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Buffy returns from her trip to LA after the day that Angel took back. When she enters the bathroom to feed Spike, he notices right away that the Slayer has been mojoed.  Spike isn't out to save puppies and christmas, but he does have a soft spot for the world and only a big bad looking to end it would dare to mess with the Slayer's mind, right?  Spike blurts out to the Watcher that the Slayer's been whammied.  When they don't believe him, Spike tells them to have her checked over by a local white witch from one of the covens around.

They do just that, and what do you know?  When the witch reverses the mind spell on Buffy she remembers everything and is devastated.  But wait...Spike whose watching the going ons throws out a, "And while your at it, why don't you lift that domination claim Angelus laid on her?"

When the claim is lifted she remembers every command Angel ever gave her.  Things can be ookie from there, especially if he's been commanding her since early on and telling her to forget.  It would be interesting to see interactions between Buffy and Spike from earlier seasons that Angel commanded her to forget.  For instance, what if when Spike first came to town instead of trying to kill her he tried to strike a truce to find a way to heal Dru and promised not to kill, but when Angel found out he was livid and commanded Buffy to forget the truce and always distrust Spike.

How would things change if Buffy no longer felt beholden to Angel's love?  And how would she feel about Spike who was the catalyst for her being set free?

Challenge Response
Everything Buffy remembers of Angel is a lie.
After the day Buffy and Angel spent together in LA which he took back, Buffy returns home. Spike immediately notices that she has a powerful spell on her and convinces Giles to get it checked out. When the spell is removed, Buffy remembers the day, and that Angel unilaterally decided to undo it. Spike also tosses out that they should remove the domination claim Angel put on her. Once the claim is removed, Buffy realizes that the relationship she remembers having with Angel wasn't at all what happened. He has been lying to her and manipulating her from the beginning, with a heavy dose of the natural magic of vampires helping him along in his deception. And somehow, Spike is the one responsible for freeing her from Angel's power.
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