Nikki Wood
-Former Slayer
-Robin Wood's mother
-Spike's 2nd Slayer kill
Summary: I know I have a few stories in progress that I should finish first but I came up with this idea a few months ago and have had a lot of fun developing it. It's based on a Blackmirror episode *spoiler alert* the couple who are falling in love are part of an app to find your perfect match. They are 0.1% of a simulation.
Fifteen year old Buffy meets Jenny Calender's brother who is a technopagan developing a computer program to help people find their One so Buffy gets to see over a thousand simulations where she meets her match and they may or may not overcome the odds.
Summary: All her adult life, Buffy Summers has fought against evil, no matter its incarnation. Her protective streak has always been a mile wide, so when the PTB offer her a chance to become even more effective, she can't say no. Her first assignment for the PTB lands her in Sunnydale, where everything's all well and good until a cocky, smartass vampire with a massive chip on his shoulder rolls into town.  
Categories: Alternate Reality, Claim
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Nikki Wood, Original Characters, Spike
Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Blood Play, Sexual Situations, Spike/Other (Temp)
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Word count: 4,064 Hit Count: 451 ePub Downloads: 19
Published: May 04, 2017 Updated: May 04, 2017