More Details about Mystery Month

If you missed the announcement about Mystery Challenge Month, you can read about it in the post linked here

If you already know what’s up but wanted a few more details, here is the post for you! 

The image above shows the custom awards for this event, as made by EllieRose101.

Prompt submissions close at midnight (site time*) on Wednesday 22nd––just under 24 hours from when this news post goes live. The link for the Google form is here. Reminder: prompts should be five words or less. 

*Site time can always be found listed under the shoutbox. 

The first prompt will be announced in a further news post on Wednesday 29th June, and you can start posting from 1st July. (The full timeline of the event is detailed in our previous blog post, linked above.) 

On 1st July, a box will appear when submitting a new story. If the story is part of Mystery Month, you tick the box. You’ll also need to copy the relevant part of your fic that meets the prompt into the story notes at the end of your chapter. Mods will be checking up on this, to make sure requirements are met and everyone can get shinies on their profile at the end of the event. 

Fics that are part of the event will appear in a list, will be featured on the main page, and have a little icon appearing beside the fic title to indicate their specialness. 

In the meantime, get your final prompts in. This is your last reminder! 

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