Reunion Challenge Banner Requests
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This story's banner will be created by -Carrie-Ann-!
Sunnydale High Reunion by DeamonQueen
Blurb: It's been twenty years since Sunnydale collapsed. And nineteen years since Buffy had chosen a Shanshued Angel over Spike. Fifteen years since she married the said ex-vampire. Now, with her marriage falling apart, Buffy receives an invite to her high school's reunion, where she gets the surprise of her life when she sees that the vampire she's been missing is the hot date of her supposedly dead ex-cheerleader rival, Cordelia Chase.
Season/Episode: Post Chosen
Featured Characters: Buffy and Spike, along with all the Scooby gang, Angel and of course Cordelia.
Colour theme: Dark shades, either black, red or dark blue.
Additional Information: No preferences for the Font and text. I want a simple banner with images of Spike and Cordy posing together in one corner while on the other side we see Buffy and Angel posing together. Preferred if you can find a photo of them wearing formal attire while they are at it.
This story's banner will be created by OffYourBird!
Ketchup and the Crocodile by yellowb
Blurb: After Buffy dies fighting Glory, Spike is uneasy enough to make sure Dawn ends up in Spain with Hank, where Spike watches over her.  When Buffy's then resurrected, she runs away to NYC ... where she slowly recovers from her PTSD ... with the help of a big deerhound who adopts her ... and Spike, who engineers her reunion with her sister.  Most of the story is written, so you can see the whole thing if you'd like, as well as deerhound pics.
Season/Episode: alternate season 6
Featured Characters: Buffy, a very large deerhound, Spike, and Dawn
Colour theme: up to you
Mood/Style: starts out a little angsty, with a happy ending. I have an idea of a distant silhouette of Buffy and a dog on the snowy Brooklyn Bridge at night, but ... that's just an idea, you can surprise me!
This story's banner will be created by -Carrie-Ann-!
A Small Boat On the Ocean by sandy_s
Blurb: I’m responding to swifthorse’s challenge ( and the story is about Spike and Buffy starting a family. They will be exploring avenues of having a child. This isn’t the actual summary. There will be reunions throughout the story, and Spike and Buffy eventually end up doing IVF. One of the reunions will be with the little embryo they put inside Buffy’s belly. I have four chapters written so far.
Here’s how it starts (unbetaed):
Who knew a Slayer could have a biological clock? Who knew a Slayer could live long enough to think about starting a family with someone she loves? Who ever thought a Slayer could even consider having a kid when she’s constantly fighting the forces of darkness or averting apocalypses? Certainly, the only Slayer I know who had a child didn’t exactly plan to have him.
I’ll tell you who never thought that the answer to the above questions would ever be Buffy Summers.
Me. Buffy Summers. Your mom. Well, soon to be your mom anyway if you stay in my belly a few more weeks.
Season/Episode: Post-NFA but not the comics
Featured Characters: Spike, Buffy, various original characters and some minor Scoobie appearances
Mood/Style: Buffy POV/1st person. Spuffy will be travelling. They start out living in New Orleans and will make a pit stop in Virginia before ending up in Denver.
Additional Information: I donít really want baby photos/pictures in the art. But baby-related images are okay. If you wanted, you could use a picture of an embryo before transfer. Other than that, I'm open as far as style and everything! Thank you in advance...
This story's banner will be created by DauntlessGrace!
A Better Man by Sunalso
Blurb: Post-Chosen Buffy isolates herself from the rest of the Scoobies. Fearing for her well being they build her a robotic companion: a Spikebot. When the real Spike learns this he goes to see her. Not wanting to let Buffy know he’s alive, since he's imagining he's "just checking" on her, he switches places with the bot. The depressed, lethargic Buffy he finds is not what he was expecting. He can’t leave her. Buffy thinks she’s going insane. She know the robot is just that, but when it starts to seem to come to life, she eventually gives into the delusion and is happy to enjoy her hallucinations. When an enemy threatens the peaceful western Montana town she lives near, will a broken Slayer and a Vampire in hiding be able to take it out?
Season/Episode: Post-series
Featured Characters: Buffy and Spike (and the Spike!bot to some extent)
Colour theme: I have no preference
Mood/Style: Slightly angstier than a lot of my fics: Buffy's depressed, grieving, and thinking she's going bonkers. Spike desperately wants to be a part of her life but thinks that she'd rather have the bot than him.
Additional Information: The setting is western Montana (around Dillon). I'd love to see that reflected somehow in the banner!
This story's banner will be created by Demonyca!
The Long and Winding Road by -Carrie-Ann-
Blurb: Buffy and Spike have known each other since they were tiny and been in love forever in their minds but apart with no contact for six years, since Buffy and her family moved from London back to California, Buffy’s place of birth. Kept apart by Hank Summers, will their love ever survive? Will they ever make their reunion at the beautiful fountain in Hyde Park, London, in time for the new Millennium, the year 2000?
This will take you to a link for an image mentioned in additional information.
Season/Episode: All Human fic
Featured Characters: Buffy, Spike, Joyce, Giles, Dawn, Hank
Colour theme: Artists choice
Mood/Style: Artists choice, it is angsty in places so its up to you if you would like to reflect that in the mood.
Additional Information: The reunion is to take place at this Fountain in Hyde Park at Midnight, see link in blurb. Its your choice whether you use it in the design. Also they met as toddlers and Mr. Gordo was Buffy's stuffed toy.
This story's banner will be created by Sunalso!
Your Girl by EllieRose101
Blurb: A rewrite of 'The Girl in Question' (Angel Season Five Episode) in which Spike approaches Buffy on the dancefloor while she's partying with the Immortal. He actually makes contact, she finds out he's back from the dead, and then they have to deal with everything that follows. 
Additional Information: Angel is in the fic, but I'm not sure if I want him on the cover. Maybe there could be a small photo of him off to the side, beside Spike who would be bigger. Buffy on the other side of the banner, seperated by text. Preferably a dark background. Maybe black with a disco light or two?
This story's banner will be created by OffYourBird!
Jump by Holly
Blurb: Spike makes a deal with Rack to send him back in time before Buffy takes the dive off the Tower so he can fulfill the promise he made to himself. Things don't go as planned. When do they ever?
Season/Episode: Beginning Season 6/AU Season 5
Featured Characters: Buffy & Spike, obviously. Rack will play a role as well.
Colour theme: Reds/oranges
Mood/Style: Drama, slow-build romance.
This story's banner will be created by Puppet!
The Immortal Guardians by maryperk
Blurb: future fic set many years after chosen and NFA, Giles has died, Angel has shanshued, Spike has been hiding, Buffy isn’t aging, there will be wings, spuffy reunion
Additional Information: Spike and Buffy with wings
This story's banner will be created by nmcil!
Broken Betrayal Redux by maryperk
Blurb: when Spike comes out of the amulet in the WRH office, he realizes that he and Buffy were happily mated, flashback to the season 6 as mates with Giles coercing Darth Willow into rewriting history to what we saw in canon, then spuffy reunion
Additional Information: Spike and Buffy maybe at the end of flooded on the back porch, the amulet
This story's banner will be created by swifthorse!
The Gang's All Here by slaymesoftly
Blurb: Buffy and Illyria have brought a starving Spike and Angel back from the hell they were banished to by the Senior Partners. Giles isn't comfortable with having two starving vampires in the new Watchers and Slayers Council building, so they are kept in the basement until Buffy decides Spike is ready to go out with her. Reactions from the Scoobies are somewhat unexpected.
Season/Episode: Future, an unspecified length of time after the battle in NFA. Spike and Angel have been in demon hell from which Buffy and Illyria rescued them.
Featured Characters: Spike, Angel, Buffy, Giles, Willow, Xander, Dawn (possibly Faith will appear, Illyria is a minor presence.
Mood/Style: Mostly happy fic with definite happy ending
This story's banner will be created by DauntlessGrace!
Reunited by Aventerine
Blurb: Spike calls Buffy directly after Giles refuses to help Fred during the episode "Shells". Buffy, Willow, Dawn, and Xander go to LA to help with Fred/Illyria.
Season/Episode: Angel Season 5
Featured Characters: Willow Buffy Illyria Spike Wesley
This story's banner will be created by Demonyca!
Prince Charming in Black Leather by Synefred
Blurb: Due to the undependability of her husband, Hank, Joyce Summers has to take their daughter along with her to her high school reunion. At the urging of his Sire, a certain vampire decides to crash a high school reunion. It's boring, but hey, open bar! And who's that scrawny kid? She's got spunk...
Season/Episode: Preseries, Buffy is 9 or 10
Additional Information: Features
This story's banner will be created by swifthorse!
Something Old by halincandenza
Blurb: The Scoobies, 5 years after the end of S7, get the gang all back together for an unexpected wedding.
Season/Episode: After S7
Featured Characters: the Scoobies!
Mood/Style: A pretty light-hearted one-shot
Additional Information: Part of the premise of this story is being unclear on who the bride and groom are, so those characters should be obscured
This story's banner will be created by swifthorse!
Chupacabreunion by bewildered
Blurb: 5 years after the Sunnydale High School Class of '99 graduation, the Scoobies plan a 5-year reunion in Puerto Rico. Also, there are chupacabras.
Season/Episode: ~September 2004, post-NFA, comics don't exist
Featured Characters: Buffy, Spike, Willow, Xander, Andrew, Giles, Chupacabras
Colour theme: Chupacabra-color, whatever that is
Mood/Style: A lighthearted, whimsical reunion romp. With chupacabras.
Additional Information: Chupacabras. I prefer Spike without a shirt, for Reasons, but go with your gut. Fic may involve Hurricane Joanne.
This story's banner will be created by nmcil!
The Lady in Mourning by Hawa DL
Blurb: When Buffy jumped through the portal to save Dawn, there was no body to fall through the other side. She was just gone. Weeks of fruitless searching later, Spike decides it's finally time to go off in search of a dear friend of his, a spirit that has haunted him since his human days and gave him company and solace on hard, lonely nights. On nights when his peers would pass him over, or Angelus would be cruel, or Drusilla a handful and a half--on these nights a woman dressed in mourning clothes would appear to him with veil in place, and they would comfort each other. But it's been years since she last appeared to him, and it's high time he appeared to her for once. He couldn't save Buffy, but he just might be able to save his lady.
This story's banner will be created by Demonyca!
Dusk by Chrissel
Blurb: Based on following challenge:
Additional Information: Spike and Buffy are established couple when they return to Sunnydale. Other characters could include Giles, Anya, Xander, Willow and Tara but not necessarily as continuing couples. In fact, I'm thinking Ganya and Tara will have left Willow.
This story's banner will be created by nmcil!
**To be confirmed with the artist via email by Sigyn
Blurb: Buffy thinks for an evening that Spike is dead. She discovers otherwise. Angry reunion hate sex ensues.
Season/Episode: Definitely season 6
Featured Characters: Spike, Buffy.
Colour theme: Angry hate sex. (Is that a color?)
Mood/Style: Dark. Miserable. Furious.
Additional Information: Go sexy. Just think sexy. Seriously.
This story's banner will be created by DauntlessGrace!
Ordinary Man by Gort
Blurb: Based on this challenge: Spike gets stuck by the Glarghk Guhl Kashmas'nik demon instead of Buffy and he finds himself back in Victorian England where his mother insists he's just been dreaming this whole time. Buffy and the scoobies try to figure out what's wrong with him while Spike begins to wonder if maybe his human life isn't so bad after all. 
Season/Episode: Season 6/Normal Again
Featured Characters: Buffy. Spike/William, and Anne (Spike's mom). Background characters: Dawn, Willow, Xander, Cecily, Riley, a Glarghk Guhl Kashmas'nik demon.
This story's banner will be created by Puppet!
A Spike Come to Judgment by DianaM
Blurb: After The Girl in Question, Spike is convinced Buffy will never chose him. When he is accidentally transported to a different dimension, it seems he has a second shot at happiness. There, he meets a Buffy who is still only a year into her slayerhood and untouched by the darkness his Buffy had suffered. And what's more, this Buffy is more than willing to give him not just a crumb but a whole cake. He has a chance to get everything he has ever dreamt of with the woman who owns his heart. So how come Spike decides to do the one thing he never thought he would: playing a matchmaker for Buffy and Angel?! And what will Spike's epiphany on the choices a true champion must face mean for his own happiness?
Season/Episode: Post-Series, AtSV S5, AU BtVS S2
Featured Characters: Fang Gang and Scoobies, Cordelia, Connor (peripheral characters), Angel, Spike, Buffy, Other!Angel, Other!Buffy, Other!Scoobies (all Others! Are exactly the same as canon ones just younger, pre-S2/Angelus).
Colour theme: I'd prefer muted colours, perhaps with the colour scheme going gradually from dark (in the middle) to lighter ones (towards left and right - see special requests), symbolizing Spike's character growth.
Mood/Style: more dramatic and angst, than light-hearted.
Additional Information: I actually have a fairly clear vision of the banner (but no artistic abilities whatsoever to realize it). I'd like images of Buffy and Angel (young, pre-S2 ones, looking happy and in love) to the left, and images of Buffy and Spike (older, S7 Buffy and post-soul Spike, looking tired and battleworn) to the right. Some simple background throughout or just in the middle (perhaps with the name of the fic on it). I know it's very specific but it works well with what I have in mind for this fic. This said, if you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear/see them! Thanks beforehand to anyone who adopts this!
This story's banner will be created by angelic_amy!
How you Remind Me by zabjade
Blurb: After the events of Hell Bound, Fred calls Buffy, bringing her to L.A. to be reunited with Spike. Once he's made corporeal by Fred and Willow working together, Buffy helps him adjust to having a body again, and to the wants and desires of the flesh.
Season/Episode: Season Five of Angel.
Additional Information: Requested Images: An image of the scene from Dead Things where Buffy is remembering/dreaming of having Spike in handcuffs. All other imagery left up to the artist.
This story's banner will be created by -Carrie-Ann-!
**TITLE PENDING... by angelic_amy
Blurb: The last thing Buffy feels like doing is attending a high school reunion—especially considering she and her friends barely made it out of there alive the first time. But when Willow ropes her in, she feels like she can’t say no. The last thing she expects is for a recently-chipped blond menace to crash the party, or for the feelings that suddenly overwhelm her when a certain spell kicks in…
Season/Episode: Season 4 Ė Something Blue
Featured Characters: Buffy, Spike, Willow, Harmony... it would be good if they were on the banner, obviously with Buffy and Spike as features characters. But FYI, Xander, Anya and Giles will also feature in the fic, and Jonathan will probably make an appearance. Undecided if Cordelia makes the trip back yet...
Colour theme: Artist's choice
Mood/Style: It's going to be fairly playful, but artist's choice
This story's banner will be created by Javajunkie247!
Masquerade Meeting by SleepingTigress
Blurb: It's new year, and the Bronze is hosting a ball!
Season/Episode: Season 5
Mood/Style: Kind of whimsical and comedic
Additional Information: Will require a lot of image manipulation. Banner characters will be Spike and Buffy in their respective costumes, along with other side characters *please message for more details*
This story's banner will be created by EffulgentEllie!
Why did you have to show up Angel? by SleepingTigress
Blurb: Buffy is reunited with the ghosts of boyfriends past, not so present, and future.
Season/Episode: Season 5, post Riley leaving
Mood/Style: semi-angst
Additional Information: To be discussed with banner artist
This story's banner will be created by sandy_s!
Mixed Signals by phoenixjustice
Blurb: Two people who were never supposed to meet. She had seen everything, up to the Dragon that destroyed everything she loved. He had only the lasting memory of her words of love before he burned to cinders. Could they bridge the gap between them?
Season/Episode: Season 6/Season 7
Featured Characters: Spike and Buffy
Colour theme: Black and Dark Blue
Mood/Style: Dramatic and hopeful
Additional Information: Preferably would like it to be Season 6 Bargaining pt 2, Buffy on the left and season 7 Spike on the right, with Buffy jumping in the Gift and Spike burning up in Chosen in the middle? Where you put the title and my penname on the banner is up to you! :)
This story's banner will be created by Javajunkie247!
Who Says You Can't Go Home? by slaymesoftly
Blurb: Fred thinks Buffy has a right to know about Spike, who is just recovering from his ordeal with Dana. Robin Wood, who is there at Giles's request to look into what Angel is doing at WR&H thinks she does too and calls her just after Fred has sent her message. Buffy soon appears at WR&H with fire in her eye, and she and Spike (whose hands are still bandaged) settle what their relationship is. There is also a brief Robin and Spike reunion which goes a little better than might be expected.
Season/Episode: Set during Angel, season 5, obviously
Featured Characters: Angel, Robin Wood, and Fred.