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Sigyn Reviewed Puppet Masters on January 26, 2016 09:50pm Liked

Where the hell does this Elise come from?

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alive_or_dead Reviewed Puppet Masters on January 25, 2016 08:57am Liked

*sigh* yeah, I remember this... I remember hating the PtB and loving Elise and laughing at Dru and ... *deeper sigh*

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nmcil Reviewed Puppet Masters on September 17, 2015 05:51am

Great Chapter - totally exciting -

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MrsTattooedButterfly Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 10, 2015 04:39am Liked










Author's Response on August 10, 2015 03:13pm


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Blue Eyes2 Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 09, 2015 01:23am Liked

You sure are good at spring surprises. William's sister cool. 

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Torrilin Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 06, 2015 01:58am Liked

You're evil. Just getting that out of the way.

The twins. Huh, guess I was right about 'em. I'm not quite seeing how they get to be both axes and kids, at the same time. Coz it sounded like Henry recognized 'em... And I'm wondering why we find out Elise is an agent just now... Seems like I'm seeing less of the story and how it works than when we started. Which usually means I've missed bits.

wow that was a whole lot of shoes dropping on our heads.

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DidiSummers Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 11:41pm

Wow that master plan the PTB had was awful... The way you made B and company to reveal it was awesome...huge Cliffhanger you left us there, can't wait for next chapter!!! I really hope B/they get Spike back

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kfocht Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 11:11pm Liked

Ahhhhh don't stop losing my mind here!!
At least I can say your great about updates. Thank you :-)

Author's Response on August 06, 2015 02:24am

I'm making you crazy and eager for more? I must be doing ok. Wink

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gill Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 10:10pm Liked

Elise, what a fun development! I hope they live through this long enough for it to be made use of. I feel I have been very patient here - getting antsy to see Spike ;)

And how horrifying this revelation about the PTB planning to use the twins! And equally amazing Tara's promotion! This is such a complex story - well done!

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juggler Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 08:42pm Liked

Things got very complicated ! Loved having Dru there to help. I like Tara and the Guardian. Thanks of the update.

Author's Response on August 05, 2015 07:41pm

More complicated in some ways, but answering some lingering questions in others. Puppet Master is (in a way) a continuation of Puzzle Pieces, figuring things out, clearing up the big picture.

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jhiz Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 08:35pm Liked

hmm, that was totally not how I expected that exchange.  The Elise thing was totally not in my realm of thought.  the twins... not so much a surprise.

This was quite an enjoyable chapter.  You did a great job describing the fight with the over-sized monsters.  It had a nice mix of action and dialogue.  Dru showing up was a cool touch.  Glad she was able to help the family *laugh* how strange is it to have Drusilla as the crazy creepy Aunt (loved the comment about leaving Henry with her... wonder how that would have turned out *evil laugh* second generation dark prince?).

Anyway, thank you so much for update.  i so totally enjoy this tale and get giddy every time I see a new update.

Author's Response on August 05, 2015 07:39pm

Well, you didn't think I threw in two separate references to William Pratt's long dead sister just for fun, did ya? Every thread leads somewhere. Wink

I love the fight scene, in part because we see most of it from Henry's perspective, and Buffy was right: he was in over his head. Angel had to save hs butt. Twice.

How would you feel about getting giddy three days in a row? I think I'll post another chapter in a few hours.

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maarella Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 08:30pm

I do adore this chapter.  Teach the Powers to be so careless of their 'instruments'.  They get snaked right out from under them and for darn good reason.  I do love that Guardian. I am disappointed in TPTB, but then when have they ever really done anything for Buffy?  Angel maybe-thinking snowstorm etc, but not Buffy who was the best they had.  I can't help but hope they learn they are going to have to get off their high horse a bit and make some sort of amends, so that things might be a tad easier, but regardless loving loving that they were claimed for a job that they will definitely like better almost certainly in the long run.  They don't get sent willy nilly to help someone with a nudge and a wink and, and since they are the Slayer's guardian agents they don't have to be involved in Angel's oh so stupid plans if he will still have those-though the who rebuilding Los Angeles comment from Henry earlier makes me think that for the most part he is still an idiot a lot of the time.  But regardless, Yay for so far getting the best of them here.  Maybe they will learn a little about those that are not just 'their instruments to wield'.

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nojiri23 Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 07:01pm Liked

Whoa........ wait...... You can't stop there! !!!!!!

Author's Response on August 05, 2015 07:34pm

Hehe. Eager for more?

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ginar369 Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 05:55pm Liked

They've managed to gain a lot of admirers haven't they. The PTB only see the forest not the trees. They see their plans but not how those plans effect the people they use for them. You can't treat your warriors or weapons as they call them like crap and still expect them to fight for you and your cause. People have a breaking point. And the PTB just found Buffy's. She'll be damned to hell and back again before she lets Henry get involved in the family business now no matter the price she has to pay. And I think Spike would stand by her side in that too. So the Guardian of the line has retired and named Tara as her replacement and tied Tara to Buffy and Spike. Nicely done!!! She extracted a promise from Buffy to protect the future slayers. Spike's (or I guess William's) sister left her day job too! That's going to be fun! Although I don't remember her from the jump foward so maybe they changed some things? Buffy gained another little sister. Granted Elise is much older than Buffy but now she isn't much more than a teenager like Dawn. She's going to need to call Charlie again! LOL 

The PTB really did use Doyle. Badly. He thought he was honestly helping and come to find out they wanted him to bring Henry there. Well I'm pretty sure that just blew up in the PTB's faces.


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kittyfajitas Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 05:17pm Liked

Whoa!  I can see why you didn't want to wait to post.  That's pretty wild.  So the Guardian is separate from the PTB, and B/S & her family have been claimed by her as fellow protectors of the Slayer line.  Do I have that right?  Will Buffy still be "immortal" if she and Spike become mates?  I was never very clear on if that was an Agent thing or a claim thing.

Anyway, another excellent and intriguing chapter!  Can't wait to see what happens next!  Applause

Author's Response on August 05, 2015 07:47pm

The Guardian didn't explain her role directly when the travelers first met her, only said that Buffy's "branch office" description was sort of accurate. And now, upon the Guardian's death, Tara will be the successor to the Guardianship, 'aided' in her workd by her chosen family, making her sort of a boss to Buffy and Spike. (That sounds SO fun! The sequel's going to be a blast to write!)

Buffy's jump from the mortal coil is associated directly with the claim, future higher plane job prospects may come and go, but for that, the claim is all that matters.

More soon!

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magnus374 Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 03:33pm

Good description of them getting ready for battle. I was surprised that Dru showed up, happily surprised though. I think that they talked about china during her chapter, and with her powers, she would know about this. Henry did of course interest her. The fighting went well,  but we could see how new Henry is at this.

I acctually thought that Doyle planned to make Henry an active fighter, but it seems like he was fooled to do so. As we know, the forces of good is just as dangerous and unfeeling as the forces of evil. Well, Buffy's team got another agent on their side now it seems. The Guardien too and she seems to have a lot of power. Onmthe show she seemed more or lese pointless, so it's good that she is used in a better way here.

Buffy can't back down now, she must keep fighting. It's the only way to get some sort of freedom from the Powers. Maybe they can start to work for some neutral power instead, and totally change the gameThinking

Author's Response on August 05, 2015 09:14pm

Yay! You caught the China reference! Yes, in March, Dru said she was heading for China. I threw in a reminder right after Spike's death, with Buffy telling Angel to have his contacts look for her there. Now we know why Dru was headed out that way. Crazy seer, you never know what she's up to.

Poor Henry, he's as green as Dawn in the battlefield, inherent strength or not.

Nope, Doyle, low man on the totem pole that he is, just thought he was helping Buffy out (and maybe Henry some, too). No sneaky ulterior motives. He played into the PTB's plan (along with Buffy) unwittingly. It's always a question about how "good" the PTB is, isn't it? We know they have plans for how things will/should go, and have a thing for keeping the balance that makes them look like good guys. But are they actual good guys? Or just "the bosses," beings in charge of keeping the world going, who only lean "good" by default?

Buffy once asked the Guardian if the Guardianship of the Slayer Lineage was like a PTB "branch office," and the Guardian didn't give her a direct answer. We know she has some power of her own, and regrets not throwing her weight around sooner, but we don't know exactly how much power it is she has, or exactly what it is she's just signed Tara, Buffy, and Spike up for.  *sniffs* Am I the only one getting another whiff of Eau de Sequel Set Up? That smell seems to show up pretty often, lately. Hmm...

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All4Spike Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 03:20pm Liked

Sneaky buggers!

Just proves what I've always thought. The Powers That Be aren't necessarily Good with a capital Goo. They're just that. Powers. They have their own agenda and use their power to manipulate their agents and instruments to further that agenda. They're pragmatic and are prepared to lie, cheat and mislead and otherwise do whatever it takes, disregarding the effect it has on the living beings they use.

Good on Buffy & Doyle for finally figuring it out.

Now what?

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xblacklilyx Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 02:25pm Liked

99% of the time higher powers are assholes, Buffy has finally realised and is stickin it to them! That's what Buffy does best :)

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JennaKaylor Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 02:12pm Liked

Damn it! I want Spike back!!!!!! I'm gonna pout!!!!! :(

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lucib85 Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 01:09pm

I just love this story your writing is amazing and keeps me on my toes the whole time. Keep up the great work. 

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Behind Blue Eyes Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 12:27pm

Puppet Master indeed.  The Powers should be really taking Buffy seriously, she's done being their "dancing monkey".  I wonder what the powers have in store for the twins?  Obviously it's something big, since Junior didn't go all Marty McFly already.  As always looking forward to more.  (Does this mean you'll be posting tomorrow too?  *fingers crossed*)

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pfeifferpack Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 10:59am Liked

Henry rolled his shoulders stiffly  Just like his daddy before a  battle LOL  I can see it perfectly.

YAY for full on Giles.  He's back to the man he was before he let himself become Travers, Jr. so going back saved him too.

WOW so much yummy goodness!  Dru shows up to help her "family" and she's reasonably in control of herself so a genuine asset.  The Guardian turning up was wonderful.  Slayers NEED this support on many planes, obviously.  Elise was a real surprise and I have to say I like it.

The PTB (these at least) are like super Watchers seeing Buffy and Spike (everyone really) as mere pawns to further their ends.  They haver the same attitudes as Travers (has he got a job offer waiting later I'd bet...he's a natural).  Asshats.  Not Gods but powerful beings rather like the Senior Partners without the commitment to evil.  Very dangerous and amoral.

Loved the battle and the explanation that Anne and Henry are the "prize" and Buffy and Spike were considered tools.  The PTB's are clearly idiots not seeing the value of their "resources" and also having no understanding of how to "win friends and influence enemies".  They have been just what Spike often calls them, the Powers the love to Screw you Over (or variations on this idea).


Doubt Henry OR Anne will be willing to be useful tools after this if the PTB don't straighten this out in an agreeable way.   Since they are the "prize" they hold the cards.  Henry didn't want to be part of the family business anyway.  I think a family "strike" is called for and bet they would too.

Excellent....excellent.  Can't wait for more!!!!!!!FlowersBowBravo  This is a true classic in every sense and I can't wait for the rest not only of this story but the sequel.



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knightowl Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 10:20am Liked


Author's Response on August 05, 2015 07:57pm

Big Grin

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TexasEx Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 09:22am Liked

I know I don't write a reivew nearly often enough, but I do like each and every chapter.  I am really loving this story and all of the characters have become some of my favourite portrayals of themselves.  Can't wait to see what happens next!  This was such an exciting chapter of a great story!

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maarella Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 08:25am

Oh, I do hope that this was more slight of hand from the Powers that Be, even if the Guardian was speaking.  I absolutely detest the idea that Buffy and Spike weren't supposed to be agents, but to have only raised them.  It is a slap in the face for everything they have suffered and everything they have done for The Powers That Be.  Awful awful.  If it is by some chance really true, I hope that they will all buckle down-the whole bunch of them-and say they are retired.  And that Buffy and Spike decide no children.  As much as they already love them, serving up their children as Butt Monkeys that might get just as screwed by the Powers as they have been or even worse is not something a good parent would wish for a child if they could see the future, no matter how much the thought of kids has set in.  So I am hoping this isn't a corect interpretation in this chapter at all and just more of that slight of hand.  As mentioned Buffy has been the greatest slayer ever for them and has always gotten pretty much nothing from it and I cannot imagine that her descendents being watched and hoping to be used by the PTB and lied to in order to manipulate them as she and Spike and even Tara was would be something that she would want at all.   I hope the story isn't going that way, and if  by some chance there was a lot of truth in some this, I hope that Buffy and Spike screw them over big time so they don't get 'any' of what they want.  I know that everytime I hear that sentence that 'they are our tools to weild' that is seriously pisses me off.  They are supposed to be their champions not mindless creations to do and be happy with whatever they are told.  Heck the world would have ended several times over by now if Buffy had ever had that attitude.  I'm irked about possible thoughts of this being right, but still hanging on with a little bit of roap to keep reading in the hopes that you as the writer have some great ideas to make all of this work out.  Funny, I am pissed.  Buffy must be feeling pretty much homicidal and no doubt also completely contrary and determined to give them nothing of what they want if she has anything to say about it.  I hope anyway.  Please please update soon, and I won.t even have my biggest wish that Spike comes back after this chapter-unless he is helping to show the Powers what is what about all this.  My hope is that these words and talk about raising the assets instead of being ones is changed and fixed quickly.  Not that Henry and Annie couldn't be their own someday of course.  Must stop talking in my outrage now as it is nearly 2:30 in the morning.  I didn't like this chapter in the fact of what it seemed to say at all and am hoping it isn't true and just more dancing munkies, but please update soon with a hopeful extra pretty please that what we heard and saw in this chapter isn't actually the truth of things. 

As I read my review again the the light of day-considering I was ranting in the middle of the night, I thought I should definitely clarify that I wasn't ranting 'at you', but at the possibly extremey manipulative and game playing and full of themselves various powers if this by horror somehow happened to be true.  I had had hopes that the Guardian-who was the only one that seemed to want to give them any assistance at all before was happy with the powers and gave Buffy and Spike some of the weapons that she had as she too was not too happy at the powers then.  So I am hoping this is just more slight of hand.  Please please more sleight of hand and not the the 'ultimate' truth.  I say ultimate, because the powers may have plans for Buffy and Spike-and I could see that they could love another generation so to speak afterward, but the idea that they are after all just supposed to be good little breading animals and train the true agents is is a horrible thought to me.  Guess will see what happens next or if the Powers will have to do a little bit of 'dance monkey dance for a while', LOL.

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madspuffyfan Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 07:52am Liked

Loved it

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ValidescopeWest Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 06:32am Liked

Early post FTW. Crazy shenanigans happening here. Glad Dru stopped in for family game night, otherwise know as battle time. Poor Henry. He really just doesn't have it in him and to be the focus of the PTB as a future agent. Tough luck. So this means that 2036 Spuffy knew the kids were the focal point and not that why Buffy was pushing him to get in the family business? If all this happened by 2036, is this some circular paradox? (Having a Doctor Who timey whimey moment). Is that what Spike meant by saying they had to tell him? I kind of saw that Tara would be the Guardian Successor, makes sense. What I don't understand is where the Guardian is on the power hierarchy if she can override stuff? Poor Doyle got played. Elise! Now what is her purpose going forward...Tara saying to the PTB that she thought they were the good guys....when you think about it, exactly who are the PTB? Are they supposed to be the opposite of the First Evil or is that some other entity? Are they just for balance? Once again they mentioned Buffy was supposed to wait...their time wasn't linear. That says something. I wonder how Spike is going to feel about all of this when we finally catch up to him? Buffy is going after him almost like he is a hostage but I wonder if he was given a choice. If so how is that going to play out.

So many chapter please.


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American Aurora Reviewed Puppet Masters on August 05, 2015 05:44am

Hey myrabeth -

I've been following this fic from the very beginning - it's exciting to read the final climactic chapters.

If the remaining chapters hold up as well as the first fifty, I think you've created a new Spuffy classic.

Well done!  

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