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alive_or_dead Reviewed Familiar Roads on January 24, 2016 10:04pm Liked

“So what you're saying is--” “I want to be in love with you again.” I'm not crying, my eyes are sweating... T_T

“Put that smirk away, Spike. I'm trying to be mad at you.” Made me lol

“Dammit, Buffy!” "Tara Maclay! I think that's the first time I've ever heard you curse.” “You'd drive a saint to it.” I can believe that... XD

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Sigyn Reviewed Familiar Roads on January 24, 2016 08:41pm Liked

“Is this a date?” “Do you want it to be?” “Absolutely.” Okay, that was cute squeeness.

But the first visit? I was looking for you.” Okay, that's adorable, too.

“I miss you, too,” she eventually whispered. “I miss us. About TIME you said that back! Eejit.

I had to hook up with a vampire who thinks making women stammer and blush is an important life skill.” But it is!

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13th Blackbird Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 30, 2015 11:04pm Liked

<I>“Crumbs are better than starving.”</I> Oh, Tara is so right. I wish Buffy would listen to  her.

YOu'd drive a saint to cursing. Lovely.

Author's Response on July 03, 2015 01:12am

Tara is such a fun character, and her advice is (usually) pretty good.

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MrsTattooedButterfly Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 23, 2015 06:17am Liked








Author's Response on June 25, 2015 12:31pm

I"m glad you enjoyed it!

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the_moonmoth Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 22, 2015 03:18am Liked

“That wasn't a 'yes,' Spike.”

“Wasn't a 'no,' either.” 

Aw, no, sad feels.

“'Cause I don't think I can wait another mile to snog the hell out of my date.”“I never thought I'd hear myself say any such thing, but I think the role suits you.”

But ok, yay, they're talking about stuff, they seem clear on where they stand, that's good. The date was super cute, and Spike was really kinda hot, I really don't blame Buffy for the temptation.

Spike accepted a tiny bottle of whiskey. “What role is that?”


Nice exchange with Giles, who is pretty spot on here. I feel like lots of progress was made in this chapter in a couple different directions.

Author's Response on June 22, 2015 12:44am

Definitely a big progress chapter. And that date was so, so fun to write. 

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fyreburned Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 19, 2015 10:48am Liked

I like this Tara!

Author's Response on June 19, 2015 12:11pm

She's fun, isn't she? I always thought she was sadly underdeveloped in the series, little more than Willow's witchy arm candy. I really enjoyed giving her a larger role, and letting her grow as a character.

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Blue Eyes2 Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 18, 2015 10:25pm Liked

Spike and Buffy are being true to themselves its who they are. At least attempts were made and understanding reached and a whole lot better place then they've ever been.

Author's Response on June 19, 2015 12:13pm

Exactly! Accepting who and what they are as a couple is a HUGE step, one that was YEARS overdue. We're left feeling relieved on their behalf.

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gill Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 18, 2015 10:09pm Liked

I think I loved the end of each and every scene in this. Loved the exchange between Tara and Buffy - I like the sense of humour you've given Tara, it feels very true to character. And then the next scene gave me chills with Giles' parting word to Spike. And then Buffy taking them to their first "date" location. So sweet. And there's hope for our couple yet! Nice to seem them bantering a bit again.

I'm afraid to ask how long this story is (and I don't know if you'll answer), but I can definitely say I hope there's lots more to come, and I don't know what I'm going to do when it's over!

Author's Response on June 19, 2015 12:49am

Things are starting to go well on the both the Spuffy front and the Giles front. It's a little strange, having things actually working out. I don't think we're used to that in Echoes. :P

No, I won't say exactly how long this story is, but I will tell you we have a ways to go, and there is built-in structure for a sequel by the time we get there. Of course, the sequel won't be coming quickly. I'll want to have it at least mostly finished before I start posting, and I have every intention of taking a break from the Echoes 'verse entirely when this one finishes, before I even dig into writing that one.

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TieDyeJackson Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 18, 2015 08:23pm Liked

The interaction at the end was just perfect. I love Tara in this sooo very much.

I like the solid foundation Spike and Buffy are trying to start making their relationship better and stronger.

Author's Response on June 19, 2015 12:25am

If they keep this up, we might start actually mistaking them for "not totally dysfunctional" grown ups. *shakes head* That just won't do at all! *looks around for a Spuffy fight/argument scene* Ok, good! They're still at least a little dysfunctional. Whew! I was starting to worry there for a minute!

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pfeifferpack Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 18, 2015 08:23pm Liked

Poor Spike, as usual his heart is right there in it and Buffy dithers.  She needs to think about what love is and maybe she'll see she feels it.

Yeah I know, "I might have to jump".  A bit of confidence would help (I'd try to take out Glory/Ben at this point if it were me). Nonetheless they are so cute together and maybe building a foundation of ACKNOWLEDGED friendship is a good thing.

Gret chapter but I'm with Tara....Saints are cursing!


Author's Response on June 19, 2015 12:17am

Eh, twisted and strange as the relationship is, it's working for them. Now that they're talking stuff out, the danger of a sexual relationship in the current situation becoming a destructive force is much less... Even if Tara doesn't see it that way.

As for the "I might have to jump" conversation that's been going on since the time jump... That conversation is about to change. *evil grin*

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crazyjane Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 18, 2015 07:15pm Liked

Super update, glad to see Giles mending fences.

Author's Response on June 18, 2015 11:24pm

He's off to a good start, isn't he?

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magnus374 Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 18, 2015 06:07pm

Spike really liked the letter, and phoned Lydia to tell her so, nice. He also told Dawn that this thing with Giles won't solve itself just like that, it will take time. Giles is Buffy's father figure, that's what she needs from him, hopefully he will listen to Spike. I like how Giles told Spike that being a husband suits him.

Buffy planned a date then, good. She opened up and told Spike how much she miss the supressant free relationship. That was good for him to hear. I also liked seeing flirty Spike. Buffy enjoys that too, probably becaue she knows that he is hers. They are still having a sexual relationship, but I don't think Tara is that much against it. She is probably saying that to push Buffy so she doesn't get stuck in her old behavering. Buffy need to be pushed to get forward emotionally.

Author's Response on June 18, 2015 11:08pm

Giles needed two nudges to get him willing to try again to have a relationship with Buffy: Being told in simple terms that there's more to Spike being a decent person than a chip or a soul (thank you, Lydia) and being reminded his role in Buffy's life has never been limited to "watcher," that the fatherly relationship is there, is important, and is worth fighting for (thank you, Spike). Buffy might still be carrying around her "war baggage," as Giles well knows, but she's still his surrogate daughter. She still needs him, even if she doesn't admit it. He still wants to be needed, even if he never says so. He's finally getting over the various Spike-shaped hurdles in his mind, which makes closing the gap actually possible. It will never be the relationship it was, but there's at least a chance for them now.

Keep in mind Tara's perspective: She's seen the Spuffy relationship go through a lot of crazy changes since the time jump, but before that, the season six mess was all she knew. All she knows of their season 7 relationship is the bits and pieces they've told her. That means she doesn't have a full grasp of the friendship they built during that time. Some idea, sure, as she's seen some evidence of it since the time jump, but what she's seen has been tangled up with the romantic relationship. She hasn't seen the friendship stand on its own. So she expects the worst from this situation, and thinks dating instead of sex is the answer. And so we see than even wonderful, insightful Tara is occasionally wrong. She's wrong on this, wrong about them. The good news is she got them to talk about where they stand in an open, honest way. They can deal with how things are right now. But Tara still thinks they're making a mistake.

magnus374 Replied on June 19, 2015 02:54am

Tara clearly sees it as a mistake, but my thought was that  she  doesn't think it's that big mistake and that she sort of use an overreaction to push Buffy in the "right" direction. She hasn't seen them have a good relationship, with sex before though, you'r right about that.

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kittyfajitas Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 18, 2015 04:29pm Liked

Loved this chapter!  Big smiles through the entire thing.  Ugh, I'm so impatient! Updates 3 times a week is not enough! ;)

Author's Response on June 18, 2015 01:51pm

Smile Happy, smiley chapter.

Big Grin Author who likes having a crew of story-junkies hanging on her every post.

Devil Author who probably enjoys that stuff a little too much.

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xblacklilyx Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 18, 2015 03:18pm Liked

Poor Eddie. I like Eddie /crosses-fingers for minor character development 

p.s. great chapter, love the playful and confident/comfortable side of Tara, the honest discussion and bonding between Spike and Buffy, and the little chat with Giles.

Author's Response on June 18, 2015 01:03pm

We'll see Eddie in person again, and hang out with him some. But the poor little minion tends to get left in the background quite a bit. Darling that he is, he's never going to be a major player.

Familiar Roads is full to the brim of good, productive character interactions, definitely one of the better chapters for open, honest discussion. It's nice, once in a while, to get a little good news from our characters.

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juggler Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 18, 2015 03:04pm Liked

Really enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for the update.

Author's Response on June 18, 2015 12:56pm

We got some good stuff out of Familiar Roads. Over all, it was a pretty happy chapter. You know Echoes well enough to know what that means. *evil grin*

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Cloongarvin Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 18, 2015 01:51pm

Oh my, this story is just so good....  It's so neat to think about how the past writes on the future and, in this case, the future is writing itself on the past as well. Really interesting. It's also enjoyable to see the characters as fully-rounded individuals. Dawn is observant and can be smart when trusted, though she's still a teen. Tara is an insightful  and sometimes snippy woman, not just Willow's fluffy plus-one. Buffy is trying to understand her flaws and grow through them where she thinks it's important, though she's still good at power-denial. Giles wants to understand and accept, if he can. And Spike... ah, how nice to see him in love with Buffy, adapting to his life with humans, but also confident in being a demon. I like that they, together, have a minion. And I love the detail that they all reflexively dump on Willow for magic even when maybe she's not doing something wrong. That's the type of small detaill that gives a story the feeling of being multi-dimensional. Just one example in this case. :) 

Author's Response on June 18, 2015 12:47pm

I'm opposed to chacracter bashing almost to the point of being a fluff writer, stubbornly refusing to highlight only the worst features of characters, even when I think they might deserve it (Willow, for example). But on the other hand, I'm equally stubborn about insisting these are all flawed people, that none of them is perfect, none of them is a Hollywood Hero. The result of these conflicting approaches is that I ended up wth a group of 'nice guy' characters who mean well, but tend to screw things up and don't always verbalize their true thoughts, even when they should. I suppose that's what Joss and co. were going for with canon. I just have a lot more room to play with those concepts than the BtVS writing team did.

What's going on with Tara in this section of the story is a great example of the more subtle layers of the character imperfections. She's working primarily from season 6 knowledge with her advice to Buffy, so she's afraid of the worst of Spuffiness making a comeback. She means well, to the utmost degree. But she's only half-right about what they need. Avoiding a sexual relationship during this time really doesn't work for Spike and Buffy. Dating doesn't really mean much in and of itself. Tara's wrong on all of that. But getting them to spend some time alone to talk out where they are emotionally, and check in with each other on the subtext of their renewed sexual relationship? That was necessary. Tara, wonderful woman she may be, still thinks their approach is a mistake, and is openly irritated by their refusal to heed her advice. She is kind, well-meaning, and wants only the best for her friends. She's their necessary voice of reason, frequently even speaking for the readers. ...And she's still occasionally wrong.

I can't tell you how enjoyable that was to write. The imperfections are so fun to play with.

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hng23 Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 18, 2015 12:41pm

Ha ha! Great chapter!


Author's Response on June 18, 2015 10:51am

Big Grin Glad you like!

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ginar369 Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 18, 2015 12:38pm Liked


Author's Response on June 18, 2015 11:21am

Love that Buffy opened up? Love that they had a date? Love that Tara -for all her good intentions and knowledge of her history- was still a little bit wrong about the best way for them to handle this situation? All of the above?

Enjoy it while it lasts. You know how it is with Echoes. As soon as you get comfortable, uncomfortable things start happening. The evil author has plans for ALL of you, characters and readers alike.

ginar369 Replied on June 18, 2015 11:56am

All of the above!

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All4Spike Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 18, 2015 12:36pm Liked

Spike could flirt with me any day.... Love

Author's Response on June 18, 2015 10:50am

Ditto. It's a good thing Buffy's good-humored about it!Tongue Out

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madspuffyfan Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 18, 2015 08:43am Liked

Loved it

Author's Response on June 18, 2015 11:17am


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knightowl Reviewed Familiar Roads on June 18, 2015 05:30am Liked


Author's Response on June 18, 2015 02:38am

Big Grin

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