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nmcil Reviewed Faith on June 20, 2017 03:33pm

Most effective use of Faith - not often that she gets to play the Big Heroic Slayer with this sympathetic and mature perspective.  

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DeamonQueen Reviewed Faith on May 22, 2016 11:27am

Action! Finally! Sorry didn't review on the previous chapters I just wanted to know what happened and well, I kind of skipped the reviewing part. But no worries, this story is still an awesome one. I am crossing my fingers and hope Buffy gets her memories back. Gonna read the next one now!

Author's Response on May 24, 2016 04:54pm

Again, you already know the answer, but... I'll never tell!  :D

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thenewbuzwuzz Reviewed Faith on December 06, 2015 04:31pm Liked

I didn't dislike the beginning of the chapter, but I LOVED basically everything since Faith and Buffy started talking. So most of the things. Awesome!

Author's Response on December 10, 2015 03:52am

LOL, thank you! :D

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nmcil Reviewed Faith on November 08, 2015 01:43am

Great alternative to the series you have created - this would work just as well as the series did.  

Author's Response on November 20, 2015 01:22am

Woo!  Thanks!  :)

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Susan Reviewed Faith on October 12, 2015 07:32pm Liked

You can always count on Faith for some honesty. Well, and some violence. Oh, and cursing. Plus, bonus yellow crayon-ish speech from Xander. I like how you're trying to portray people as they were, not as we tend to see them through shipper glasses.  

Author's Response on October 13, 2015 03:37pm

The beauty of BtVS was that *all* the characters were so complex.  Everybody had their highs and lows.  Characterization is what makes or breaks a story for me, and you know I love to hear that I'm keeping them canon.  :D  Thanks!

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annamatte Reviewed Faith on October 06, 2015 06:03pm Liked

Faith is very in character and I love how you have written her! Buffy is so cold toward everyone and everything that sometimes I'm angry! Very good chapter!

Author's Response on October 06, 2015 04:28pm

Buffy is really struggling, isn't she? 

Most of these characters I'd barely written at all, before, and never from their POV.  It was a fun challenge.  Thank you!

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Blue Eyes2 Reviewed Faith on July 29, 2015 11:47pm Liked

I have to say your using moments captured by individuals is great. I love the perspective and you shows wisely who will voice the period of time. 


Now for Faith, who kudos for capturing her so brilliantly I can definitely see her efforts in bringing Buffy back so she can do her own thing again. Tired of leading not feeling like the shoes fit well enough and wondering if they follow because their stuck with her or because they see something in her worth following like they did for Buffy. Always the second fiddle. I just want somebody to discover these darn tatoos. 


Because I'm bothered by her indifference just if not more than Faith is. Shrugging her shoulders in indifference to her tease about taking Spike on.  Spike is yours Buffy WAKE UP. 

Author's Response on July 30, 2015 07:15pm

I'm glad you're enjoying the changing POVs.  Learning to write in multiple POVs was one of my goals for this story.

Faith has lots of insecurites, indeed, but at least she seems to be handling them better than she used to.  Thanks!

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CupcakeCute Reviewed Faith on July 08, 2015 01:01am

I'm a little late to the game on this one, but it was a great chapter! I enjoyed seeing Faith's perspective here and how much she does understand Buffy, or at least, pre-amnesia Buffy. I also liked seeing Buffy connect to someone at least a little, and getting glimpses of Old Buffy when she and Faith were fighting. Faith testing Buffy, and teasing about maybe hooking up with her ex, was so spot on and in character. It's sad that Buffy can't remember, especially after how jealous she seemed to be of Faith and Spike getting along in Season 7. I hope we can see her build up her connections again, slowly and from a new perspective, as the fic goes on. Wonderful job!

Author's Response on July 10, 2015 06:26am

There's no such thing as a late review!  :)  I don't know about you, but I can so clearly picture Faith's look of disbelief and confusion after Buffy told her to go ahead and go for Spike.  She used that expression an awful lot in S7.  That's the nice thing about fanfic - you don't have to spend paragraphs describing your character's reactions (admittedly something I'm not so good at anyhow).  

I feel like I'm repeating this every chapter, but yes.  Buffy's reactions are just - sad.   Thanks!

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fyreburned Reviewed Faith on July 07, 2015 05:41pm Liked

Incredibly strong chapter.

Author's Response on July 07, 2015 03:27pm

Thank you! :)

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nojiri23 Reviewed Faith on July 07, 2015 10:15am Liked

So sad!! I want Buffy back! !!!! Cry (Great story! )

Author's Response on July 07, 2015 03:26pm

Aw!  Me too!  Thanks.  :)

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magnus374 Reviewed Faith on July 06, 2015 04:56pm

Faith seems right in character here, how she act, speak and think. Giles telling her he was proud was a great moment for her. It was also good to hear that Roland is still alive. I thought he was but now I know.

Author's Response on July 07, 2015 03:22pm

Yay!  Faith's a hard one to get; glad it felt right.  Yep, Roland is alive.  Now that the suspense is over, I can tell you we'll see him again later, briefly.  :)  Thanks!

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All4Spike Reviewed Faith on July 06, 2015 02:25pm Liked

Love the Faith section. She's matured and calmed down just enough... but not too much!

Author's Response on July 07, 2015 03:20pm

Yep, she's finding a good balance.  Which is good, because wild and out of control Faith would be beyond me, I think.  Thanks!

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ladypeyton Reviewed Faith on July 06, 2015 12:44pm Liked

Guh! So much awesome in "Faith" Thank you and drooling for your next update.

Author's Response on July 07, 2015 03:11pm

Aw, thank you!  Coming soon to an archive near you... :)

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Rebcake Reviewed Faith on July 06, 2015 02:37am

*flail* So, so good! Your Faith is perfect -- her skittishness, her solidity, her "red-bloodedness" all come through beautifully. Her test for Buffy was correct, and led to the Roland questions.

"Well, all right, B! You got yourself  another admirer, didn't you?" Faith slapped Buffy on the shoulder. "Tell you what, go hang with him for a couple of days. He'll be fighting on our side in no time."

Hee! Not a terrible idea, really. But the kicker was that last line. My heart aches for both Slayers, that the only real relationship they seem to have is with the mission.

Author's Response on July 07, 2015 03:06pm

Yay!  The switching POVs was really hard.  By the time I finally found a character's voice, it was time for the next chapter.  But it was a good exercise. 

I think Faith's found out what it means to be the one in charge.  It's a lonely place.  :(


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pfeifferpack Reviewed Faith on July 05, 2015 10:21pm Liked

Good Faith voice.  She's grown up quite a bit too.

I feel so bad for Buffy being used as a tool in Lindsey's private war and being violated this way.  When she does get her memories she will be heartbroken at all the pain she was center to for those she loved (she certainly wasn't responsible). Dawn, her friends and especially Spike all having to deal with her not remembering or caring with really make her upset and pissed at Lindsey.  He'd better hope Lorne did as ordered.


Author's Response on July 07, 2015 02:46pm

Aye, Lindsey's definitely steamrolled right over her life. 

It took awhile, but Faith's getting there.  Thanks!

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