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landapanda Reviewed Buffy on September 22, 2016 10:47am Liked

That fairy tale made me cry. Beautifully written.

Author's Response on March 16, 2017 05:34am

*is very, very behind on answering reviews*

Thank you so much! :)

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DeamonQueen Reviewed Buffy on May 23, 2016 12:21pm

Got teary eyed in this chapter so congrats on that! I am so happy that Buffy is making an effort to get close to Dawn and mend the fences with Spike. It is really interesting and I like it! Story is going good now that it has moved towards where Buffy slowly gets her memories. Excited to see what happens and so I shall go and read the next one!

Author's Response on May 24, 2016 04:59pm

Buffy running from Dawn was the most unlike her of all.  It's good to see finding herself again.  :)  Thanks!

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thenewbuzwuzz Reviewed Buffy on December 07, 2015 03:18am Liked

This was so satisfying to read.

Author's Response on December 10, 2015 03:58am

Woot!  Thank you!  :)

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annamatte Reviewed Buffy on October 07, 2015 02:14pm Liked

Great chapter! I like those changes in Buffy's attitude toward Spike and Dawn.

Author's Response on October 07, 2015 04:09pm

Buffy's stubborn, but not completely unreasonable.  :)  Thanks!

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Blue Eyes2 Reviewed Buffy on July 30, 2015 02:26am Liked

Who knew being call a Bitch would be a good thing. Loving the coming together as well as Buffy's little tease about Angel. I can't wait to see what happens next. You really got me hooked.

Author's Response on July 30, 2015 07:23pm

Heh, it's hard to live up to perfect.  :)  Thanks!

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ladypeyton Reviewed Buffy on July 28, 2015 12:20pm Liked

I really love the Buffy chapters. Well, and the Dawn chapters and Spike chapters. I'm seeing a trend here. Anyway, love it! Loved the cow-pires. Am so glad Buffy was able to get in touch with her Dawn love.

Author's Response on July 28, 2015 05:38pm

Haha!  It's good to know your preferences.  :)  I sort of wish cowpires were a thing, now.  Thanks!

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magnus374 Reviewed Buffy on July 27, 2015 03:26pm

This is a break through in the situation. Instead of trying to recreate the past, they managed to build something new. By just living together in a "normal" way Buffy's sisterly feelings has awaken even without the memories. The ending of the chapter was wonderful, the feelings of love and connection between the sisters.

Buffy is also starting to connect with Spike. It's a slow process, but seeing him care for Dawn has speeded up the process. The story he told Dawn felt good to hear, created during the 147 days, there was no question about Buffy being in heaven from their side. Buffy and Spike patroling together and sparring is creating a good friendly interaction. Things are going so well now that I expect something bad to happen.

Author's Response on July 27, 2015 07:29pm

Aw, I'm glad you liked the end and the sister-ness.

Dawn certainly would've felt better thinking her sister was in heaven.

Heh, you're the second person who's said something bad must be about to happen.  I'm not that cruel, am I?  :D


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Amayuscula Reviewed Buffy on July 27, 2015 02:09pm Liked


Author's Response on July 27, 2015 07:13pm


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tbd Reviewed Buffy on July 27, 2015 01:13pm Liked

Enjoying this side of Buffy! Nice siding Spike with Pacey :)

Author's Response on July 27, 2015 07:13pm

:D  Thanks!

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nojiri23 Reviewed Buffy on July 27, 2015 10:11am Liked

*snort* "cowpire" ... *snerkle* "Oxfordia" !!!  Tongue Out

Author's Response on July 27, 2015 07:11pm

Hee!  Thanks! :)

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knightowl Reviewed Buffy on July 27, 2015 06:58am Liked


Author's Response on July 27, 2015 07:01pm

Woo!  Thanks! :)

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fyreburned Reviewed Buffy on July 27, 2015 03:39am Liked

Whew! I was beginning to wonder if this was one of those fics where Buffy & Spike were main characters, but were not the main romantic focus, or that there was NO romantic focus to this particular fic, or that this was gonna end up with a Buffy/Lindsey pairing (though by this point in the story that idea seems to pretty well have been nixed), or even that this might be one of those fics where really terrible things befall Spike (& sometimes Angel, but who cares? And sometimes also both evil AND harmless demons) at Buffy's hands, intentionally and maliciously. I was hoping big time this one wasn't one of those kind of stories. 

And finally it seems like the story has taken a definitive turn back toward Buffyland; if not the Spuffyness previously known to them, or the Buffyland  of  before, at least now Buffy  is finding herself more open to some of Buffyland's inhabitants maybe? Enough that these new connections are good, fresh, having much blanker slates 'sin-wise' all-around,  having perhaps a much better chance for success. In addition, she is currently, anyway, in a less-stressful, lower-pressure situation with only two individuals to deal with, instead of a maddening crowd, a gaggle. In addition, something that seems somewhat important, IMHO, is that these new-to-her relationships are being (by the universe, whom/what-ever, even herself) allowed to slowly develop over some time. Other than Spike and Dawn moving in with Buffy after Lindsey pulled a runner, there has been no big emergencies, apocalypse, wars to fight yet, no major or really minor actions beyond patrolling; nothing like the stress of life in the fishbowl that was Sunnydale, where EVERY day seemed like it must be Tuesday, and therefore nothing could really develop at a normal pace. 

Finally in this chapter I felt like I might be able to believe this might end up with a Spuffy romance somewhere between here and the end of the fic, and it might even turn out to be healthy as well. I do hope she gets her memories back though.


Author's Response on July 27, 2015 07:01pm

Things are definitely progressing!  Thanks!

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pfeifferpack Reviewed Buffy on July 27, 2015 01:48am Liked

PROGRESS!  Loved this chapter.  She's seeing the softer side of Sears ...erm...Spike.  I doubt she'll ever hate Lindsey and after all he DID save her life, but she does know he was a big liar.

She also snapped to the jealousy Spike has for Angel.  

She is building a new relationship with these two and it is untainted with the baggage  of the past.  Maybe when she does get her memories it will be easier for her to finally put the past (like Angel) in the past once and for all.

Excellent.  Buffy is still there, always has been.  She is but a wiped slate.

Now to worry about this whole vessel business and why Lindsey spooked....I think it might be a good thing for her to have those memories before long.

Oh and cowpires (and manpires) followed by Oxfordia....pure undistilled Buffy!


Author's Response on July 27, 2015 06:49pm

Ha, yes. In a less-stressful situation, she can actually get to know people and re-learn why she cared about them in the first place, without remembering the bad.

Whether personality is inherent or formed by experiences is an interesting question to ponder.  It's becoming obvious which theory I went with.  :)

I sort of wish there were cowpires now.  :)  Thanks!


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Rebcake Reviewed Buffy on July 26, 2015 11:00pm

You're going to go to Oxford, and I'm going to go live with you in Oxfordia

Oh, Buffy! You are adorable. I'm so pleased that she and Dawn have repaired their relationship. No surprise that Spike's kindness to Dawn is the way to Buffy's good graces if not her heart.

This is a lovely chapter showing Buffy's slow realizations. Having a shirtless Spike around does make a girl reconsider her position, I suspect. (Not that he couldn't undo all the progress, somehow. He's got a knack, after all.)

I'm guessing that Spike chooses to return to Blighty rather than being Giles' man in North America. That could be interesting. Maybe he'll finally get some variation on that job Angel offered so long ago — agent at large for the council, with an expense account, flying off to put out fires where they pop up.

He needs to stay close enough to find Buffy's hidden tattoo's though. I'm really looking forward to the unveiling!

Author's Response on July 27, 2015 06:43pm

Spike always impresses Buffy best when he's not even trying to.  Which is kind of the best way for any relationship, to my way of thinking.

Spike put his foot in his mouth?  *gasps* Never!  :)


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kittyfajitas Reviewed Buffy on July 26, 2015 10:44pm Liked

Favorite chapter yet!  So sweet, I teared up when Buffy told Dawn she loved her. Heart

Author's Response on July 27, 2015 06:18pm

Yay!  :)  Thanks!

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All4Spike Reviewed Buffy on July 26, 2015 09:15pm Liked

Aw, it's good that Amnesia!Buffy is becoming closer to both of them.  Squee

I'm with Spike. Lyndsey definitely knows more about Buffy's forgettery than he has let on! Thinking

And Buffy goes too! Yay! Cheers

Oxfordia... {splutter incoherently} Faint

Author's Response on July 27, 2015 06:17pm

Everybody (British) thinks Oxfordia is so funny.  I'm pleased by this.  :) 

Yay for progress!


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the_moonmoth Reviewed Buffy on July 26, 2015 08:59pm Liked

Welp, looks like I'm switching sites since EF was the first to send through the notification... I was really looking forward to this chapter, I can't tell you how much, and you totally delivered. Nothing was easy or quick, or even slightly resolved, but slowly Buffy is finding her way back to the two of them. I love the focus on her relationship with Dawn here because ultimately it IS more important, more intrinsic to who she is, and it's also totally IC for Dawn to be able to do what none of the scoobies can do, which is love and connect with Buffy in the now, and consciously put aside their past.

Spike mostly kept out of her way, much to her relief and his continued good health. 


I also love the way that Dawn is like a conduit for Spike and Buffy to reconnect. He has his own unique abd v special relationship with Dawn, but through their treatment of each other she can start to see beyond the attractive black and white world Lindsey imprinted on her, and understand for herself what it is about him that might be worth her time.

He turned to look at her. "Said a lot of things to you over the years, most of which I regret. And, no, the majority of it you did not find charming. Rightly so. If it's any consolation, the little improvement I've managed to make is thanks to you. For not putting up with my bad behavior. You saw the potential for good in me, and insisted I live up to it."


Unf. Yes. And this is why I think Spike having some distance from Buffy is important (and with this scenario actually works and makes sense). He needed time to absorb their relationship through the filter of his new soul, let things percolate and then settle, so that his words here aren't knee-jerk or reactionary, but said with the clarity of lengthy self-reflection. He's matured, and it took time, and I really appreciate that.

"What? Not a chance! You got into Oxford. With all those A-levels thingies you were waiting by the phone to hear about! You're going, missy."

:))))))) Thank you :D (and btw, I too went to Oxford in Oxfordia *snerk* so lemme know if you want to check any details...) Ye gads, the thought of Buffy and Dawn knocking around Oxford just makes me ridiculously happy! So much spookiness potential in those old college gardens, followed by afternoon tea at the Radcliffe. Hee!

Oh, and thank you for that description of just-woken Spike. Thank you very much. *dabs corner of mouth delicately*

Author's Response on July 27, 2015 06:09pm

Yay!  Welcome!  (I acutally post to EF first for just that reason...)

I think Dawn has more at stake, and of course has the perpetual hope of youth.  She's going to do whatever it takes to get Buffy to stay with her.  It's a good thing she isn't turning to negative attention, this time around. The best way for Spike to impress Buffy is NOT by trying to impress her, but by doing good without expecting to get noticed.  It's what's always worked best for him (and hey, encourages his own growth too, nifty!).  :)

While I've always hoped Spike would eventually have such a mature outlook and appreication of Buffy expecting more from him (and yay S10!), the wording of Spike saying thank you to Buffy for inisisting he live up to his potential is inspired by a line he says in somebody else's story.  "Brave New World" is the title, and it's a permanent WIP by James M. Fan over on BSV.  I ususally don't read WIPs, but this one ends in a good place, and it's one of my favorite stories.  Very different. 

Hey, how could I *not* include the A-levels after that?  :)  I looked high and low for a place to work it in. 

I pretty much avoid talking about Oxford(ia), because it would just be obvious I had no clue.  (And now that I think about it, I gave the library steps but have no idea if it has steps...)  But you can imagine them doing all the things in your head!

Heh.  I think Buffy appreciated the visual too.  :)


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