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rainsrabble Reviewed Flash Forward on November 15, 2017 01:38am

lovely mither daughter talk. i really like that lone about the baggage. toss it or carry it together. so very buffy/spike

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Sigyn Reviewed Flash Forward on January 23, 2016 01:33am Liked

Getting trippy now, of course.

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annamatte Reviewed Flash Forward on October 18, 2015 01:41pm Liked

The chapter is interesting! There are many different possibilities for the future, some beautiful and others sad. Buffy sometimes is cold toward Spike, but it's her way to act when she is afraid.

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MrsTattooedButterfly Reviewed Flash Forward on June 22, 2015 05:41am Liked






Author's Response on June 25, 2015 12:48pm

Thanks for reviewing!

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Chrissel Reviewed Flash Forward on May 24, 2015 07:08pm

Oh, oh, oh, oh! Duh!  Now I get it!  I'm rereading this story from the beginning and missed the point of the connection between the slayer dream and why it made sense in the next chapter to have Tara fill in for the Key!  Though now that I see it, I don't know why I missed it the first time around - the exposition is all right there.

"I hate slayer dreams. They only make sense in retrospect.”

Too true, Buffy, too true...

On another rant note, waiting 48 hours between updates is KILLING me!  Delayed gratification is just not my thing AT ALL.  I keep telling myself to wait until the final chapter is posted, but each time I see one go up, I can't stop myself.  Then once I've finished it, I feel like a toddler in the middle of a temper tantrum!  :-) Any chance you can share how far along in the story we are at this point? How many chapters the finished product will be?  Just so I know if I'm looking at waiting until the fall or just another week or two?  *pouting*  I understand the reasons for posting it the way you are, respect them even (once my tantrum subsides!), but I really, really, really want to read it ALL right NOW!

Author's Response on May 25, 2015 05:11am

There are a couple of times in the story where Buffy ends up unintentionally speaking for either me or the readers. The slayer dreams whine was one of them, for sure. Useful and interesting, sure, but they're always a little abstract and weird on initial viewing.

Definitely not 'just another week or two.' Echoes is a nearly novel-length monster of a story. We haven't even hit the halfway point yet. Sorry! <3

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Blue Eyes2 Reviewed Flash Forward on May 19, 2015 05:34pm Liked

I don't blame Spike for being angry about them blowing his crypt up and I love the you have the entire planet and you talk to my mother bit. Seriously I really do hope tht Joye was able to help not just with their relationship but with the time traveling concept.

Author's Response on May 19, 2015 06:52pm

Joyce is a gem, isn't she? Don't worry, there are a lot more Joyce scenes coming. I think you'll like them. As for the relationship between Spike and Joyce being 'close chums,' it's one of those things Buffy respects and enjoys the benefits of, but it (naturally) does create a little awkwardness. Showing that was pretty fun. Thanks for the review!

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the_moonmoth Reviewed Flash Forward on May 18, 2015 01:44am Liked

What's that? A time travel fic actually getting into the sci fi side of things? In a beautifully imaginative way? With slayer dreams and important ~emotions? Unnnnnnnnf. This story could not be more geared towards my interests unless there was hardcore kinky porn *g* but I will settle for the emotional porn quite happily, oh yes. Cannot wait to see how this little arc progresses :)

Author's Response on May 18, 2015 02:21am

I may not be the world's most well-rounded geek, but I do dig a little light sci-fi. I've been a Trekkie my entire life, and the time travel episodes were always my favorites. So yea, I love the idea of 'fixing' canon, that is the primary motivation of nearly all fanfic time travel stories, but I'm also interested in the time travel itself. I'm glad to know we're on similar wavelengths! More soon!

the_moonmoth Replied on May 18, 2015 11:21am

*lifelong trekkie high five* Cheers

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tempestt Reviewed Flash Forward on May 17, 2015 10:12pm

Spike's insecurities the night after were kind of cute, but says a lot about how unsettled their relationship still is.  Buffy only kind of reasured him which fits with her personality, but being in a relationship with her must be hell.  The fact that the time skip is still in flux is making me nervous as hell.  I don't want it to be a bad outcome.  Which begs the question, what did they change?  Will it be for the best or not?  I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response on May 17, 2015 09:20pm

You're right, a relationship with her must be hell. She yo-yos around a lot. This isn't the last you'll see of our frustrating mix-messages Buffy. But even while she's yo-yo-ing, things are moving forward. As for the change that they believe triggered the dream, you'll find out in Chapter 11. See you there! :)

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lambean Reviewed Flash Forward on May 17, 2015 06:08pm

This was a great chapter. I loved the conversation between Joyce and Buffy. It's wonderful for Buffy to get support for the relationship. I'm sure it would mean a lot for Buffy to have Joyce's blessing Can't wait for more

Author's Response on May 17, 2015 09:32pm

Like much of Echoes, the heavy Joyce involvement wasn't planned. But when I dropped our favorite screwed up couple in her house, she couldn't keep her nose out, and it made sense that she wouldn't be able to. Happily, the results were good. I always think of her as someone who sees the human side of the situation first and foremost. While we (as well as most of the other characters) see 'slayer and vampire couple with all the baggage that comes with it,' she sees 'my daughter and her boyfriend.' The non-human elements are secondary to her, which is why she didn't go nuts with the 'this won't turn out like Angel, will it?' thing. She mentioned her concerns, for her daughter's sake, and that was the end of it. It's a nice change of perspective for us, seeing someone focus on the 'normal' human aspects, and it works for her. Thanks for reviewing.

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xblacklilyx Reviewed Flash Forward on May 17, 2015 02:43pm Liked

Another chapter for me to adore. I worship you <3

Author's Response on May 17, 2015 09:34pm

Aww! I'm not sure if that's super sweet or slightly creepy. :P LOL More soon, blacklily. I hope I don't let you down!

xblacklilyx Replied on May 18, 2015 12:07pm

/ hastily throws blanket over an alter in attempt to conceal it

I'm not being creepy at all /nervous laughter

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magnus374 Reviewed Flash Forward on May 17, 2015 09:24am

It was interesting to see how the future Scoobies were seeing different scenarios for how their time could be. I sort of liked the scenario when they went back in time again. It points out how complicated all this is with making changes and what they would lead to. Then we had some good talking between Buffy and Joyce, and Buffy and Spike.

Author's Response on May 17, 2015 09:47pm

I had a lot of fun with the flashes. One of the scenarios was actually from the universe of another story I've got sitting on my hard drive, waiting for me to step away from Echoes and give it some love. But it wasn't all fun. I was also trying to express that a lot of stuff is up in the air right now, because they haven't made the big changes they need to make yet. Also, the odds haven't shifted much yet. In most of those scenarios, it looks like Buffy jumped. I guess our heroes still have a lot of work to do. I'm glad you liked the talks. More soon!

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pfeifferpack Reviewed Flash Forward on May 17, 2015 03:33am Liked

WOW lots of possible outcomes.  I'm glad nothing is set in stone yet and the group are seeing a variety of possibles (giving us a glimpse too).  

Yes, Joyce is giving good advice and I love that she is clearly okay with Buffy being with Spike (and Buffy knows she has her mom's approval).

Excellent update.  LOVE this story.



Author's Response on May 17, 2015 09:51pm

It's early, yet. Our travelers are going to have to change some things before a path clears for them. But then, will they even know it? I love that everyone is cheering for the Joyce conversation. Buffy's definitely a character who needs relationship advice. Left to her own devices, she's a train wreck. Thanks, Kathleen! 

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ginar369 Reviewed Flash Forward on May 17, 2015 12:23am Liked

Watching the gang watch Buffy and Spike as they bounce through time was interesting! Seeing all the different outcomes. Does Giles really think after seeing Buffy sobbing over Spike's duster that she could just bounce back from that? What an idiot.

Author's Response on May 17, 2015 10:02pm

As of now, anything could happen. It's all up in the air. That stupid comment was Xander, actually. Hopefully, 2003, round 2 Xan won't be such an idiot... though there's a chance he'll be a father. (Uh-oh!) Thanks for reviewing!

ginar369 Replied on May 17, 2015 11:51pm

Oh sorry. Got my idiots confused! LOL Xander a father?! That poor woman.

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Cloongarvin Reviewed Flash Forward on May 16, 2015 11:12pm

Neat. I like how this deals with time paradoxes, reminding us that we affect our future in the here-and-now. 

Author's Response on May 17, 2015 10:05pm

And our future isn't set in stone. Our travelers haven't made any of the big, path-changing moves yet needed to narrow down the possibilities, so anything could happen. Thanks for reviewing!

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knightowl Reviewed Flash Forward on May 16, 2015 11:01pm Liked


Author's Response on May 17, 2015 10:06pm

The highlight of my rather frustrating day: Checking reviews to find knightowl's happy dance waiting for me! Thanks!

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djjd Reviewed Flash Forward on May 16, 2015 09:42pm

Wow you got me!

Author's Response on May 17, 2015 10:07pm

Hooked, are you? I hope you stay that way! More soon!

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madspuffyfan Reviewed Flash Forward on May 16, 2015 06:56pm Liked

Loved it

Author's Response on May 17, 2015 10:07pm

Thanks bunches!

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juggler Reviewed Flash Forward on May 16, 2015 06:52pm Liked

Thanks so much for the update. Interesting stuff going on. I hope Tara gets a relatively central role to play I always like her, Joyce too. Good chapter !

Author's Response on May 17, 2015 10:08pm

You'll enjoy chapter 11, then. Dying to say more, but you'll see it soon enough! Thanks!

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All4Spike Reviewed Flash Forward on May 16, 2015 03:54pm Liked

Love seeing the scoobies (future) seeing clips of possible outcomes. Intrigued as to who the baby belongs to. Xander & Anya?

And Buffy is dreaming of it as well. Presumably this means that someone is now heading towards baby having, even after they've changed so little...

Excellent Buffy & Joyce bonding and I love the way that Joyce lets on that she knows exactly what's going on between Buffy & Spike and is concerned for Spike.

Now I'm wondering whether you're going to work out a way in which Joyce can survive........ {fingers crossed}

Author's Response on May 17, 2015 10:27pm

Definitely Xander's kid. Everyone's agreed on that point. The mother? Anya seems likely, but no one knows. It's also only a possibility, and not necessarily dependent upon changes that have already been made. Like everything else we saw in the flashes, the brown-eyed toddler will become more or less likely to happen, depending on the changes that are made as we go along.

Joyce really is paying attention, and she's trying to look out for both of them- Buffy because she's her daughter and Spike because he's her friend. I didn't go into this planning on building this warm, fuzzy relationship dynamic in the Summers house. It just came about organically. I blame Joyce. She's too nice, especially for these two demonish troublemakers.

Thanks for reviewing!


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