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Characters: Buffy, Spike

Not a real title, unless you really want it?

Somewhere between "Restless" and "Out of My Mind," Buffy and Spike are forced to go on some mission together, which neither are happy about. They proceed with their usual hatred and biting remarks for each other, until Spike's lightbulb moment (similar to OOMM, but doesn't have to be exact!) where he realizes he's in love with the Slayer.

But he knows Buffy will just probably punch him and run away if he pronounces his feelings for her, so his plan is to make her fall in love with him first... by hating her exactly as much as he's been doing. 

Obviously in canon (and most fics) this is sort of his plan anyway; not to tell her, and to kind of just be business as usual, except trying more and more to do nice stuff that would impress her. But I'd like it to be really emphasized here that he's convinced she'll fall for him just by keeping up their mortal enemies routine, the way he did, and maybe he even has to stop himself sometimes from being sweet and comforting, because that's really what he'd rather be doing.

Where this goes, whether he can stick to his plan, or whether his plan even works is up to you! 

Only requirement is that Buffy and Riley must be broken up before this mission, because I am of the opinion that Buffy Summers is not a cheater.

Preferably HEA/HFN.

Summary: In the hills of Texas is the small town of Pleasanton. And in that town there is a preacher; a preacher of evil and a dealer of death. This hardly seems like Slayer territory, but when the coven in Devon sees a dark future with this man in the middle of it all, it’s up to Buffy to save the day…oh yeah, and Spike is tagging along.
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