Whatever you want to call it by wintersstorm +7
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Categories: Season 4, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Riley Finn, Spike

What if, while being held by the Initiative, Spike had given them his name somehow. (Maybe growling out the correction when they called him Hostile 17 again or one of his cell neighbours knows him and calls out to him, but go with whatever you want)...

Then we get to Something Blue, when Riley sees Buffy staring at the dress in the window. Riley recognises the name Spike...

Let you imagination and Muse fly free... what happens now?

Summary: What if Riley recognized Spike's name in Something Blue? A very fluffy retelling of everyone's favorite season four spell gone wrong.  From a challenge prompt by wintersstorm.
Categories: Season 4, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite, Challenge Response, Song Fic
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Giles, Riley Finn, Spike, Willow, Xander
Genres: Fluffy/Comedy
Warnings: Sexual Situations
Challenges: Whatever you want to call it
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Published: October 12, 2015 Updated: October 12, 2015