Mr. Trick
Summary: I know I have a few stories in progress that I should finish first but I came up with this idea a few months ago and have had a lot of fun developing it. It's based on a Blackmirror episode *spoiler alert* the couple who are falling in love are part of an app to find your perfect match. They are 0.1% of a simulation.
Fifteen year old Buffy meets Jenny Calender's brother who is a technopagan developing a computer program to help people find their One so Buffy gets to see over a thousand simulations where she meets her match and they may or may not overcome the odds.
Summary: Buffy is having a strange night. The usual baddies are nowhere to be found, Spike is back in town (without Drusilla and on a drunken mission to use magic to make her love him again), and the feathers are flying... though not any time that Buffy is actually there. She just finds them blowing around town near Spike's abandoned car. And when she finally finds Spike, it is not at all what she expects.
Beginning of "Lover's Walk" but goes off-canon right from the start.
Posted as part of the "12 Years 12 Seasons Challenge" (Prompt 4).
Categories: Challenge Response, Season 3
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Cordelia, Giles, Joyce, Mayor Richard Wilkins III, Mr. Trick, Oz, Spike, Willow, Xander
Genres: Action/Adventure, Challenge Response, Fluffy/Comedy
Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Situations
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Summary: For a challenge by pfeifferpack
Just after 'Lovers' Walk.'  Mayors men capture Spike and through the use of drugs and magic put him in a feral state. Demon is in full charge.  Buffy is injured and captured by the mayor's goons and locked in (combination of regular locks and magic) with Spike with the expectation that Spike will kill, possibly after torture, the Slayer.
Instead Spike (who, demon included, is already in love with Buffy per canon) protects and tends to Buffy...  Buffy figures out that Spike for some reason isn't planning to kill or drain her (or even feed).  Buffy and the non-verbal Spike develop non-hostile relationship and trust as Spike helps Buffy get strong enough to help him find a way to escape.  [Full challenge here.]
Meanwhile, Angel gives up just as he did in 'Prophecy Girl,' assuming Spike will kill Buffy.  Once Giles gets back from his retreat, the trail has gone cold.  By the time Buffy and Spike get free of the Mayor's clutches, everything between them has changed... as has everything Buffy thought she knew about demons.
The incredible banner is by Versheenah, an amazing and generous artist.  Thank you so, so much, with many bravas! and bouquets!
Categories: Season 3
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Cordelia, Giles, Joyce, Maggie Walsh, Mayor Richard Wilkins III, Mr. Trick, Oz, Spike, Willow, Xander
Genres: Action/Adventure, Challenge Response, Dramedy, Fighting
Warnings: Adult Language, Buffy/Other (Temp), Sexual Situations, Violence
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