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Sigyn Reviewed Fifth Wheels on January 26, 2016 09:56am

yeah, snap out of it, willow. it's not all about you.

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alive_or_dead Reviewed Fifth Wheels on January 25, 2016 06:52am Liked

After reading the last few chapters, I feel like going for a walk round the corner to the bottle-o and grabbing some Jack... sad2

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Blue Eyes2 Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 27, 2015 09:58pm Liked

I hope Faith helped both of them reminding Xander about his other friends and Willow about focusing on the mission. 


I know Buffy is big on the being on top of things and remaining tough but I agree with Angel she needs to let it out and cry. Plus I'm really glad Angel has been a helping ear for her.

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maarella Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 10:39pm

Well the death wish is what he taught her, but I'm thinking the important part might be that she had others to hold her to the life? Maybe.  Is it The Council they are breaking into?  I'm thinking that as much as Buffy seems to need it now that the situation with Angel won't be ideal when Spike returns.  Not that I think he would begrudge her the talks on the phone to help her cope, but her son seemed definitely gave off vibes in different ways that Angel wasn't possibly a close family friend.  Back when, I can't remember right off what I read but at the time I wondered if Buffy was going to break that promise not to come in smelling like Angel at some point down the road.  I hope not.  She can be incredibly self righteous about many things, but at least I hope that she keeps remembering the cost of things.

Willow really pisses me off.  All this was caused by her future actions and while she herself didn't do it so they aren't really blaming her for it, she sure is doing a lot of poor me, and her resentful feelings aren't going to do she and Tara's relationship any good, nor should it.  Instead of allowing herself to appreciate how Tara has grown or being horrified that Tara 'DIED', she still wants to be the big cheese and the big witch in the relationship.  I will say that I am very pleased at what the Time Travelers have done with Xander.  He is a better person and will be a better friend.  I didn't miss that Xander was a possibility for coming over and Willow's name was not even mentioned.  Loving Faith, but then I did like her better after she came back, a bit of mutiny aside since I never held her to the same level of loyalty or saw the betrayal to be as great.  Update soon I hope.

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madspuffyfan Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 07:45pm Liked

Loved it

Author's Response on July 27, 2015 04:59pm


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goldseadragon Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 06:08pm

I am so freaking lost. I think I stopped getting chapter notifications a while ago. Has the site been acting up for anyone else?

Author's Response on July 27, 2015 06:08pm

Not that I've heard.

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Torrilin Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 03:16pm

Ok, I'm feeling like the dream has much less cryptic. (tho I still need to do a bit of rereading to double check bits and pieces of my theory)

Spike went to kill Doc on schedule. And while there is a way to kill Doc and make it stick, and Spike knows it, he didn't use it. Doc was his insurance policy to keep selling that Tara was the key. I haven't quite figured out why Spike chose to lose that fight on the tower. But based on the dream, he lost for a reason there. Why'd he lose? I'm not sure yet.

So in Buffy's dream, even tho it's framed as a "Fool for Love" dream, it's Buffy's brain trying to work out exactly what Spike's reasoning was. She's not asking the right questions. And Dream-Spike says that why'd they lose has the same answer as "who are you, Buffy?". She's the answer to a problem. I feel like as the reader, I kinda need to be asking a different question. Who is "they"? And why is Buffy the answer to making "them" lose? (and I can think of some definite ideas for who "they" might be... coz from one point of view, Buffy's resurrection is what let the First loose. but I don't think her resurrection was the *only* pathway being explored. and there's rather a lot of bits and bobs that lead nowhere good that preventing her resurrection won't stop. like Darla. probably plenty of other options too. I need to count on my fingers and stare at the shapes more)

I'm still giving Spike and the sycthes a pretty suspicious side eye here. He's the one who was insisting that they couldn't be "the twins". And it was right after he met their theoretical future offspring where he started on that.

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xblacklilyx Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 02:40pm Liked


Buffys plan is moving forward, an interesting dream... hmmmmm...

Author's Response on July 28, 2015 05:05pm

Plans are slowly coming together. Big changes are coming.

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gill Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 01:25pm Liked

Am loving that we get to see the way the Sunnydale Scoobies are rebuilding.

Am trying not to be too frustrated by the fact that I still don't understand what Buffy is planning!

Great chapter, as always.

Author's Response on July 27, 2015 06:11pm

Don't be frustrated. Buffy doesn't have a master plan set up yet, just the B&E plot and some theories. But we're about to see some real planning start to take shape.

As for the Slayer Scoobies, post-prison Faith looks like she's going to be better for them than anyone would have expected. Smile

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All4Spike Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 01:11pm Liked

I'm wondering what B&E Buffy et. al. are planning. The Council? The PTB? W&H? Can't wait!

And Buffy allows Spike's 'voice' to lead her to ask for a part in the reno. She'll be good at that and enjoy it as a distraction, and also curtail her boozing. Shame she's still getting the dreams, but I'm like her. I'm no good with the cryptic! The dream messages are as bad as the Vision Quest 'Forge strength from pain', 'Full of love' and 'Death is your gift' thing and first season Angel at his worst!

I do like this Faith! She's really grown up and matured in prison and has some very good common sense advice to give both Xander (and I just love that he's admitting missing Spike & Eddie!) and Mopey!Willow. I can totally see her forging a strong bond with Anya. Hopefully, Willow will do some growing up over the summer and be in a position to start afresh with Tara when the Time Scoobies come back. Unless either/both of them find someone new in the meantime...

Just loving this story! Applause

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momnesia Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 12:54pm Liked

I'm with Buffy on this one. . . .the dream Spike was so cryptic he was channeling early Angel!    The thing with Willow has me in a snit.   If Xander, the most anti-vampire member of the scoobies can welcome and get along with Spike as well as Eddie and other demons, what is Willow's problem?    By this point, I would have half expected Willow to actually like Spike, since he helped point out to Tara's family and the scoobies that Tara was all human, and not half demon like her family insisted!   It seems to me as though Willow is blaming Spike (indirectly, of course) for not being 'top dog' with Buffy and the others. . . .or am I reading too much fan fiction baggage into this?    Thanks so much for the updates!!!    The edge of my seat is starting to wear out!

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nojiri23 Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 12:16pm Liked

great chapter.  now give me back Spke!!!!! Tongue Out

Author's Response on July 31, 2015 10:52pm

Thanks!  I think everyone misses him. Tongue Out

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kimothyschma Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 11:17am

I'm really loving supportive Angel, Xander, and Faith. Heck, I even love Drunk Buffy, she's so blunt. Can't wait to see what happens next!

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ginar369 Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 10:53am Liked

I love that Faith got Xander calling Willow mopey!! Faith was right part of the break up was Willow's fault. She just couldn't accept the changes in Tara or the new dynamics with the group. Anyone else would have been proud of the changes in Tara. She was convidant, assertive and a full fledged card carry member of the Scooby Gang instead of being a hanger-on. But Willow doesn't do change. She wanted everything just like it was. I can't even blame Tara for breaking up with Willow. The level of callousness Willow showed for Buffy's grief well it would make me wonder about my partner too. If they could be so indeferent to someone else's pain in favor of playing footsie with their girlfriend.... And really Faith needed an answer. If Willow wasn't going to hang around and be a Scooby then Faith needed to find another witch.

I'm surprised that Buffy hasn't told Angel that she thinks the PTB are going to bring Spike back. Whistler made it clear that with the battle with the first they were going to bring back whichever one died. If it was Spike he was going to have that assignment with Angel so maybe that's the plan anyway? And Angel might be playing the friend card right now but if Spike get sent to him who knows what Angel will say or do to Spike. Because frankly I'm not positive that Angel completely accepts Buffy and Spike as husband and wife and chosen mates. Angel has the same problem as Willow he thinks it always about him and hates change.

I don't know that telling Giles the truth about their plans is the wisest course of action. He'll have all kinds of arguments about it. It's dangerous, it screws with the natural order of things, the PTB might punish them for messing with their plans.

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duke6665 Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 08:28am Liked

I really loved this chapter; Faith has always been a favorite of mine. I like that she is finally able to be one of the scoobies. I also loved her talk with mopie. :) I always hated how everyone thinks Faith should do everything the way Buffy does, Faith the slayer is completely different then Buffy the slayer so it only makes sense that she would have her own unique style and way of patrolling.    

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MrsTattooedButterfly Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 08:23am Liked








Author's Response on August 04, 2015 01:01am


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crazyjane Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 08:21am Liked

Beilliant update, loving this fic

Author's Response on July 28, 2015 05:05pm


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magnus374 Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 08:06am

They got their things then, good then they can make it more like a home. Giles is of course worried about how Buffy is dealing with her sorrow. Their talk had some awkward moments, but they got to talk about some important things. We can see that Giles is becoming more fatherlike and they are getting closer again. Then a dream again. There was talking about people who were going to lose. Maybe he ment that Buffy will win and the PTB will lose. Buffy is getting a job to help her deal, and it's working, even Angel could hear that. So Buffy is planning some breaking and entering, but where and why? One of the Council's places, I suspect. Buffy is also planning to destroy the urn of Osiris, that's probably for the best.

Faith has really grown as a character, she's listening and is giving good advice. Xander should talk with Clem and Tinker, they need to keep a friendship alive. Faith and Anya is getting along, I guessed that they would. Willow will take some more time, but we could see a sort of awkward start of what could become a friendship. Faith gave Willow some good advice too. I liked the interaction between Faith and what will become her Scoobies. 

At the end we saw some more good talking between Buffy and Angel.

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Wonder and Ashes Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 07:30am

I think I might know what they're gonna do... Are they gonna somehow find a portal to the PTB's home dimension, break into it and "persuade" them to give Spike back? That would be cool. Big Grin 

I really liked Xander and Faith in this chapter. They've definitely grown as people. I just wish Willow would do the same...

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knightowl Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 06:17am Liked


Author's Response on August 03, 2015 10:46pm

Heart knightowl! Big Grin

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pfeifferpack Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 05:38am Liked

Rich chapter.  

Faith is the best one to deal with mopey at this point.  I think she explained things perfectly.  She's been there.

Willow pissed me off with the air quotes.  She is REALLY dismissive of Spike in general not just as Tara's friend.  I'd say she is jealous of him even with him as dust.  He took her place with Buffy and Tara in her wee mind.  She dismisses him and his value totally, it's demeaning and petty.

Love that Faith and Anya are bonding.  I think they would.  Faith gave good advice to Xander too.  What a wonderful guy Xander has become BTW!  This Xander won't leave Anya at the altar and gut her emotionally.

So Buffy plans to destroy the Urn (on principle?) LOL.  Looking for a book, eh.  Planning on storming the PTB home turf?  She's going to fight for her mate that's for certain.

At least she's starting to deal with things.  Action Buffy is always the best and healthiest approach. (Whereas thinking Faith is the best).

The death wish was the lesson Spike taught, notice she's not saying it.  


Author's Response on July 31, 2015 01:16am

Faith and Anya seems like a natural friend pairing, doesn't it? And Faith taking her leadership role seriously, while not trying to be a BFF, just feels right. She's getting her feet up under her, and she's not trying to imitate Buffy to do it. I enjoyed playing with Faith's style as a slayer/Scooby, showing the differences.

Willow is still mostly thinking about Willow. Willow's old BFF drifted away. Willow's gf changed into a near stranger. The entire Scooby set up changed without Willow's input. It can all be traced back in her head to the moment she realized Spike and Buffy were getting chummy. Sure, she has the time travel story now, but she's still more concerned with herself. Every time you think she's "getting it," you find out that what looked like a big leap forward was just a baby step. Willow's self-interest is still holding her back.

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juggler Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 05:33am Liked

I really liked Faith in this chapter, especially with Xander. Thanks for the update, much appreciated.

Author's Response on August 03, 2015 02:03pm

Faith and Xander was easier to write than I expected. I suppose it helps that they've both grown up some, and both understand their places in things. It turned out to be a conversation between co-workers who could become friends

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tshe4323 Reviewed Fifth Wheels on July 26, 2015 04:59am Liked

Good ..keep coming

Author's Response on August 05, 2015 08:15pm


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