Reviews For Cold Comfort
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Badwolfjedi Reviewed One Shot on January 08, 2018 10:25pm Liked

This was wonderfully adorable and touching and everything I wanted it to be. Thanks for the Spuffy rewrite! I always thought this would have been a much better way to go. 


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Rabbit_moon1 Reviewed One Shot on July 16, 2016 02:19pm Liked

Oh!  That was perfect!  The way you have written that scene, by Joyce’s grave, is exactly how it should have gone. Yes, Spike definitely should have been the one to comfort Buffy. 

I can't tell you how annoyed I was when Angel showed up in that episode!  Spike had been the one who cared for Joyce, not Angel.  I always felt the writers were constantly throwing a bone to the Bangel fans, when, in fact, that relationship was over!  I kinda believe it was also a marketing ploy to give Angel some relevance and keep the Angel series afloat. 

Thanks for a lovely story. 


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Cloongarvin Reviewed One Shot on January 28, 2016 08:13am

So touching. If only the show's writers had thought that a mature love was worth exploring in these little but heartfelt ways. 

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djellibabe Reviewed One Shot on October 13, 2015 05:37am Liked

Oh I wish!

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ScarlettDuck Reviewed One Shot on April 13, 2015 03:52pm

Very nice. Much better than the Angel dreck we got on the show.

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Queenfish Reviewed One Shot on September 04, 2012 05:38pm Liked

Oh how I wish this is how it played out on the show - I mean Angel - Joyce didn't even like him;  she was probably spinning in the grave when he was there.   Great story.

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Isis Nocturne Reviewed One Shot on June 11, 2012 04:37am Liked

SO much better than what we were actually given on the show!

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Megan Reviewed One Shot on April 05, 2012 12:49am Liked

Beautiful!  If only this is how it had gone truly.  This seems so much more reasonable than Angel showing up out of the blue!

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Isha_Rose Reviewed One Shot on December 11, 2011 08:53pm Liked

Absolutely beautiful. Oh, I wish... :)

Author's Response: Thank you, that is really a wonderful thing to hear. I wish too.

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SanityFair Reviewed One Shot on November 09, 2011 09:52pm Liked

That was lovely, and oh so much better than the episode. I hope you do write a sequel. I would most certainly be a reader.

Author's Response: Glad you thought so :) I have a sequel in the works, I hope you will read it! I look forward to your comments on it!

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lozza312 Reviewed One Shot on November 01, 2011 10:20am Liked

loved it, great story, would definitely want to read a sequel! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I am writing other stories at the moment, but this sequel and the ones for Trick or Treat and If A Certain Slayer... will be next!!

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magnus374 Reviewed One Shot on November 01, 2011 10:10am Liked

This had been really good if it happened.

Author's Response: I know, right!? *wahhh* More Spuffy, less Bangel

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Silver81 Reviewed One Shot on November 01, 2011 03:20am

Really like this, thankyou.

Author's Response: You're welcome :)

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aphasia Reviewed One Shot on October 31, 2011 11:23pm Liked

This is really nice. You even manage to sell Spike saying Angel's lines and work it into character!Very satisfying for all of us who would rather have seen this and had our low opinion of Angel confirmed by his behavior at the end of this scene...

Author's Response: I'm glad you thought I did that well! I know what you mean. He waltzing back in to "help her" but kisses her, even though he knows he shouldn't, and then leaves her, hurting more than before. This is why Spike should have been in this scene.

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bridgetha Reviewed One Shot on October 31, 2011 08:53pm Liked

The way it should have been.  Nicely done.

Author's Response: Angel never should have been there. Spike was the man in her life, even if she wouldn't admit it to herself. I loved the episode, but I really don't think Angel needed to be in it.

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