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What if, when Anya is introduced to the group she is accepted as a Scooby rather than just Xander's girlfriend. Much the same way that Oz and Cordy ended up being much more integral members of the group in S3. Instead of being on the outside and kept at arms length, they embrace her skills and help her integrate into human society in a much healthier way (because lets face it, Xander doesn't have the people skills to be teaching someone how to fit in). Because she has friends and is accepted for herself and not just because Xander brings her along, she is confident enough to realise that she doesn't have that much in common with Xander and before things get serious she ends the relationship amicably.

How does a confident Anya, who isn't being talked over all the time or having her knowledge and opinions suppressed, change the group dynamics in S4? Surely she has some knowledge about vampires and souls that contradicts what Angel and the Council believe - how does this help Spike when he comes for sanctuary?

It would be great if she could stop the nasty Riley relationship from getting started (I thought student-teacher relationships were frowned upon perhaps) and even better if she has a go at Giles about making sure Willow gets proper training after Something Blue - because Anya was a witch before she was a demon and she knows things!

Does she also point out that Willow only willed Spike and Buffy to get married, not fall in love? Or are Spuffy already together by that point? Or does it all go the same and they don't get together for a while?

Have fun with it!

Summary: What if Anya was used as more than comic relief, and Xander's girlfriend? What if she was actually a core member of the group after Buffy understood what an asset she can be? How would that change things going into Season 4?
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