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Twenty year old Buffy Summers is one of the main cast members of the new popular show "The Vampire Slayer". Due to the instant success of it's first season, Buffy, along with the main cast, became famous overnight.

Busy doing interviews around the clock, when the famous "who's your celebrity crush?" question finally comes up, Buffy unashamedly admits the serious and intense movie actor Spike Hartley is her number one. 

What happens when Spike Hartley signs on to be the main villain in s2 of "The Vampire Slayer"? 

How exactly will Buffy act when he arrives on set? Will she be too shy to approach the older actor? Or will she know exactly what she wants and makes it a point to be friendly towards him; showing him around on set, inviting him to have lunch with her, hanging around with him while he gets his vampiric face put on in the make-up department, etc. 

MUST HAVE: -Buffy crushing hard on Spike. She wasn't stretching the truth at all. 

-Spike having a reputation. Not a 'bad reputation' per se, but not an overly positive one either. He just wasn't (in past projects) known for making friendships among his peers. He was a "get in & get out" type of guy. 

-Buffy not being the main character in the show. It would be interesting to see her shine as a normal character in the show (think Willow or Xander in s1). 

-Spike and Buffy hitting it off right from the start. Something about Buffy intrigues Spike (duh!). Enough to where they have fun on set spending time together and others notice.

-Happy Spuffy ending!

CAN HAVE: -The Scoobies (Willow, Xander, Giles, etc. Part of the main cast.) worrying about Buffy. Since Spike does have a reputation, they assume Buffy will get hurt in the process of persuing a friendship/persuing her crush. Classic scoobies wanting to be a part of Buffy's love life!

-The writers/director seeing the chemistry between Buffy and Spike. Would it intrigue them enough to write in a romantic storyline between their two characters? Would it be enough to extend Spike's run on the show? 

CAN'T HAVE: -Buffy having a previous romantic storyline in the show. 

-Spike being a jerk/indifferent to Buffy. 

-S/Other, B/Other 

Summary: A rising star from a new hit TV show, Buffy admits her celebrity crush is none other than William 'Spike' Pratt. When he signs on to be the villian in the second season, sparks fly.
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