great improvement! Thanks Susan

-- kasumi_chan on June 02, 2014 04:29pm

Thanks, everyone Blow Kiss .

-- Susan on June 03, 2014 09:11pm