Demons, Humans, and Bears by pfeifferpack +6
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The title came to me in a dream. (could be Humans, Demons, and Bears if you prefer)

I want a story that delves into Spike's fear of bears. Did it go back to a young William perhaps? An escaped circus animal or growly zoo bear that terrified the shy boy? Maybe it was William the Bloody as he and Dru hid in a cave while roaming Europe after Angel left? Something else entirely?

I leave the tale up to the writer just make Spike fess up to his bear fears.

Must have

No one allowed to make fun of his fear once the tale is told other than that all's fair game.

I'm saying S4 but it could be any time after really as long as it is after Pangs where Spike had his bear freak-out.

Can go funny or dramatic as you wish.


Could be the story comes out when everyone has to share their biggest fears for some reason and there could be some sympathy. Willow has known frog fear. Xander was afraid of clowns. Anya was afraid of Bunnies. I'm sure Tara had her fears, same with Buffy.


Spuffy of course.

Summary: It's Saturday and the Scoobies, excluding Giles, have decided to have some fun at Casa de Summers. Spike comes over to invite Buffy for patrol, a habit he and the Slayer have developed after the whole Glory thing, but instead he gets invited by the group to join the fun. They end up playing Truth and Dare, and talks about childhood traumas are opened up.
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Published: November 10, 2021 Updated: November 10, 2021
Summary: Challenge Response for April Challenge Month.  Spike’s a major big bad who can take on the hordes of hell… so why does an adorable little fur ball from his beautiful bride have him hyperventilating? (That’s pretty hard to do when you’re an undead guy.) It turns out that Buffy has a (seemingly innocent) test in mind for her anniversary with Spike. A furry, funny, feel-good one-shot inspired by the glorious pfeifferpack.
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Challenges: Demons, Humans, and Bears
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