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Get comfortable, because this is a somewhat long read. Sorry about that, by the way.


So I always held out hope (even to this day) that Spike would get his own TV series that he right deserves. But how can we do that know, especially since James Marsters has obviously aged since his last appearance as Spike? It wasn’t until playing some Last of Us and watching the Old Man Logan inspired film “Logan” that this idea hit.


So the premise? We ignore the comics. Angel and his team were successful in the Battle of LA and our two souled vampires were properly rewarded. However, the Shanshu Prophecy wasn’t expecting for their to be two souled vampires, so instead of making Spike and Angel human, the Shanshu was forced to split it’s power/magic/essence/whatever in two, and give a half to Spike and Angel.


What does this mean? It means that Spike is no longer a vampire, but he’s not quite human either. He (and Angel) are mix… a hybrid, if you will. Spike is able to go out in the sun, his body is warm, his heart beats, he’s able to get a tan (or freckle). Garlic, crosses and holy water have no affect on him. However, with the good, comes the bad. While Spike is still stronger than the toughest human, he’s not as strong as he used to be. While he can heal faster and is more durable than the average Joe, it’s not as good as he was when he was a vampire. More importantly, Spike ages. It’s just much slowly than the average human. Anyone who’s seen the movie Logan… this will all seem pretty familiar.


So the battle is done, Spike and Angel are human/vampire hybrids. What next? Well, Angel fucks off to who knows where (sorry for the language, but I can’t stand Angel and this isn’t his story), and Spike decides to set out on his own. Why? That’s up for you to decide. Maybe he’s suffering from PTSD? Maybe it’s survivor’s guilt? Maybe William has a stronger presence now and Spike wants to just live the regular life he never got a chance to live.


So Spike and Angel go their separate ways. Spike gives up on the whole demon hunting lifestyle. Years pass. How many? I was personally thinking maybe 10, but it can be however many you want. You decide. Just as long as this Spike is more weary… more gruff… Spike has done and witnessed a lot in his lifetime and it shows. I know James is in his mid-50s (and he looks great for that age BTW) but I’m picturing Spike as someone in their mid-40s. For an idea on what I’m getting at with Spike/s character/appearance, I’m picturing Logan/Wolverine (from the Logan film) and Joel (from The Last of Us video game).


Here’s where the story really picks up. One day, Spike is doing his regular routine when he discovers a young girl (older than 5, younger than 10, specific is up to you), wondering around outside. Nothing out of the ordinary, except for the fact she’s in a hospital gown and terrified out of her mind. As he debates on if he should do something, a van pulls up and nabs the girl. Spike decides to intervene.


Long story short, Spike discovers that the little girl is actually a slayer, and the attempted kidnappers work for the Council… A branch of the council that has gone rogue... A branch of the council that has gone rogue and is experimenting on young slayers.


Spike now finds himself the guardian of a bite-sized slayer. Unable to contact the Scoobies. Unable to trust the Council. It’s up to Spike to raise this little girl and teach her how to handle her powers.


As Spike trains her and keeps her safe (and away from the council), I want to see a Father/Daughter bond grow between the two.



I don’t really have that many dos other than:


- Competent Spike. Spike’s problem wasn’t that he had terrible plans, it was that he didn’t have the patients to see them through. Well, this Spike is older and wiser. His diminished strength and abilities also means he can’t be as headstrong as he used to be. This is a Spike who, while rough around the edges, knows what he’s doing.


- Spike doing things his way. Spike hasn’t been in contact with the Scoobies since before he fried in the Hellmouth. He also doesn’t trust the council (because of what this rogue group did to the young slayer as well as Giles abandoning Spike/Angel and the rest of the team before the Battle of LA).


- Father/Daughter relationship between Spike and the girl. I always liked the Spike/Dawn moments we saw in the show and always wished we got more of that.


Do Nots:


- No rape of any kind, including implied or mention.


- No sassy personality for the young slayer. This isn’t a teen girl with teen drama… this is a young child with a horrifying upbringing who’s terrified of being caught and experimented on again.


- Angel is not a supporting cast member. You can have him pop in for a scene or two, or in a flashback, but this isn’t about him.


- No Buffy/Other… I get that years have passed since the Fall and if you want to have Buffy have previous relationships, that’s fine, just keep her single when she eventually enters the picture.


- No Buffy/Angel. Buffy and Angel's relationship ended in season 3, there was no attempt to rekindle that relationship, even after Angel Shanshu'd.


- Speaking of Buffy, keep her (and the rest of the Scoobies) out of the story for a while. I would like to see the story be more about Spike and his (paternal) relationship with the young slayer. Once their father/daughter bond relationship is established, then Buffy enters the picture.


PS, feel free to name the story whatever you want. Old Man Spike is just a placeholder.

Summary: Ten years have passed since the battle against the Senior Partners, with both Champions being granted the Shanshu when the bitter victory finally came. Bereft of cause, Spike, now half-vampire and half-human has been living a half-life. Going through the motions, not as strong as he was, weary of the struggle, weary of the world, and unable to bring himself to face the woman he has loved for so long.
But Champions never rest, as the plight of a young girl moves Spike to step back into the fight he had thought he left behind, and face the past he thought he had buried.
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