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Jane Smith Reviewed One Shot on February 01, 2018 12:26am

Can only hope things went better for these two from there :)

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MaggieLaFey Reviewed One Shot on November 17, 2017 03:16pm Liked

Aw, this is so ridiculously sweet and I can't. I'd have loved to see something lkke this happen, and possibly their relationship become a bit healthier... ah, but this is what fanfics are for. This is a pretty old one, but even though I'm late, thanks for sharing it with the world! 

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DarkHeart Reviewed One Shot on December 21, 2015 02:46am Liked

So sweet.  Need a sequel!!!

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madspuffyfan Reviewed One Shot on February 16, 2015 07:17pm Liked

Loved it


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MrsTattooedButterfly Reviewed One Shot on September 04, 2014 03:19pm Liked

Oh bloody hell this is a perfectly exquisite one-shot!!!

Everything is described so vividly, so much so that it's like I can see it all, seeing through her eyes!  

Not many Author's are so precise and pay that much attention to the details, even the tiny minute one's!  

And that's what I love the most, I want to be pulled into the story, forgetting that I'm not actually there only reading it!! 

Thank You for that!!! It's not every day that I find that, especially if your new to this world!! :D!!

Is now off to see what other goodies are awaiting on your page!! 



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Kasia Reviewed One Shot on July 04, 2014 01:34pm Liked

Awww! Sweet. Loved it.

I'd let him redo my bedroom any time Wink.

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Vrolok Reviewed One Shot on March 30, 2012 09:28pm Liked

Short and good! Made me smile.

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All4Spike Reviewed One Shot on February 14, 2012 10:19am Liked

Perfect - although in the Joss version I suspect Buffy would have been angry at the thought that Spike had been in her room without permission and handled all her stuff ... but then that's what fanfiction is for - to put right what went wrong...

Author's Response: Ah, the beauty of fiction!

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epd4 Reviewed One Shot on February 13, 2012 01:11pm Liked

Lovely :)

Author's Response: You made me happy :)

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lozza312 Reviewed One Shot on February 13, 2012 05:57am Liked

wow that bedroom sounds gorgeous. Loved the story, and loved Buffy's reaction to Spike's surprise :)

Author's Response: I know right? Halfway through writing I was like "damn, now I want to redecorate".

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SanityFair Reviewed One Shot on February 12, 2012 02:58pm Liked

What a lovely bit of sweetness, not too fluffy, just perfect.

Author's Response: Oh good! I'm glad I got the balance right!

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Nikkilou Reviewed One Shot on February 12, 2012 02:01pm

Loved it so much better than the actual episode

Author's Response: Wow! That is a compliment! To have someone say my work is better than the buffy writers!

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Delicia Reviewed One Shot on February 12, 2012 01:54pm Liked

Aww...nicely done. Coincidentally, I just finished watching this episode. This fic was like nice Spuffy icing! Thanks!

Author's Response: Haha, wow. Good timing then! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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ginar369 Reviewed One Shot on February 12, 2012 11:00am Liked

This was a great change. The beat down that happened in the episode make me sick. Can Spike come and redo my bedroom?!

Author's Response: Only after he's finished mine... and he will be staying in their for quite a while.

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magnus374 Reviewed One Shot on February 12, 2012 10:18am Liked

Such a nice moment. If this had happend it could have been a turning point.

Author's Response: It would have, she would have finally let herself love him I think.

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