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I've been a fan of the show since it was on T.V. and loved the interaction between Buffy and Spike from the very beginning. I started writing right around the time the show was coming to a close on T.V. and have been working on stories ever since.

I always ship Buffy/Spike, and always will.

Also I write in the present tense, which I know probably turns a lot of people off from my fics. In my other works (non-fanfiction stuff) I usually write in past tense, but for my fanfic I feel the present brings a sense of urgency to the story that reminds me of watching it on T.V. It's all happening right now.

I also feel that by writing this way I'm forced to make myself stand out from other writers. It helps me to write and phrase things differently then everyone else who's writing about the same characters as I am.

For anyone who's interested in any of my work I hope you can see past this oddity in my writing and enjoy the stories that I have to share.

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