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Sigyn Reviewed Living Leverage on January 26, 2016 01:00pm Liked

I don't exactly know what to make of Henry.

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alive_or_dead Reviewed Living Leverage on January 25, 2016 07:58am Liked

I think I want to start 'Speaking Pratt'... It sounds pretty fun, and it'll confuse people XD

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MrsTattooedButterfly Reviewed Living Leverage on August 10, 2015 02:56am Liked










Author's Response on August 10, 2015 12:28am


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amylase Reviewed Living Leverage on August 03, 2015 09:16am

still loving this story.

Author's Response on August 03, 2015 02:00pm

Good! Thanks!

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juggler Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 08:31pm Liked

I enjoy Henry and the conversations with and about him. Giles was nice and I do love that Doyle is lending a helping hand. Thanks for the up date.

Author's Response on August 03, 2015 02:09pm

Henry's fun, because he's such a mix of his history, of his parents and the world he grew up in with them. He doesn't talk much about himself, or about his time, which is probably for the best, given the potential complications with time travel. But he lets you in enough to get a glimpse of his world, of what shaped him as a person. He may not be an experienced demon fighter, like his sister, but he grew up in the same environment, with the same people around, the same apocalypses, weird events, and sense of family that's bigger than simple blood connections. He was born a Scooby and raised by them. He may have never been active in their world until recently, but he's always been a part of it, and it shows.

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madspuffyfan Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 07:48pm Liked

Loved it

Author's Response on August 03, 2015 02:12pm


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ValidescopeWest Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 06:44pm Liked

Next chapter please....

Author's Response on August 03, 2015 02:12pm

Coming soon!

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Blue Eyes2 Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 03:50pm Liked

Hmmm, I thankfully understood the code and I am so super, super glad that Doyle brought Henry to help. I think he was the best choice although poor Giles talk about adjusting and being out of the loop. But seeing is believing so hopefully he will be betgter about the supporting although granted he did do his best against ingrained feelings.

Author's Response on August 04, 2015 01:13am

I actually did a last minute expansion of the message for Angel. It was originally, "Plan B is viable. Risk the tantrum." I stretched it out to make it more clear that she was asking for him to join her latest army. Angel would probably get it without clarification (and he called back, anyway), but I wasn't certain the readers would.

Poor Giles, indeed. But the mental image of swords and such clattering on the front stoop and Giles standing there, very nearly slack-jawed at his first sight of Henry, just cracks me up.

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All4Spike Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 03:04pm Liked

Oh, I do love this twist! At last, Giles has to takes eriously Buffy's insistence that Spike will come back. As indeed he should have done from the beginning!

Author's Response on August 03, 2015 02:31pm

You didn't think I did the 2036 chapter just for fun, did you? *evil grin* There HAD to be a pay off to such a bizarre detour, eventually. Henry's arrival is less of a twist and more of an un-twisting of the "Why did we even get that chapter?" confusion. But even now, it's not as straightforward as it seems.

Poor Giles. He keeps getting slammed with more and more of the Time Scoobies' wild world, from the mate-desperate, Council-robbing general who used to be his slayer, to the casual revelation that she's been to the future and met her "frankly impossible" children, and Dawn and Tara knew about it. And now we find him in the dining room of an old farmhouse in his own hometown, researching methods for a mission he would have never considered, with one of the impossible children at the table with him. The poor man has been put through the ringer. But, to his credit, he's stayed with them. He's been hesitant. He's tried to talk some sense to Buffy (who he's clearly convinced is verging on some kind of crack up/break down). But he hasn't bailed out, or taken any undermining action. He's learned to trust this post-time-travel Buffy, and won't give up earning/keeping her trust for himself. It took him a while to get here, but he's finally someone she would trust to walk behind her Lieutenant. And he doesn't want to blow it.

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Zay Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 02:39pm

more please



Author's Response on August 02, 2015 12:08pm

More soon!

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momnesia Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 01:21pm Liked

I relly hope this means Spike is coming home!    As much as I like Henry, he is no Spike!    Thanks so much for the update!

Author's Response on August 02, 2015 10:46am

No, Henry is definitely no Spike. Looks a lot like him, but his personality is closer to Buffy's, with a little original William thrown in.

So I guess we're going to have to get the real deal. Plan B is viable, and the General is gathering soldiers. It's about to get fun.


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gill Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 12:02pm Liked

But WE don't know what that means!!! Excited that we got to see junior Pratt again - it really did a nice job of (maybe) softening Buffy up? Last chapter Buffy felt a little off the rails - hopefully this slowed her down enough to come up a still viable but less risky plan.

“You're evil.”

“I got it honest.”


Author's Response on August 02, 2015 10:58am

I love that exchange. It's quick, simple, funny, and tells you a lot about Henry's upbringing in very few words. In his time, that's very likely a running family joke. At the very least, no one seems to have ever hidden the fact that dear old Dad is a retired serial killer from the kids. *shakes head* You just KNOW that was a weird childhood.

Henry's presence does seem to bring Buffy back to earth. She's just as focused on the mission, but she's noticeably calmer. It's probably in part because his continued existence bolsters her confidence in what she's up to. But I think it's also in part because he's a living connection Spike. The closest thing to that she's had around up to this point is Angel. (What a family!)

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xblacklilyx Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 11:51am Liked

Henry, kind of sad he's one of those playboy types, but lookin like his dad I can see how that came about hahahaha

Author's Response on August 02, 2015 11:12am

We got some hints that Henry was a playboy back when we first met him. This just makes it a little more in your face. I like it. I enjoy the kids being flawed people, and having those flaws be tied directly to their parents (nature, nurture, or some combination). Henry has his father's looks, and uses them to advantage with women. He's also a little bookish and nerdy, when he doesn't have any women around to impress. (a little Spike, a little original William) He's got his mother's commitment-reluctance and her (now outgrown) wish to hide out in the human world... and her weakness for certain foods. :P

We'll see more of Anne in the sequel, and see that she's got a little of the best and the worst of her parents in her personality, too. Point number one: She's unbelieveably stubborn, and -although she has a good relationship with both parents- she tends to get into "no one is going to cave, so it's pointless" arguments with Spike. And we've already seen that she's a demon hunter with a big ego about it. Anne and Henry may not be much alike themselves, but there's no question who their parents are. The parents aren't saints, and neither are the kids.

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Torrilin Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 10:38am Liked

Huh. Puzzle pieces. And they're not at all the shape I thought I'd get. But it makes sense that Henry would help calm Buffy down. I'm not sure what Whistler anod Dpyle are going for here tho.

Author's Response on August 02, 2015 11:17am

Poor Whistler is out of the game, as far as current actions. He didn't know Henry was going to show up. No one is making any real attempt to rescue him. He's just stuck.

Doyle's motivations for bringing Henry in clear up a little in the next chapter.

As for what the PTB at large is up to, and what the big picture looks like, we'll just have to wait for this latest Plan B to go into action. Wink

Torrilin Replied on August 02, 2015 12:14pm

Well, Whistler is only out of the game if he decides to be, y'know? He had a plan, or something he thought was a plan. And he's found out what the plan didn't survive contact with (Buffy) so he has now identified at least one enemy... So now he gets to decide what he wants to do with his data. And he wants something, or he wouldn't be bothering to work for the PTB...

Huh. This is kinda helping me see at least one part of where Buffy's plan is going wrong. Since Buffy chose to antagonize Willow, and isn't putting any effort into her relationship with Willow... it's a lot unlikely for Willow to help Buffy get the kids. Buffy's being her own enemy here. Never a good thing when the enemy your plans don't survive contact with is... you. Must make a better plan that actually fits reality. (I'm sure a lot of us have plenty of experience with that one. it's a very human thing)

Author's Response on August 03, 2015 02:43pm

Don't forget that Whistler isn't a true power player. He's an *employee* of power, not a power himself. And we know from all the way back in Becoming that they don't tell him everything. They played him with the Acathla thing, telling him Angel needed to be close to the slayer to prevent Acathla's rise, not that Angel would be the cause of it. The PTB have a bigger picture -and bigger plans- than what they tell their agents. Whistler has a lot of autonomy, but he's still a middle man.

The Buffy/Willow relationship vs. the future kids doesn't seem like a pressing issue to Buffy. Dawn and Tara know exactly what year the forward jump was to, and Buffy doesn't, but she can at least get a ballpark figure. Tara looked like she was in her fifties. The twins looked like mid-twenties. If I were in Buffy's place, I'd guess the kids are about a decade down the line, give or take a few years. Also, if things never shape up with Willow, Buffy and Spike have already been given an a Plan B for getting the kids that doesn't rely on Willow or PTB help: A certain demon shaman in Africa, or someone like him. Could that plan go horribly wrong, in a dozen different ways? Absolutely. But why worry about that now, since it looks like they've got a few years to see how things go with Willow?

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magnus374 Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 10:27am

So Doyle brought back a visitor from the future. That seems to have two purposes, to give Buffy hope, letting her see that the twins future still exist and to make Henry an active fighter on the Powers side. Both Tara and Dawn are used to weird things now, they took this well and it is a pretty weird situation. Poor Giles though, another shock, again. I like how Henry told him that he was the closest thing to a grandson he ever got. This tells us that Giles was close to the family in the future. I liked how Buffy spoke about Henry to Giles. Tara seemed to be very close to them too, I do hope she has a life of her own though. It also seems like Doyle will get a promotion and become the Pratts "case worker" in the future. Also some nice interaction with Dawn.

It does seems like Henry being here calmed Buffy down, she is a bit embarrest over her "losing controle". She is still ready to carry out 

plan B though, so she's not sorry about the threats just about how she made them. I liked the message to Angel.

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ginar369 Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 09:50am Liked

That was awesome of Doyle. He gave her someone to ease the ache of missing Spike and to validate her plans. If Henry still exists Spike is coming back. And since Henry is the same age he was the first time she met him the future hasn't changed as far as when Spike comes back. Plus now Giles is read in a bit more and understands why Buffy has been so determined to get him back. She loves him, she misses him but she really wants her kids to happen. And for that she needs Spike. But she is also going to have to mend fences with Willow. The stone she caught by accident was dropped after the battle when she talked about Nikki and Robin but if she isn't on friendly terms with Willow who knows if Willow will make it possible. Unless Willow does it as a way to worm herself back into Buffy's life again.

It's funny though Willow said she would never do a spell that affected others emotions without telling them first. But apparently altering them enough physically to let a pregnancy happen when it is normally impossible is okay? Yeah her ethics are seriously screwed coven training or not. 

Seeing Henry was a nice surprise. And Doyle was right. He was a part of their lives. Henry didn't bat an eyelash at seeing him. Knew who he was immediately and only questioned why he was there. And now he knows the truth about the claim. And why when this Buffy came to see him it wasn't there and why his parents lied to him and his sister. Who wants to explain all that to their kids?! In my first timeline I died. Then we went back in time and your father died. Then I got him back and a witch made it possible for us to have you without us knowing about it? Yeah. They'd need therapy for that one. Awareness of the supernatural or not that's a lot to take in.


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nojiri23 Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 09:01am Liked

Cool.  Cryptic.  Read  Looking forward to more! 

Author's Response on August 02, 2015 11:18am

Cryptic? Nah. I just went for "show, not tell" with this latest Plan B, in a big way. More soon!

nojiri23 Replied on August 02, 2015 09:11pm

Too true!! Tongue Out  "More soon!" <--- Yay!!!!Squee

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knightowl Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 08:55am Liked


Author's Response on August 03, 2015 02:14pm

Big Grin Glad you're still dancing!

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crazyjane Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 08:18am Liked

Yay, hope we're gonna see some PTB ass kicking. Great update.

Author's Response on August 03, 2015 02:14pm

The General is back, and she's starting to gather troops. This could get fun.

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pfeifferpack Reviewed Living Leverage on August 02, 2015 07:31am Liked

“Don't start with me, kid. I still have your entire childhood ahead of me, ready to ruin.”  *giggle*  How delishiously convoluted time travel can be.  Loved Grandpa Giles reaction, totally priceless.

Smart Doyle, among the good things of having Henry there is that it is reassurance to Buffy that the twins will exist and that means they have to have a daddy.  Plan B is likely to be epic.  Surprised Annie didn't come along as well since she had the skills already.

Buffy is letting Angel in on things and he will understand the meaning for sure.

I'm enjoying the casual way they are all dealing with the guestage.  Powerless ponce should have had some empathy and he wouldn't be in that position.

I liked Henry being taken to task about how his father committed to his passions, all of them.  He must be more like Buffy...likes to avoid commitment as long as possible. Apples don't fall far from the tree.  

I'll bet their code speak did make people wonder.

Lovely chapter.  Lots of smile worthy moments and I laughed several times as well.



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