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Summary: Ten years have passed since Sunnydale fell. And for ten years, Buffy believed Spike to be dead and burried with it.
Now that a new apocalypse comes a-knocking, she has to rely on him for help.
But something just isn’t right with the vampire. Will she be able to figure out what it is before it is too late?
Nominated for Best Angst and Best Author at Spark and Burn Awards
Nominated for Most Original Plot, Best General Saga & Best General Angst at Spuffy Awards - Round 13.
Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Andrew Wells, Buffy, Original Characters, Spike, Willow
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama
Warnings: Sexual Situations, Violence
Completed: Yes Chapters: 23 Table of Contents
Word count: 44,748 Hit Count: 7,226 ePub Downloads: 88
Published: September 03, 2007 Updated: November 02, 2007
Summary: For months, all Spike could do was look up to the window of Buffy’s bedroom, the girl he shouldn’t have eyes for for many reasons. That she’s half his age and married to one of his oldest friends being on top of the list. What is he going to do when things turn in his favor?
Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Buffy, Spike
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Situations
Completed: No Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Word count: 2,645 Hit Count: 170 ePub Downloads: 2
Published: June 03, 2009 Updated: June 07, 2009
Summary: Spike saves Buffy from utter disaster, and he gets a reward he never expected. - after “First Date” with minor alterations (aka ignorations)
Categories: Season 7
Characters: None
Genres: Romance
Warnings: Adult Language
Completed: No Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Word count: 5,061 Hit Count: 218 ePub Downloads: 3
Published: January 01, 2008 Updated: January 01, 2008