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Sigyn Reviewed Kitchen Chaos on January 26, 2016 11:28pm Liked

being kissed with such force, she would have stumbled backward About bloody time, you effing prats!

nearly seven weeks of restrained tears were escaping in a torrent. Good luck with that, Buffy.


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alive_or_dead Reviewed Kitchen Chaos on January 25, 2016 09:39am Liked

Why do people insist on chopping onions right next to me when I'm reading? Honestly...! weep

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nmcil Reviewed Kitchen Chaos on September 17, 2015 07:44am

Terrific closing to this chapter -

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MrsTattooedButterfly Reviewed Kitchen Chaos on August 10, 2015 05:28am Liked







Author's Response on August 10, 2015 03:12pm


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Blue Eyes2 Reviewed Kitchen Chaos on August 09, 2015 02:54am Liked

Buffy was always a social bird. Hate to see Henry go but the consequences would be too awkward. Had hoped that the claiming would have happened immediately but I guess they deserve some time to recoop.

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All4Spike Reviewed Kitchen Chaos on August 08, 2015 01:02pm Liked

I'm running out of superlatives for this story. Love everythig about it.

Author's Response on August 13, 2015 01:22pm

Big Grin Spoil me with praise, why don't you?

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magnus374 Reviewed Kitchen Chaos on August 08, 2015 11:50am

Spike is back, now they can relax and just interact. Some things will be changed in the future and after the things they did, it should. Elise seems to be one of the new things in the future and there should he other, more subtle things. The new future should probably have more Angel in it. He was a good friend to Buffy and he will be to Spike too. Spike didn't even get jelous, that's progress. 

There is much for Buffy and Spike to talk about and a lot of reconnecting too.

I can only remember the lighter, what other item did Buffy take from Spike's coat?

I did wonder some time ago if Anya would get pregnant from that one time before the Glory fight, and she did. A shock for Xander but hopfully he can see it as another good news.

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pfeifferpack Reviewed Kitchen Chaos on August 08, 2015 03:03am Liked

“He snores,” Buffy and Spike said in unison...  “Because if we did, we'd have to think about it.”  What a funny segment of conversation LOL.  I can just see all the looks Spike was getting (and Angel squirming no doubt).  Scarred Henry beyond the telling without question and maybe becomming an x rated dream of Buffy's in the future when she thinks about it.  LOL  Nice tip of the hat to all the slash fans in fandom there.

Not a chance in hell, Angel.   I just love the clear animosity Giles feels towards Angel yet it is NEVER over the top.  Giles has every reason to never cozy up to Angel again, never fully trust him.  At the same time I am loving his relationship with Spike and the time Scoobies.  


Of course it's yes.  Something Blue echoes in her answer.  LOVED that!!!  This time it's no spell in spite of Willow's accidental speeding up of their bonding.  This is her giving informed consent of the I Love You kind.


Now THAT is the sort of basking that has my full approval!

I really enjoyed this so very much.  It takes Buffy a while to hang up her General's uniform especially in the years since this all happened the first time.  She has had several years of hardening and mission and having to be on her guard 24/7 in so many ways for so many reasons.  Now she can breathe a bit more freely...except she is likely expecting the bill to come due.  The grand romantic reunion has happened but in a very Buffy and Spike way.  He's been through those years too and they tool their toll.  Neither are the carefree, quippy, people they were before the first time they took on Glory, first time they lost Joyce, first time they had to deal with the fall-out.  They are battle scarred and no doubt dealing with at least a bit of PTSD.

Lovely chapter.  Now on to the last (at least of this portion of the story).  What a treasure and what a Pleasure it has been to be on this E ticket ride (yeah, I'm old.....whatever LOL).


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ginar369 Reviewed Kitchen Chaos on August 08, 2015 01:36am Liked

Anya's pregnant???!!! I knew it! He's home and they have their family together. So the kids still happen but their lives aren't the same as the first forward jump. We'll have to see if that's a good or bad thing.

Author's Response on August 13, 2015 02:19pm

"So the kids still happen but their lives aren't the same as the first forward jump"

The differences between the "most likely future" they jumped into in March and the NEW "most likely future" Spike jumped into in July (and the one to which Henry returns) aren't all that huge. In Henry's original timeline (the one we saw in March), he said his parents were travelers in a very casual way, implying it was far more than a one time thing he'd heard stories about. Doyle said a different arrangement with the Powers was in play in that future, and that Elise wasn't part of it (explaining why Henry didn't know her on sight). Also, Henry has had relationship issues with his mother for the last few years in both versions, and we know 2030s Buffy was only causing those issues to secure what she knew as history.

That leaves us with one conclusion: The "storming of the PTB's castle" happened in both versions, with similar long term results, and with Henry there. But something played differently, something didn't go *exactly* the same as the PTB's number crunchers expected, and the arrangements between the Powers and the Pratts didn't shake out the same way, including Elise not visiting after the event. The most likely culprit in altering the PTB's "most likely future"? The Guardian. She never intended to see them again after they got the scythes. She canged her mind on that, broke some rules, and now things aren't going to be exactly the same.

Which brings us to a fun question: In the original "most likely" 2036, Spike and Buffy were in Moscow, clearly on a demon hunting job. In the altered "most likely" 2036, were they ACTUALLY in Moscow, or is that just what they told Henry to avoid any other accidental changes to the timeline when he traveled? Because -altered future or not- they've known since 2001 that's where he thinks they were. Yes, yes, I know. time travel makes the brain hurt. But isn't it FUN? Big Grin

Anya's pregnancy was foretold to the readers in the images of the toddler with Xander's eyes in the flash forwards. It was foretold to Buffy when that same kid appeared in a dream she later learned was from the Guardian. The kid was likley enough for the Guardian to put him in the dream even that early. Interesting timing, though. What made Anya getting pregnant so much more likely than canon that early in? Could it be because Buffy had that dream not long after she and Spike made the bunker plan? That dream was in chapter 10. The first reference to creating the bunker came at the end of chapter 7. Hmm...

So the bunker plan (as opposed to running out of town and back again) made Anya getting pregnant more likely. The destruction of the Magic Box counter in Chapter 11 indirectly led to the situation that got Eddie dusted six months later (interesting that he wasn't referenced in the possible happy ending scenario in Buffy's chapter 16 dream).

The chapter 16 dream screams "simple, perfect, happy ending" in a lot of ways. Willow didn't get called back from Devon early to help. Faith came back to be the slayer. The claim had happened by then (Dawn/Tara exchange about Buffy picking a bad day to get vain about something involving her hair and make up was an implication she was hiding the claim mark form Willow). Tara and Willow hadn't broken up. Spike was alive (ish) and well. But Joyce wasn't there. Eddie wasn't referenced. Joyce's death isn't a surprise. But was Eddie not referenced because he died in the final days with Glory? Because they never met him? Because he was dusted as Vamp #3 on a generic patrol night? Because he wasn't close enough to them to be referenced, even if he was around? The Guardian sent that dream, too. So Eddie wasn't likely to be an important part of the post-Glory days, that much is certain.

That dream also raises an interesting question: If the claim had happened before the tower, would things have gone massively better for (nearly) everyone? Buffy took the "Faith will come back and be the slayer and Willow will go to Devon" messages from the dream, but she left everything else un-analyized. In chapter 10, the Guardian showed her a likely future if nothing changed from their present course. It was kind of bleak and Buffy-less. In chapter 16, the Guardian showed her the same thing. Three big things changed in the interim: Willow got the offer to go to Devon, the Magic Box counter was destroyed, and the bond between Spike and Buffy had developed enough that (if Whistler hadn't interevened soon after) instincts were about to start trying to take over. Hmm... Whistler's intervention led directly to the night they met Eddie, led directly to Buffy putting an analytical face on the bond situation, deciding to thwart the instincts.

Ultimately, the question is, how much PTB interference CAUSED things to go the way they did? How much of the future was "most likely" because that's how the Powers WANTED it to go? Dance, Monkey. Dance.

Sorry, sorry. I tend to go off on tangents. Forgive me?

ginar369 Replied on August 31, 2015 09:37am

With all the flashes we saw when Willow was sending them back no one said flat out who the baby momma was. Anya could have died during the battle with Glory. Mourning Xander gets drunk has a one night stand.... Despite the better relationship they have now they could have still broken up. I can't wait to see Anya as a mom though. That's going to be funny as hell I bet.

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juggler Reviewed Kitchen Chaos on August 08, 2015 12:44am Liked

Ahhhh. That was nice. Thanks for the update.

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nojiri23 Reviewed Kitchen Chaos on August 08, 2015 12:37am Liked


Author's Response on August 08, 2015 09:24am

Big Grin

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gill Reviewed Kitchen Chaos on August 07, 2015 11:05pm Liked

Beautiful reunion in Bath. And I'm so excited for the Sunnydale scoobies! They want to see Spike too! And Anya's news! Such a happy chapter. I feel like a lot of threads are being wrapped up... will we see some of Willow's before the story ends?

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madspuffyfan Reviewed Kitchen Chaos on August 07, 2015 11:03pm Liked

Loved it. Will we find out what they changed in the future?

Author's Response on August 08, 2015 09:33am

The changes to the future the 2036 jump and Henry showed us were minor. The Unknown Date jump is actually from the adjusted future, the path they're now on. It's a very similar world. As for seeing it, knowing the details, and seeing how everything plays out, well, that's what sequels are for.

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