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This is another lose idea that could be adapted in many ways. The spell Ethan used on Halloween gave Xander some memories and skills about being a soldier. The idea is that someone (most likely Willow) at some point starts thinking about the spell and thinks that it could be extremely useful. Dress up as a character, and learn the skill it has, could be skills that helps with slaying, or even for more personal uses like cooking, or languages, perhaps even have Spike dress as Dracula and learn those skills, the possibilities are endless.

This has potential for good or bad depending on what kind of story it becomes part of. Could be that the skills are fading with time, could also be that you get all kinds of traumas and problems from the character, or you are drowning your own life in other people's memories. There could be all kinds of consequences, or it can work out fine. 

I don't think I have seen this idea being used and there should be tons of ways to use a thing like that in different stories.

So this was another lose idea that have some interesting possibilities.

Summary: Someone had to do it.  They needed that translation done.  Problem: No one speaks ancient Romanian...except...you know who! Lucky they still have that cape; or is it?
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Challenges: Every skill you need is just a spell away
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