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First of all, I'm not American, or English for that matter, so I'm a bit lost with funny, funky informations about me. Also, I'm realy not an early bird for all that BtVS fandom. I'm from Germany and I can tell you, you don't want to watch Buffy in German. No Sir!

Beginning with Firefly I heard about 'the man' and started immediately to be a Joss Whedon fan. I wrote some lyrics for the Firefly Musicproject, so humor me.

Then, end of 2006, a friend suggested that I take a look at Buffy. What can I say? I watched all eps in about six weeks and ended up a huge Spuffy fan and, I must confess, a James Marsters fan-girl.

I started to read fanfic and, very insecure of my language skills, did my first reviews tentatively in 2010. I feel still sorry for all authors of the good stories I read and didn't review. In 2011 I was asked by puddinhead to beta for her, bless her soul. Then she coaxed me to write my own first story. That still feels weird to me, but it was a hell of a ride.



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Summary: Past Featured Story “For the hero loves the world till it breaks him” (William Buttler Yeats)
Buffy Summers is the longest living Slayer; this sounds great, but there are repercussions. Can her friends, and specifically one bleach-blond ex-enemy, turn the tide?
Do you want a teaser? I see you all nodding, so I can reveal that this story is about treasure hunting, Shakespeare, striptease, Arabian Nights, accidents, a vampire shrink, martial arts lessons, kisses, demons and a Spuffy ending. Not exactly in this order...

With this story, I was nominated at the The Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards Round 25 and won Best New Author. Thank you so much!
Also many heartfelt thanks to the lovely ladies running this site for putting it on the 'featured' list.
Categories: Season 5, Season 6, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Spike, Tara
Genres: Drama, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Situations
Completed: No Chapters: 23 Table of Contents
Word count: 105,894 Hit Count: 4,083 ePub Downloads: 47
Published: April 29, 2011 Updated: February 12, 2012