Summary: William the Bloody and the Scourge of Europe is part of Bartsun and Glythman traveling circus that arrives in L.A. for a special two week only event for Thanksgiving. During opening day, our favorite vampire, also known as Spike, gets swept up into the green eyes of a beautiful, albeit young, Elizabeth 'Buffy' Summers when she gets lost during show's intermission. After saving her from some of the circuses’ more rambunctious crowd, he knows immediately that there's something special about this little girl and Buffy immediately takes a liking to the vampire, inviting him home with her. Reeking of humanity and a gentleness that his Sire, Dru, was never able to break, he forms a bond with this unlikely ally and as time goes on, it becomes apparent that his old family and new family will collide. Their fates now crossed, and with Buffy (literally) depending on him to save her life, will she be able to return the favor later on down the road?