Parker Abrams
Summary: I know I have a few stories in progress that I should finish first but I came up with this idea a few months ago and have had a lot of fun developing it. It's based on a Blackmirror episode *spoiler alert* the couple who are falling in love are part of an app to find your perfect match. They are 0.1% of a simulation.
Fifteen year old Buffy meets Jenny Calender's brother who is a technopagan developing a computer program to help people find their One so Buffy gets to see over a thousand simulations where she meets her match and they may or may not overcome the odds.
Summary: What if Oz had fallen for another woman before Veruca - someone who brought balance to both his demon and human side?
An alternate season 4, where Oz and Spike bond over their confusing love lives and Spike and Harmony never hook up.
Categories: Season 4
Characters: Buffy, Oz, Parker Abrams, Spike, Tara, Willow
Genres: Fluffy/Comedy, Romance
Warnings: Buffy/Other (Temp)
Completed: No Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Word count: 1,377 Hit Count: 699 ePub Downloads: 12
Published: May 10, 2020 Updated: September 20, 2020
Summary: "The secret to getting someone to want something is to convince them that someone else wants it more."
When Parker makes it clear to Buffy that she was just a notch in his belt, she unexpectedly receives help from the last person she would have suspected...

Categories: Season 4
Characters: Buffy, Parker Abrams, Spike
Genres: Fluffy/Comedy, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Situations
Completed: Yes Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Word count: 2,851 Hit Count: 1,456 ePub Downloads: 32
Published: April 19, 2020 Updated: April 19, 2020
Summary: As if her life wasn't complicated enough what with the sleeping with Spike, Riley had to suddenly reappear after his abrupt departure more than a year ago. And then she just had to run into Parker, of all people. But to really put the cherry on top, Angel showed up with some dire cryptic warning, as usual. Something about a plot to move some eggs for some mysterious unnamed but well-connected guy known only as The Doctor? To borrow Riley's vernacular, it was all turning into one big Charlie Foxtrot.
Categories: Season 6, Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse), Episode Rewrite, Challenge Response
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Parker Abrams, Riley Finn, Spike
Genres: Fluffy/Comedy
Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Situations
Challenges: Blasts from the Past, Doctor who
Completed: No Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Word count: 863 Hit Count: 278 ePub Downloads: 11
Published: April 27, 2020 Updated: April 27, 2020
Summary:  I just found my first ever Spuffy high school fic from 2008 that I've never shared! Shame on me!
Buffy moves to the sleepy town of Sunnydale with her mother after her parents' rough divorce. She's been going through some hard times, but things are starting to come together... If she'd let them.
A little bit of angst and a whole lot of fluff!
Categories: All Human, Alternate Reality
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Drusilla, Giles, Harmony, Joyce, Mr. Gordo, Parker Abrams, Principal Snyder, Spike, Willow, Xander
Genres: Dramedy, Fluffy/Comedy, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Warnings: Sexual Situations, Spike/Other (Temp)
Completed: Yes Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Word count: 21,507 Hit Count: 1,358 ePub Downloads: 50
Published: March 24, 2018 Updated: March 24, 2018

What happens when the guy of your dreams is your worst enemy? After getting rejected by Parker Abrams, Willow convinces Buffy to join social media as a way to meet new people. She reluctantly signs up for Yahoo Messenger and meets the enigmatic "Randy." Randy seems like the perfect guy. He's funny, charming, and sweet. The more they chat, Buffy finds herself falling for "Randy." But she doesn't know that her anonymous internet friend is really Spike. AU of Season 4, takes place after "The Harsh Light of Day"

Categories: Season 4, Alternate Reality
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Giles, Harmony, Joyce, Parker Abrams, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander
Genres: Fluffy/Comedy, Humor, Lighthearted, Romance
Warnings: None
Completed: No Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Word count: 5,110 Hit Count: 680 ePub Downloads: 12
Published: September 16, 2020 Updated: October 05, 2020

Part Two of the Something Wicked series  (S5, beginning with "Buffy vs Dracula")

Spuffy have been together for a while now.  Things have been great.  The Scoobies have more or less accepted the reality of their couplehood, Spike finally has his own place, so there’s plenty of thoroughly excellent shag-time, and college is kind of fun when you have a worldly, undead tutor to poke fun at your instructors and help you remember your lessons with fascinating anecdotes or, when that fails, incredibly memorable sexy-times.  Life is actually, like, bordering on good

But then Mr. Eurovamp 2000 blows into town and causes a bunch of jealousy.  And then Buffy starts having a bunch of crappy Slayer dreams about glowy purply stuff.  And Dawn is going off the hook even more than usual, and Mom is acting weird…  And, as if there’s not enough to deal with, Buffy’s pretty sure that idiot Riley Finn is still lurking around town trying to come up with a reason to shoot her boyfriend…

Buffy should have known things couldn’t stay yummy for long.  She probably would have started to worry if it had.

Summary: Buffy discovers that Harmony is her college roommate, but that doesn’t mean the world is ending. Probably. 
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Categories: Season 4, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Harmony, Parker Abrams, Spike
Genres: Dramedy, Fix-It, HEA/HFN, POV, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language
Completed: Yes Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Word count: 13,059 Hit Count: 1,174 ePub Downloads: 49
Published: November 03, 2018 Updated: November 03, 2018
Summary: Four years after the murder and Spike still can't talk about it. Will the arrival of Buffy Summers at Sunnydale High change that? Buffy and her brothers are new to the small town and she is certain Spike Giles has something to hide. Though perhaps Buffy does as well?
Banner art by Midnite_holic.
Originally completed 2006

*Winnner: Bloody Colonials Award (Alternative Universe) @ the RWS Awards*
*Winner: Lonely School Award (Best High School fic) @ the CoH Awards*

Categories: All Human
Characters: Angel, Billy Fordham, Buffy, Charles Gunn, Ethan Rayne, Fred, Giles, Jenny Calendar, Joyce, Parker Abrams, Riley Finn, Spike, Willow, Xander
Genres: Angst, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Attempted Rape, Character Death, Rape (Actual), Sexual Situations, Violence
Completed: Yes Chapters: 31 Table of Contents
Word count: 46,227 Hit Count: 7,087 ePub Downloads: 91
Published: April 10, 2017 Updated: April 11, 2017
Summary: In an alternative universe, where demon-kind represents the majority of the population and humans and demons live in harmony (mostly), a rogue Slayer is on a killing rampage and needs to be stopped.  In desperation, a group of government officials conjure a summoning spell to bring them a “slayer of slayers”.
Categories: Season 4, Alternate Reality, Challenge Response
Characters: Angelus, Buffy, Drusilla, Original Characters, Parker Abrams, Spike
Genres: Drama, Dramedy, Fighting, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Buffy/Other (Temp), Sexual Situations, Spike/Other (Temp), Violence
Completed: No Chapters: 7 Table of Contents
Word count: 18,893 Hit Count: 2,322 ePub Downloads: 35
Published: October 16, 2019 Updated: May 01, 2020
Summary: Spike doesn’t leave for L.A. after Harsh Light of Day. He sticks around and gets just as trapped as everyone else inside the Scary House during Fear, Itself. There, Buffy and Spike are separated from everyone and forced to team up to survive all the horror tropes coming to life by a demon that’s seen one too many movies. At least Spike seems to rival Xander in the movie dork department?
Written for the Big Bads Challenge 2019. Rating will most likely go up. My fantastic banner was created by the lovely OffYourBird!
Categories: Season 4, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Parker Abrams, Spike
Genres: Dramedy, Fighting
Warnings: Adult Language, Violence
Completed: No Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Word count: 2,112 Hit Count: 400 ePub Downloads: 12
Published: October 01, 2019 Updated: October 01, 2019