More Details About Finishing Months

First and foremost, I know what you’re all wondering. What do the awards for this thing look like? Well, here you go!

Keen observers will notice that there is a commenter award, when I previously said there wouldn’t be one. This was mostly down to logistics, but my awesome fellow-mod DarkVoid116 decided to take on the challenge of the complex coding after all.

To qualify for the Finishing Months Commenter Award you must have left at least FIFTY (50) comments of at least 15 words between January 1st and March 31st 2023 on fics that were started but incomplete before 1st January 2023. 

Dark has also coded a page to track members who have met this criteria (linked here), as well as an event page (here), and list of winning authors (here). 

What this means is that a lot of the hard work in figuring out who is eligible for what has been done for you and me both. All qualifying fics and authors should appear on the relevant pages without you needing to email us with details as we originally planned. 

That said, if you finish a fic and it does not appear where you expect, of course get in touch!

And on a final note, the Mod Team would like to say here and now, that we are not planning to run this event next year, as we don’t want to inadvertently incentivise the temporary abandonment of fics. 

Let’s finish those WIPs, folks!

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on January 17, 2023 09:54am 7 Comments

Woohoo! Thanks, Dark!

-- cawthraven on January 17, 2023 10:03am

Awesome! This is such a fun, encouraging event :)

-- scratchmeout on January 17, 2023 10:07am

Wish everyone great success with the event - from the POV of readers we appreciate having stories completed. 

-- nmcil on January 17, 2023 04:19pm

Gorgeous artwork there. You do a great job on events, Ellie. Thank you.

-- pfeifferpack on January 17, 2023 08:41pm

Now I'm confused.
Didn't you state in the initial announcement that this event is for longstanding WIPs with the definition for longstanding being "a fic that was started prior to 1st January 2021"?
Did you change that? I'm asking because the one fic that is currently listed on the event page was only started in October 2022.
I'm happy for scratch of course, but as I stated now I'm confused about the actual requirements for this challenge.

Now that I got on everyone's bad side (hopefully not) by asking impertinent questions, let me add that I love the idea of this challenge and that I love the awards you created. Gorgeous artwork! heart

I'd also like to use this opportunity to thank all the mods (past, present and future) for their hard work - be it obviously visible like here with the wonderful events and awards you create and offer throughout the year or be it in the more "hidden" background work. Without you and your dedication this site wouldn't be the wonderful and thriving place it is! 🥇bravo

-- Nightcandle on January 19, 2023 10:12am

@Nightcandle Eligible fics must have been started prior to 1st January 2021 OR be an unfinished event fic. The fic in question meets the second criteria. 

-- EllieRose101 on January 19, 2023 11:51am

Aaah! I forgiot about the unfinished event possitility! facepalm😄

Thank you for reminding me, Ellie!

-- Nightcandle on January 20, 2023 01:35am