Buffy Calls Angel in "Something Blue" (Author's Choice of Name) by Mia Vaan +20
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Categories: Season 4, Crossover (AtS), Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Takes place in “Something Blue”.

Wanting to prove to Spike that she’s over Angel, Buffy calls him up and tells him that she’s over him, and is now marrying Spike. An angry Angel instantly makes his way to Sunnydale in order to find out what’s happened. He arrives before the spell is broken and tries to stake Spike, but Buffy stops him.

In a rage, Angel admits that he wants Buffy to have a normal life with a normal guy, even though he knows that’ll never happen because Buffy isn’t a normal girl. He then accidentally tells them about the day he took back and his reasons for doing so, admitting it just as the spell ends. Buffy is both hurt and angered that Angel gave up their chance to be together simply because he couldn't “protect” her.

Buffy realizes that Angel has always had issues with her standing on her own two feet, and doesn’t stand for her doing anything that he doesn’t want her to do. He still sees her as a little girl who needs to be protected, and that’s just wrong. She tells him to leave, now sure that she and him can never work out.

She and Riley don’t work out either, Buffy having realized that she was only dating him because Angel told her to date someone normal, and to fill the empty hole Angel left behind.

She realizes that while under the spell, Spike never expected anything from her, and loved her for just being her. They start a relationship when they both realize that their feelings haven’t gone away. 

Summary: While under her Will Be Done spell, Willow just happened to say “I don’t care about anything,” and as a result, wanders blithely off as a vengeance demon. Spike and Buffy are left to protect a threatened Xander and a blind Giles while under the effect of a powerful love charm. But all is not happy in paradise – they’re still constantly fighting, and Angel is determined to end the spell they’re under. In a desperate attempt to collect the tattered remains of all their lives, ex-watcher Wesley Windham-Pryce is called in to try and play marriage counselor between the vampire and the slayer. Not entirely as crack fic or as fluffy as the premise would suggest, though it starts funny.

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Artists: pfeifferpack, solstice