The snark battle to end all snark battles by Twinkles +6
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Categories: Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite, Missing Scene
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Buffy, Spike, a stage of some kind; let the rap verbal battle commence. 

Must have: 

- An intentional and highly competitive contest to out-banter each other 

- Sexual tension (obviously)

- A peacock

Bonus points for:

- A highly engaged audience of scoobies

- Captain Whitebread saying something nauseatingly bland, if he must appear at all

- Hand gestures

Must not have:

- A peahen

Good luck!


(Between “Listening To Fear” and “Into the Woods”)

Spike is in love.  Buffy is in a relationship.
Spike is irritated.  Buffy is unsatisfied.
Spuffy are tiffing. Tara is uncomfortable.
And the Gods are watching.
With popcorn.


Categories: Season 5, Alternate Reality, Challenge Response
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Warnings: Adult Language, Buffy/Other (Temp), Spike/Other (Temp)
Challenges: The snark battle to end all snark battles
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Published: April 25, 2020 Updated: April 25, 2020