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Categories: Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Ensemble

What if when Spike was bouncing back and forth between the Wolfram and Hart office and Hell he came across Tara in Hell? 

Due to Willow's magic to bring Buffy back the fawn was worthless and Tara was the main price. This put a magical stain on her soul and kept her from crossing over to Heaven. Due to her good nature she's not sent to the fiery pits either but is now stuck in the evil halfway world Spike kept bouncing back and forth too.

Spike was damn sure not going to let that stand. So when he goes back there next time he finds her and holds onto her. So when he comes back he brings her with him to the human world. She's traumatized of course but due to her actually knowing Spike she clings to him and won't let anyone else from the Fang Gang near her......which irritates Angel of course.

How....?.....or who?.....gets Willow and Buffy involved and to LA to help is up too you!

Summary: What if Spike comes across Tara while bouncing between the Wolfram and Hart offices and hell?  Willow's resurrection spell stained Tara's soul, and while she is too good to be condemned to hell, she cannot enter heaven.  Outraged by this injustice, Spike fights to help Tara... even at his own expense.
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