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Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)

This is a crossover with Doctor Who. Spike left at the end of the sixth season, however when he went to give Buffy what she deserves, it comes out a little more differently. Instead of getting his soul, someone from Spike's past comes forth.

There was many times that Spike had left Drusilla because he was off hunting Slayers. At the turn of the century (1899-1900), Spike ran into Rose Tyler from Doctor Who.  Rose was hurt by the Doctor when he left her and Mickey to save Madame de Pompadour, when she encountered Spike.  They had sex and he drank her blood and recongized her as a slayer.

In the present Rose gets pulled from the Alternate Reality. She encounters Spike, the Scoobies, the LA Gang. The Doctor with his latest companion-Donna. Martha and the Torchwood gang have tagged along to see what is going on in a small town called Sunnydale.


1. Flashes back to the times Rose and Spike interacted with each other. There must be at least three. Two of those have to be sexual in nature.

2. Buffy's been getting cryptic dreams about Spike's past.

3. Spike sleeping with Rose again in present time as a reaction to seeing Angel constantly around Buffy.

4. Buffy learning that Spike means a lot to her.

5. Rose uses the energy from the Heart of the Tardis to destroy the Hellmouth. (The energy never completely left her).

6. Rose calling Buffy out on her treatment of Spike in season 6 in front of everyone. Rose must reply to someone's question of how she knew that with "I see the whole of time and space. Everything that was, everything that is, and everything that could ever be."



1. Bangel

2. Biley

3. Anya getting back together with Xander. (I'm sure she and Jack would get along just fine.)

4. Buffy getting it on with any other character other than Spike. She has to learn what it's like to be treated like she treated Spike.

Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)

This is a crossover with Twilight. After that horribly traumatic kissing scene between Buffy and Angel, Spike leaves Sunnydale believing that he really meant nothing to her.

He goes in search of people who can help him. So he travels to Italy to get the Volturi. They agree to help him for a price. After the First is defeated Spike must join the ranks of the Volturi. He then travels to Forks, Washington and gets the Cullens and the Wolves to help.

Meanwhile back in Sunnydale, Buffy convinced Angel they no longer have any sort of romantic relationship. The LA gang stays to help with the fight. Xander relishes the fact that he was correct in saying Spike wouldn't stay with her.

Spike returns to Sunnydale, seemingly alone. He told no one where he's been. Few weeks later one of the potentials have a run in with the Volturi, and Spike must reveal what he's been up too. Buffy all this time is trying to prove to Spike that she loves him. But does she succeed?


1. Spike getting captured by who? Up to you.

2. A free for all fight between Buffy and Spike in front of everyone. Which leads to a little more.

3. No one can know about the deal with the Volturi until it's almost too late.


5. Cullens/Volturi/and the Wolves all bashing on Angel.

6. SPUFFY ENDING! A happy one.

7. Buffy has to suffer to earn Spike.

8. Rosalie calls Buffy out on her treatment of Spike, in front of everyone somehow.


1. Buffy redeeming herself so easily.

2. Bangel

3. Spike easily forgiving her.

4. Spike dying.

Categories: Season 7, Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)

When Buffy and Spike are discussing if their night holding each other meant something, Buffy doesn't avoid answering. Their night also meant something to her. But they will talk more about it when gets back from learning more about the Scythe. Skip a few scenes and stop when Buffy and Angel kiss, she discovers he is...human through a deal with WRH. Spike's heart breaks as he witnesses not only the kiss but Bangel sex (ew I When Bangel is over Buffy immediately realizes her mistake but has no choice to go back to the house with Angel in tow. When the pair gets to her house Spike is there, only his attitude and demeanor has reverted back to Season 2 Spike. Buffy explains Angel is there to help and will be staying with them. She then goes to confess to Spike. He is bitter and cruel towards her. She begs for his forgiveness, and doesn't recieve it-yet. A potential arrives at the house and she and Spike get along famously. There is nothing sexual going on between them but Buffy thinks so.


*As much as I hate it-Bangel sex

*Spike returning to his former Big Bad attitude. After all isn't that what Buffy needed him to do?

*A female character driving Buffy green with jealousy. NOT Faith or any other Buffy female.

*An orginal female character or a female character from a crossover

*The First convincing Spike to try and kill himself. He goes to attempt sucide, but someone other than Buffy stops him.

*Spike and Dawn rebuilding their relationship

*A Spuffy ending


*Return of a Riley who has grown past his issues with demons and apologizes to Spike

*Drusilla tempting Spike back to evil


*Angel turning back into a vampire. He must remain human. Fine print of the contract says he is signing away any chance of redemption.

*Spike dusting. They manage to defeat the first in another way.

This fic doesn't have to be a crossover, that is a choice I will leave up to the authors. It was suggested to provide a female character that isn't part of the series to bring Buffy and Spike back together. It can be a one-shot or a multi-chaptered fic. I would be great if you could complete it in one story, if you chose to continue it the story that's fine. It's up to you. Also the title doesn't have to be "It means something". Other than that enjoy.