-Season 7 Big Bad
Summary: I know I have a few stories in progress that I should finish first but I came up with this idea a few months ago and have had a lot of fun developing it. It's based on a Blackmirror episode *spoiler alert* the couple who are falling in love are part of an app to find your perfect match. They are 0.1% of a simulation.
Fifteen year old Buffy meets Jenny Calender's brother who is a technopagan developing a computer program to help people find their One so Buffy gets to see over a thousand simulations where she meets her match and they may or may not overcome the odds.
Summary: Buffy Summers has been missing for three years when she is found in the basement of a suburban Sunnydale home. She struggles with trauma from her kidnapping and the confusing relationship she quickly develops with the lead detective on her case, William ‘Spike’ Pratt.
I'm not good at writing summaries. I never know how much to give away... If you read the first chapter you'll get a good idea of what it's about and how the story will develop. Give it a try. It might not be horrible.
Summary: One-shot. Angel doesn't show up with the amulet at the end of "End of Days". This is how Buffy's fight with Caleb may have gone with just Spike there to have her back, and what they might have talked about afterward.
Categories: Season 7, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Caleb, Spike
Genres: Drama, Fighting
Warnings: None
Completed: Yes Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Word count: 1,976 Hit Count: 699 ePub Downloads: 23
Published: September 21, 2019 Updated: September 21, 2019
Sequel to Out of Sight.
Amidst looking for a killer (and a place to host their wedding) Buffy and Spike run into some familiar (and not so familiar) faces...
Series: Out Of 'verse
Categories: Season 5, Season 10 (Comic), Time Travel, Claim
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Caleb, Charles Gunn, Cordelia, Ensemble, Fred, Lorne, Spike, Wesley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Character Death, Sexual Situations, Violence
Completed: No Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Word count: 6,098 Hit Count: 1,012 ePub Downloads: 19
Published: February 15, 2018 Updated: February 16, 2018
Summary: Set in season 6-7 and after (ignoring comics), this story begins soon after Older and Far Away. Warren, and this troupe of misfit baddies, The Trio, has Buffy over a barrel. They’ve got video evidence of her trysts with Spike – and plenty of it. If she doesn’t do what they want, they’ll broadcast the explicit video all over the internet – everyone will know her dirty little secret. Buffy’s never felt so lost and alone and utterly ashamed. After being dragged out of heaven, her soul aches, and Spike’s the only one who can ease her pain, but her friends would never understand. While trying to help the Slayer out of this jam, Spike inadvertently reveals a secret of his own, one that he’s worked hard to keep hidden even from himself, one that will change the way Buffy sees him and change their dance forever. 
How will everyone's lives change as they face life on the Hellmouth when Buffy begins to see that Spike is not like Angel, and accepts him into her life and her heart as an equal rather than a dirty little secret?
The answer is: dramatically!  
Summary: When ten seemingly random individuals end up stranded on a private island off the California coast, they discover that their mysterious host does not have their best interests at heart. Set shortly before the beginning of “Anne” then going completely AU, this is a Buffy-verse twist on Agatha Christie’s classic And Then There Were None
Categories: Between Seasons (any), Season 3, Alternate Reality, Challenge Response
Characters: Ben Wilkinson, Buffy, Caleb, Faith Lehane, Gwendolyn Post, Maggie Walsh, Mayor Richard Wilkins III, Spike, Veruca, Warren Mears
Genres: Mystery
Warnings: None
Challenges: Ten Little Scoobies
Completed: No Chapters: 3 Table of Contents
Word count: 10,085 Hit Count: 760 ePub Downloads: 16
Published: April 01, 2020 Updated: July 04, 2020
Summary: Banner fantastically created by @nmcil
What if, when Buffy jumped to her death, something else was born of her ultimate sacrifice?